How to connect sony Playstation 4

We connect the mouse and keyboard to the Playstation 4

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Sony took care of many small details, of course, and did not forget about the support of third-party control devices in some toys and programs. For example, an excellent solution is to connect a keyboard to the Playstation 4 in order to quickly type, placing it in front of you, you can quickly convey your own thoughts to team members through text if you do not have the ability or desire to speak with your voice.

Connecting a keyboard to PS 4 is very simple. you just need to connect it to the console via USB and voila. everything works, some outdated or specific models may not be recognized by the console, the only option is to try a new keyboard, it should help. Today, this manipulator works in the menu, the system itself (when typing) and some games, for example, War Thunder, which is available not only on PS 4, but also on personal computers. You are unlikely to be able to play with the keyboard in “console” games with great comfort, it is better to use the specially designed DualShock 4.

Now let’s move smoothly to the mouse. this is quite a disaster, because using a mouse with a Playstation 4 can be extremely limited. By connecting the mouse, in most cases, it can be determined by the console without any problems. you will understand this by the pop-up notification with the corresponding text. But the trouble is. no cursor will appear, you cannot use it even in the browser, for some reason, maybe it will be “fixed” in the next updates, since there is no point in this. to forbid users to conveniently surf the Internet using PS 4 and mice. Now it is “supported”, if you can call it that, only by a few games, including the aforementioned War Thunder project.

Does it make sense to use a keyboard and mouse with the Playstation 4?

Consoles are very different from a computer, not only in their games, but also in the gaming experience. After all, their manipulators are completely different, the feeling of playing in front of a large TV on a sofa with a gamepad in hand is strikingly different from those when you sit in front of the monitor on a chair, and a mouse and keyboard flaunt under your hands. The first option, which implies the use of a Playstation 4, is more suitable for relaxation, no stress for you. you sit and shoot / drive / score (underline the necessary). A computer is more suitable for hardcore gaming, when every movement and second counts, and a huge number of buttons and the most precise manipulators are required, nothing better than a mouse and keyboard for these tasks has been invented today.

The gamepad from the Sony Playstation 4 console is more suitable just for fun, there is no “skill” here, and it is almost impossible to play shooters without help (when “auto-finishing” or “sticking” works. The sight itself is fixed on a certain area, without forcing you to do micromotions “Mushrooms”). There are different gamers, some are completely satisfied with the console, others are completely satisfied with the usual mouse with keyboard, but there is a third type of players, having a computer, they will still buy a gamepad for some types of games. indeed, in sports toys or races, it shows itself with much better sides. And having a console, they will want to connect there “usual” manipulators, which they used before on an ordinary personal computer. So does it make sense to connect a mouse and keyboard to the Playstation 4? Let’s say right away that it is possible to do this, and we will later demonstrate how exactly, but in most cases the problems are “contrived”.

Playstation 4 was created to play on a gamepad, like any other console, so you shouldn’t spoil your life with all sorts of crutches that spoil the impression and feeling of toys. In our opinion, a mouse and keyboard for PS 4 is simply not needed, often the set-top box is in the living room and it is corny inconvenient to sit in the middle of the room at a table with these manipulators, staring at a large TV at close range.

XIM4. what it is and how it works?

There is an option how you can connect a mouse and keyboard to a Sony Playstation 4 with full support, but it is very difficult. The so-called “modders” have developed a special device, the cost of which is about 50 (with delivery. much more, especially when it comes to Russia, of course they will not provide you with any guarantee).

The name of the gadget is XIM4. it allows you to connect a keyboard and mouse to the PS 4, as well as customize them in any games and applications to your taste, in fact. using such a device in some shooter will pass for “cheating”, since even a beginner has a huge advantage over those who play with a gamepad. Everything is configured using an Android smartphone and a special program. The difficulty lies in a bunch of operations, each time you have to choose a profile, connect everything, and it is far from the fact that the gadget will work for a long time, plus the mouse and keyboard do not behave correctly everywhere. The method, of course, is new and interesting, but we do not recommend it for use. all this is very risky and inconvenient.!

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We advise you not to waste your own nerves, money and energy, but just get used to the control from the gamepad, it will not take much time. But then you can only get pleasure from the game, without worrying that some additional accessory, like the XIM4, may break at the most inopportune moment for this.

Connecting Playstation 4 to laptop or monitor using HDMI cable

The Playstation 4 already has a standard HDMI cable for connecting to a TV. Many monitors allow it to be connected, but this is not always the case with laptops. The fact is that, even if the laptop has an HDMI connector, it is usually configured to output the image, and not receive it.

But if the device is equipped with HDMI-in, then it is enough to follow these steps:

    Connect the HDMI cable to the corresponding connector on the back of the Playstation 4.

To understand whether the HDMI connector accepts a signal, you should familiarize yourself with the technical specification on the official website or in the documentation.

Connecting a monitor is done in the same way. It’s worth noting that it can output audio if it has built-in speakers. Otherwise, you will also need to connect your audio device directly to the console. In addition, the monitor can have a VGA connector instead of HDMI.

    Connect the VGA / HDMI adapter to the monitor.

Connect a Playstation 4 controller to your computer

You can use a Playstation 4 controller even if you are playing it on a monitor or laptop. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Install the Input Mapper program and run it. Select a wireless connection method (you can also use a wired one, then no further settings are required).
  • Hold the back (share) button on the controller until it starts flashing.
  • Go to your computer’s Bluetooth connections and select a gamepad.

With this connection method, all gamepad capabilities will work, including tracking controller position and vibration.

How to Connect Playstation 4 to Computer or Laptop: Working Ways

The Sony Playstation 4 game console leads the market today. If you decide to buy it, you will surely not go wrong. But you also need a TV in order to have something to connect the set-top box to. But unnecessary expenses can be eliminated, because the Playstation 4 can be connected to a laptop and a regular monitor.

Connecting to a laptop or computer via Remote Play

If you are unable to connect your Playstation 4 via HDMI, you can use an image transfer software. In this case, you will get a high-quality picture, but it will be broadcast with a slight delay. This can be a problem when playing fast-paced games. To set up a Remote play broadcast, do the following:

  • Download and install the Playstation 4 Remote Play software on your computer. You can easily find it on the Web. the program is distributed free of charge.
  • Run the application. It will open the initial program settings window.
  • Log in using your account. If you don’t have an account, you must create one.

Possible connection problems

Sometimes the connection cannot be established, even if you do everything according to the instructions. This is usually due to one of the following reasons:

  • The HDMI connector is aimed only at the output. in most laptops, this connector cannot receive a signal. In this case, the image will not be sent to the laptop;
  • the image via Remote Play slows down or rubs. the computer or laptop cannot cope with the image processing In this case, it is worth using more powerful hardware;
  • no sound. HDMI cable does not transmit it. Use other methods of audio output from the console, such as headphones.

If you have a good monitor, you can have a lot of fun playing it in Playstation 4. Convenience and entertainment can enhance immersion and provide a richer gaming experience. And with the help of this article, you can easily connect the set-top box to a monitor or laptop.

Connecting a DualShock 4 Controller

Without your Playstation 4 controller, you won’t be able to play Playstation 4 on PC! Connecting your DS4 to your PC is incredibly easy. Connect your controller to your computer using a USB cable, or register it as a pair using a wireless USB adapter.

Enabling Remote Play

Most likely, Remote Play is not enabled on your console, so let’s enable it:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select “Remote Play Connection Settings”.
  • Checking the box “Allow remote playback”.

There is another very important feature on your Playstation 4. You can customize your console’s power settings so that you don’t have to physically turn on your console, but rather boot it over your home network.

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Selecting “Energy Saving Settings”.
  • Go to the section “Select functions available in rest mode”.
  • Make sure the “Keep Internet Connection” and “Allow Playstation 4 System to Power On Through Network” features are enabled.

Okay, we have successfully finished setting up your Playstation 4. Let’s put it in rest mode while we work with your PC. To put the console into rest mode do the following:

  • Hold the PS button on your DualShock 4 to bring up the Quick Menu.
  • Select “Rest Mode”

Updating your Playstation 4

So, we’ve made sure that your computer can handle Playstation 4 remote playback. Now you need to set up your console to stream to your computer.

First, make sure you have the most recent update installed. To check, follow the instructions:

  • Select “Settings”.
  • Select “System Software Update”.
  • Select “Update”.
  • If your Playstation 4 is updated, you will be informed that you are using the latest version.

What can I do when connecting remotely?

By connecting your console to your computer, you can do everything you could if you were sitting in front of the console! There are very few games that may not work with Remote Play, but you will eventually be able to play your favorite games, engage in online multiplayer battles, and even take screenshots.

This is a great feature that makes life easier for the user. Setting up the Playstation 4 Remote Play. it’s a quick and easy process! First of all, let’s prepare your console for remote playback.

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How to connect sony Playstation 4

Remember the old days when you had to wrap your TV to plug in and play your Nintendo on a small screen? Ah, the good old days! Most people now enjoy large HDTVs, consoles that can display thousands of pixels, home video projectors and computer monitors.

In fact, you are here for the last moment. You are here because you want to know how to connect your Playstation 4 to your PC or laptop without having to move your console.

Before we walk you through how to play Playstation 4 on PC, let’s make sure you have the right hardware. For your computer to function properly, it must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Windows 8.1 or higher
  • 2GB RAM
  • 2.4 GHz
  • 100 MB disk space
  • Free USB slot
  • HD display

It is recommended that your internet connection speed is at least 5 Mbps in order to display images from the Playstation 4 to your laptop without delays. You can check your network connection speed using various online tools or by contacting your ISP.

Setting up your PC to connect your Playstation 4

First of all, you need the Sony Remote Play software application. To get it, do a Google search for the following phrase “Sony Remote Play”. Find the link to download the file on your Windows PC. Run the installer and follow the instructions on the screen.

How to connect Playstation 4 to Mac

The Playstation 4 Remote Play will also work on your Mac computer. Just make sure your Mac meets the following specifications:

Sony Playstation 4 Complete Unboxing and Setup For Beginners

  • OS X Yosemite or higher
  • Intel Core i5-520M 2.40 GHz or faster processor
  • 40 MB available space
  • 2 GB RAM or more
  • USB connector

Set up your Playstation 4 console as described above. In fact, the only difference you’ll make is downloading the Playstation 4 Remote Play app. Instead of downloading the application on Windows, you must download on Mac.

It’s time to play Playstation 4 on PC

Almost everything is ready, and you will soon be able to enjoy games from your console on your PC or laptop! With your DS4 connected to your PC, launch the Remote Play app and click Start. First, you will be prompted to sign in to your Sony account, which matches the same account you use on your Playstation 4.

The Remote Play app will start looking for your console, and while it’s idle and connected to the network, it should find it easily. When your console is found, the app will switch to your Playstation 4 home screen.

How to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to Playstation 4 (wired)

Both wired and wireless headphones can be connected to Playstation 4 (Playstation 4). There are several ways to “retire” with the virtual world. The most obvious one is plugging headphones into the Playstation 4 controller, but it’s not the only one. In our article, we will analyze all the options and their features.

Sony, of course, recently talked about some (impressive) technical characteristics of the upcoming Playstation 5, but the current version will be relevant for a long time.

How to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to Playstation 4

There are two main methods to connect wireless headphones to Playstation 4 via Bluetooth:

  • Using a Bluetooth adapter connected to the set-top box itself.
  • Via Bluetooth adapter, receiver (TV set-top box), home theater connected to TV.

There is a Bluetooth device item in the Playstation 4 menu, but headphones cannot be connected this way. The internal BT module is designed for connecting controllers, keyboards and the like, but not headphones. Below we will analyze the process of connecting Bluetooth headphones to the Playstation 4 in more detail.

Connecting wireless headphones using a Bluetooth adapter

Accordingly, we turn on the Bluetooth headphones in the device search mode (you can read how to do this in the instructions for the headset or in our universal article), connect the adapter to the console. In addition, in the Playstation 4 menu, you need to carry out small manipulations, after which we connect the headphones and the adapter, as indicated in the instructions for it:

  • Settings. Devices. Audio Devices.
  • Output device. USB headphones, Headphone output. All sounds.
  • Audio output device. headset connected to Dualshock.

Yes, Playstation 4 does not support “sound input” via Bluetooth, the microphone will need to be connected separately to the audio jack on the controller. However, there are other options.

There are wireless gaming headphones that can be connected to the Playstation 4 via radio rather than Bluetooth. It can be any wireless headphones with a USB adapter included. For example, branded Sony Gold Headset for the Playstation 4. They and similar headphones communicate with the adapter not via Bluetooth, but via the radio channel, due to which they have 2 advantages:

  • No desynchronization of sound and picture.
  • The microphone built into the headphones works, you do not need to connect it separately to the audio jack.

HyperX Cloud Flight can be connected to Playstation 4 via the included USB adapter

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Playstation 4

Sound “over the air” during the game can be received not only from the console itself, but also from the TV to which it is connected. If it has the ability to connect Bluetooth headphones, then simply connect them to the TV, select in the TV menu as a device for sound output and play. You don’t need to change anything with Playstation 4 tinctures.

If your TV does not have a built-in Bluetooth-module, then you can purchase a special adapter / receiver for it. It can be plugged into a USB, RCA or optical output, depending on the adapter itself. Accordingly, we connect and configure the adapter according to the instructions, and then connect the headphones with it.

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You can read more about how to connect wireless headphones to a TV in our detailed article.

In addition, if you have a TV receiver (set-top box) or home theater (which also includes a receiver) with support for connecting Bluetooth headphones, this is also an option. We translate the sound output on the TV to the set-top box, and already connect the headphones to it.


The free DS4Windows program is available for download at the official website After downloading, unzip the program to a convenient location, run the DS4Windows.exe file (before starting the following steps, it is better to disconnect the gamepad from the computer):

  • After launch, you will be asked where to save the parameters. to the program folder or AppData. Take your pick, but I recommend the program folder.
  • On first launch, you will be prompted to install the DS4 driver for Windows 10, 8.1, or Windows 7 (the button at the top of the window), and for Windows 7, you will also need a separate Xbox 360 controller driver. Install the required drivers.
  • Connect your DualShock 4 via USB or Bluetooth as described at the beginning of this manual.
  • If everything went well, in the main window of DS4Windows you will see the connection status of your controller and, in general, it will already be ready to work with the default profile. And it can be used in games and emulators.
  • Xbox 360 Controller for Windows appears in Device Manager.
  • Optionally, you can configure the control profile settings in DS4Windows, create multiple profiles, change the backlight settings and other settings. If the settings are not clear to you, it is usually sufficient to leave the default values.

Keep in mind that when you close the program (by default, it does not close, but minimizes to the Windows notification area), the gamepad ceases to be an “Xbox 360 controller”, but becomes a regular DualShock 4.

How to SETUP the PlayStation 4 Slim Console for Beginners

Connecting the DualShock 4 to a computer or laptop

You can simply connect the controller with a USB cable. it will be automatically detected as “Wireless Controller” in the device manager and in the list of devices in the “Parameters”.

The second method is Bluetooth connection. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the Share button on your controller and press and hold the Playstation button. After a while, the controller will enter Bluetooth pairing mode, and the indicator on it will flash white.
  • On Windows 10, go to Settings. Devices. Bluetooth & Other Devices and add a new Bluetooth device named Wireless Controller. If prompted for a code, enter 0000 (four zeros).

How to connect and use a Playstation 4 DualShock controller on a Windows 10 computer or laptop

If you have a DualShock 4 gamepad, you can connect it to your Windows 10 or previous computer or laptop and use it in a wide variety of games, emulators, and if you want, to control your computer instead of a mouse.

This tutorial details how to connect a Playstation 4 DualShock in Windows 10 via cable or Bluetooth, and how to make a gamepad emulate an XBox 360 controller and why you might need it.

Using a Playstation controller to play games on Windows 10

In some cases, some additional configuration of the DualShock 4 may not be required: for example, gamepads from the Playstation 4 are supported and configured on Steam. Some console emulators allow you to configure control from a connected gamepad in the corresponding control parameters (it happens that the setting is successful with a USB connection, but does not work over Bluetooth). But in some other PC games and emulators, the connected DualShock 4 may simply not be visible, and the clicks are not registered.

In this case, emulating an Xbox 360 controller will help us. If we make games “think” that an Xbox controller is connected, then most of them will start working properly with the controller, provided that they support this type of control in principle. Various third-party software can be used to emulate an Xbox controller on a DualShock 4. The most popular and efficient ones are DS4Windows and InputMapper.


The InputMapper program (official site is more advanced, but it may seem more complicated for some users. In general terms, its initial setup looks like this:

  • Install the program, run it.
  • If a DualShock 4 is connected, you will see a message stating that a new supported device has been found. Click the “Begin Configuration” button.
  • In the next window, you will need to choose which device will be emulated. For most games, you need to select a 360 Controller (but, if you wish, you can emulate the keyboard and mouse on your DualShock 4, this item is available and in some cases, for example, for games that do not support gamepads, it may be useful).
  • This completes the process, in the main InputMapper window you will see your gamepad and the profile it uses. While the app is running or minimized to the notification area, your controller will act as an Xbox controller for gaming.
  • Setting up existing profiles (reassigning buttons and gamepad controls) or creating new ones can be done in the corresponding section of the program.

In my test, both options worked fine and there were no problems when connecting the DualShock 4 both with a cable and using Bluetooth.

If the instruction turned out to be useful and everything works as expected, share in the comments what you are playing, connected via Bluetooth or USB, whether the problems were solved and how they were resolved. If you still have questions, ask them. we will try to find the answer.