How To Connect Samsung Tv To A Router

Registration in the corporate club

For full use of Smart TV Philips, you will have to register with the official club. After the TV is connected to Wi-Fi, a window will appear on the screen for creating a new account. Registration is quick, for this follow the suggested step-by-step instructions:

  1. In the first window, click on the button to register a new user.
  2. Then fill in all the fields with your personal data and click on “Create an account”.
  3. Click on the Philips account login button, then enter your name and access code.
  4. Select the “Register Product” button.
  5. Search for your device model and select it. Specify the date of purchase of Smart TV and click on the “Register”.

After completing the procedure, all programs and services on the TV will work correctly. To avoid software crashes, it is imperative to register with the club.


The following operating systems are used depending on the model:

  • Android;
  • Webos.

Multifunctional operating systems work with streaming and analogue television, as well as servers with media files on the local network. Network connectivity allows you to:

  • Work in the network, displaying the image on the TV screen;
  • Use compatible applications that significantly expand the functionality of the device;
  • Communicate with other people via Skype or other messengers.

Connection procedure

A user of any level will be able to connect the Internet to a Philips TV. There are 2 ways to do this. To achieve the greatest stability and connection speed, you can insert an Ethernet cable into the dedicated LAN port, which should be located on the back or side of the TV.

But this option is not very practical, because the presence of wires running throughout the apartment is not always convenient. But if there is no other way out, then follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Connect the dedicated cable to the port labeled “LAN” on the TV. In other models, it may be referred to as “Network”.
  2. Insert the other end of the cord into the connector on your router, it is usually yellow.
  3. On the remote control, find the Home button and press it.
  4. In the menu that opens, go to the “Settings” section.
  5. Then select “Wired and wireless networks”, determine the type of connection. In your case, it’s wired.
  1. Click on the button indicating the network connection, select the same type of connection again and click “Finish”.

After a simple procedure, Philips TV has Internet access. Now you can use all the functions of smart technology.

About connecting to Wi-Fi and setting up Smart TV, see here:

But more often a wireless connection to the Network via Wi-Fi is used. Before connecting your Philips TV to the Internet, check that the router is turned on and working properly. Then do the following:

  1. In order not to enter your username and password, go through the Smart TV menu to the “Network Connection Settings” section, then click on the Wi-Fi item. Select a WPS connection method. While connected to the desired network, press the WPS button on the router. This will prevent you from entering data on the TV device.
  1. If such a button is not provided, then the login and password will have to be entered manually using the remote control. Click scan. A list of networks that are available will open. Enter the SSID (or look in the list) and network key (password) and connect.
  2. A menu will appear on the screen where you need to click “Easy Access” and confirm the action by clicking on the OK button.
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Now you just have to agree with the agreement that you will see after connecting to the Network.

In the event that a connection to the Internet has already been established, but the connection has been interrupted, a software update or a device flashing may be required.

In the second option, it is better to contact a service center, and not to “self-medicate”. Otherwise, there is a possibility of causing irreparable damage to Smart TV.

Solution of problems

If you can’t connect your Philips TV to Wi-Fi, try the following:

  1. Reboot your router and try connecting again.
  2. Check if the wireless security key is entered correctly.
  3. Check the network settings on the TV:
  • Press the “Home” button on the remote control, select “Install”, then “Network settings” and “View network settings”;
  • “Network mode”. Should be “DHCP / auto IP”;
  • “IP Address”. Must be filled;
  • “Signal strength”. Not less than 80%.
  1. Unplug the receiver and disconnect all cables. Wait a while, and try again to connect the Philips TV to the router via Wi-Fi.
  2. If your Philips TV does not see a Wi-Fi network, check your router settings. The network may be hidden.

How to connect Wi-Fi on a Philips TV: a personal experience of the Hamster

One of the most famous manufacturers of home appliances is Philips from the Netherlands. Buyers of Smart TV associate this company with quality and reliability. Smart TV technology is now common on Philips TVs. For users, “smart” technology is preferable, so the manufacturer has introduced additional functionality that opens up great opportunities.

Modern models are equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module or LAN port, which allow you to access the Internet directly from your TV. But some owners do not know how to connect a Philips TV to the Internet. In addition, it is important to know the principle of downloading and installing the operating system and applications.

  1. Features:
  2. Connection procedure
  3. Solution of problems
  4. Registration in the corporate club
  5. Setting up
  6. Online applications

Setting up

Setting up channels is easy, even for those users who have never dealt with a smart TV before. To set up Smart TV, you need to connect Philips to Wi-Fi and take a few simple steps:

  1. Call the main menu on the TV screen using the “Home” button with the house icon, then go to the “Configuration” section.
  2. Run “Channel Search” and select “Reinstall Channels“.
  3. From the list of proposed states, select the one in which you live.
  4. Then you will be asked to determine the signal source: cable or satellite TV.
  5. A window will open where you need to click on the “Settings” button. Activate automatic search, as it is inconvenient to search for TV channels manually.
  6. Go to the “Quick Scan” tab.
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If television will be broadcast through a conventional antenna, then activate the column “Digital TV channels” and start the search. It usually takes no more than ten minutes.

Smart TV

Smart TV is an actively gaining popularity digital monitors, the main principle of which is to connect to the Internet. It is not difficult to connect a laptop to a smart TV via wifi, since each of them is equipped with a powerful Wi-Fi module. Remember: to pair, both the computer and the smart TV must be connected to the same router (same network). The principles of connecting the screen to Wi-Fi differ, depending on the manufacturer’s brand. Our article provides instructions for Smart TV from such world famous and popular companies as Samsung, LG and Sony, as well as the connection features of Windows 10 (Figure 2).

How To Connect Samsung Tv To A Router

How to connect a laptop to a TV via wi-fi

Queries on the topic of how to connect a laptop to a TV via wifi are gaining more and more popularity. We will explain how to correctly connect a laptop to a TV via Wi-Fi without a cable and without losing image quality (Figure 1).

Basics of connecting a laptop to a TV

A very common question among computer users is how to connect a TV as a monitor via wifi. The idea of ​​broadcasting an image from a small screen to a wide diagonal TV attracts moviegoers and gamers. Of course, buying a specialized widescreen monitor for watching downloaded movies, playing games or listening to music is unreasonably expensive. Since almost every apartment has plasma TVs, they can easily be used instead of a monitor. On a wide diagonal, the picture looks more realistic, and the viewer gets several times more emotions from viewing. However, there are not always special HDMI cables at hand for connection, and the personal computer may be located too far from the monitor. The wired connection is outdated, so we’ll explain how to connect a laptop to a TV via wifi. You can also study our article on how it is possible to find out the password from Wifi if you forgot it.

Connecting from Windows 10

Connecting Smart TV to a computer running Windows 7/8 / 8.1 is significantly different from connecting to the latest OS. Windows 10 has a built-in transfer of multimedia files to any object over the network, as well as broadcasting to two screens at once without the help of third-party programs. You can connect devices based on the Windows 10 platform to the TV via wifi in the following ways:

  1. We connect the PC and the monitor to the same network;
  2. Go to the computer control panel, select “Media streaming options” and enable the transfer option in the window that appears;
  3. Set up the name and list of devices that have access to the network. It should be noted that each device in the list can be configured individually;
  4. On TV, go to the shared data folder and enjoy watching.
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The following settings are provided to broadcast the desktop to an external screen:

  1. Press the key combination Win P, a menu will appear in which you should select one of four options for image transfer.

You can broadcast the image to the monitor even without settings: just right-click on the file and select “Transfer to device”.

Sony connectivity features

To connect a laptop to a Sony TV via wifi, you should use the special Wi-Fi Direct program. The connection is made as follows:

  1. On the PC, go to “Explorer” and select the “Network” option. After the announcement “Network discovery and file sharing is disabled” appears, right-click on it and select the “Enable.” option. Access to multimedia files on your computer will be open. Then, in the message that appears, select the option “Create a private network”;
  2. Switch the network value to “Home” in the settings;
  3. Activate the Wi-Fi Direct program in the TV settings by clicking on the “Home” tab. By clicking on the tab marked with the suitcase icon, enter the “Network” section. It is necessary to activate the modes “Built-in Wi-Fi” and “Wi-Fi Direct”;
  4. Go to the TV menu “Wi-Fi Direct Settings”, where we select the desired object from those available for pairing;
  5. Connect devices.

The advantage of Wi-Fi Direct is that the tablet does not need the Internet to connect the plasma to a laptop / smartphone. Thanks to the built-in software, it is very easy to connect a laptop to a Sony TV via wifi.

Samsung connectivity features

To connect a Samsung TV to a laptop via wifi, you should use special programs: for example, samsung Allshare PC (Figure 3). The algorithm of actions to connect a laptop to a Samsung TV via wifi is as follows:

  1. In the settings go to the “Menu”, select the “Network” section, then “Network Settings”, where we click on the “Start” button. After the list of possible connections appears, select the network and enter the security password (if set);
  2. In the settings of the PC or laptop, go to the “Network” section and connect to the same network as the TV;
  3. From a personal computer, go to the browser on the manufacturer’s official website, select a model and download the Allshare PC extension for it for free. Then the program should be installed and proceed to the configuration. If both devices are connected to the same router, this will be displayed in the program menu. Combine the devices by checking the corresponding box;
  4. A folder is created on the PC and indicated in the “Device List” menu, the files from which will be transmitted to the plasma screen;
  5. On TV, go to the standard Allshare Play program. In the left side menu, select the type of multimedia file that you want to start (for example, “music” or “”). The program displays available folders and folder contents.