How to Connect Samsung Gear 2 to iPhone

The watch management iOS application has appeared, though not in the App Store.

A lot of time has passed since the CES exhibition at the beginning of this year, and Samsung has not yet officially released its proprietary smart watch management tool for iOS.

Installation procedure

How to Connect Samsung Gear 2 to iPhone

To connect Samsung Gear S2 or S3 to your iPhone and forget about other smart watches, you need a computer with iTunes. If you have not started it for a long time, it’s time to update the program to the current version.

What should be done:

1. Download the Gear S3 application file from here
2. Connect iPhone to computer and launch iTunes
3. Drag and drop the downloaded file into the iTunes application window
4. Open the “Programs” section in iTunes and drag-and-drop the Gear S3 application on iPhone

After synchronization is complete, the coveted Gear S3 icon will appear on the iPhone desktop. You can disconnect the smartphone from the computer.

Next, you need to allow iOS to launch this “suspicious”, from the point of view of the operating system, application. For this:

1. Go to Settings on iPhone
2. Then open the Device Management section and confirm the use of Samsung‘s corporate certificate

After these simple manipulations, you can launch the Gear S3 application and connect to your smart watch with the help of it with the click of a button “Connect”.

What can Gear S3 iPhone 6s

The watch monitors the physical condition, counts calories, steps and heart rate. All notifications from the iPhone are duplicated on the watch, including notifications from games and iMessage.

You can configure the incoming notification stream in the Gear S3 application, where exactly two options are available: accept notifications or not.

With an incoming call, the caller’s number and name are displayed if the number is in the iPhone’s phone book. With the help of the ring framing the screen, which serves as a joystick, you can accept or reject the call. You have to answer the call with the iPhone. you can’t talk for hours.

The function “OK, Google” does not work, as well as the call function Siri. Well, also the application has not officially come out, maybe it’ll be finished for the official release.

Unusual combination

Samsung Gear S3 compares favorably with its competitors in its steel case and round AMOLED screen. It is large and clear, notifications are clearly visible in the world, not to mention the dark time of day.

Even in the review of the previous version of the watch, Samsung Gear S2 I wrote about an unusual control element. a special bezel (ring), which is located around the screen and is a joystick for navigating the watch menu.

In the third version of a smart gadget, this ring is even nicer to twist, a smooth ride with tangible clicks is instantly addictive. Unlike the Apple Watch crown, the Gear S3 is a really convenient solution for interacting with the device.

Two physical buttons on the watch have not gone away, for quick exit to the menu and exit from running applications. The buttons are noticeably protruding, pressed nicely, with a clear click.

Another indisputable plus is the ability to replace the complete strap without effort and special costs. Using a special button, you can easily remove the rods and replace the strap with any other. all standard (20 mm) watch straps are suitable.

Welcome Samsung

All the lucky owners of a stylish Gear S2 or S3 watch are lucky. they can not spend money on an expensive accessory from Apple, but can almost fully use their smart gadget with iPhone. Samsung is going to keep its promise of supporting Apple products. the application runs smoothly, no crashes or freezes were noticed.


  • Few apps and downloadable watch faces
  • No medical card pairing on iPhone
  • The application is installed only through iTunes
  • Voice assistants do not work. both Google and Siri


  • Receive notifications, call management
  • Big bright screen
  • The clock looks like a clock
  • Built-in NFC Sensor
  • Easy strap replacement
  • Stainless Steel Case (316L)
  • IP68 dustproof and waterproof
  • Integrated GPS module

The third version of Samsung’s popular smartwatch looks pretty good on hand, and given iOS support, it’s a great alternative to the controversial Apple Watch.