How to Connect Remote to Phone

How to Connect Remote to Phone

Using a standard remote control in a smart TV is cumbersome, but you can use an Android phone LG, Samsung, Samsung, Philips, Sony, Xiomi, Toshiba, LG or Huawei as a remote control for Samsung TV Dexp, Philips, Sony Bravia, Lji, Panasonic, sharp.

You can make a remote control for a TV via a phone not only for the above (these are the most popular), but for everyone else, as there is a universal remote control application, which greatly simplifies the task thanks to the ability to enter text on the touch keyboard of a smartphone.

Once upon a time, a conventional wireless remote control was used for a conventional CRT TV with which we changed channels.

With the development of televisions and the introduction of Smart TV in them, the way we interact with it has changed. The TV remote controls, however, have not changed much and are still similar to the ones that we used 20 years ago.

In a regular Smart TV, you will find an Internet browser, as well as services such as YouTube, Netflix and others. Support for some of them is not the easiest, because typing something into the address bar of the browser or into the YouTube search engine is extremely inconvenient on a conventional remote control.

Therefore, it is much better to use your Android phone or tablet and turn it into a TV remote control. The main thing is that the TV supports bluetooth, WIFI or infrared port.

How to control your TV through an android phone

With the right application, you can use your smart to control the telly. For example, for LG TVs, there is an official remote control application that displays the trackpad on the phone screen. With it you can move the mouse cursor on the TV just like you do on a laptop using the touch panel.

Over, when you select any text field (for example, the address bar in the browser or the search field in the application), you can enter text into it using the phone’s touch keyboard.

You no longer need to select individual letters using the arrows on the remote control. Similar applications were created for other TV models. Some of them are unofficial, but they work just as well.

Thanks to this, you do not need to purchase a wireless keyboard or mouse for more frequent use of Smart TV.

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All applications require that the Android phone and TV be connected to the same Wi-Fi network (sometimes it can be controlled via bluetooth and infrared port).

Only then will communication between devices become possible. When both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, the next step is to download the corresponding application to your phone.

How to connect the phone as a remote control to an LG TV

You just need to download the LG TV Remote app from the market. After it starts, select the key layout. For smartphone (Phone) or for tablet (Tablet).

Then you need to connect the TV to the phone. Select the option “Scan devices”. The Wi-Fi TV Detection screen appears.

Select your TV in the list (make sure it is turned on and connected to the network). If you try to pair, a confirmation code will be displayed on the TV screen. Enter it into your phone.

After successful pairing, the remote control screen will be displayed. Here you have access to the main buttons for changing programs or volume.

If you are interested in smart tv, then you can click “My Applications” to delete the list of applications.

At the bottom you will find the mouse cursor icon. Touching it will advance the trackpad. Now you can move the cursor by swiping your finger.

If you touch any text field, the phone will automatically display a keyboard with a touch screen, with which you can, for example, enter the page address in the browser.

How to use the phone instead of the remote control in a Samsung TV

For Samsung TVs, you need to download another application. Smart TV Remote. The principle of operation is similar to the above. After starting the application, tap the power icon in the upper right corner of the application.

You will see the device pairing screen. Select the first “Network” option, that is, search for your Samsung device on the wireless network.

When you find a TV connected to a Wi-Fi network, select the pairing option. On the left you will find standard buttons, such as switching channels or adjusting the volume.

Slightly more precise functions are available on the Smart tab, which is displayed on the right. When you touch it, you will pull out the main part of the interface, divided into three tabs. Text, Smart and Media.

On the “Smart” tab you will find the standard “cross” view with arrows on the remote control, as well as four colored buttons (red, green, yellow, blue).

If you hover over a text field (for example, in a web browser) and want to print something, swipe your finger from left to right to go to the “Text” tab.

Here you can enter any text and click “Submit” to send it to the active text field on your TV.

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In turn, if you play, for example, an MP4 file through the built-in player on the TV, you can control it on the “Media” tab.

How to use a telephone as a remote control for a Sony TV

For TV Sony TV you need to download the application. TV SideView: Remote. This is an official product that allows you to control your Sony TV from your Android phone.

Download the application and run it. The Wi-F network scan for the TV will begin. When the TV is found, select it and then confirm on the TV that you want to connect the devices.

The application interface is quite simple and straightforward. On the main screen you will find the standard functions of the remote control, such as changing channels, changing the volume or the standard “cross” with arrows.

If you want to control the mouse using the trackpad, select the mouse tab at the top. Similarly, this should be done in a situation when you want to enter something. Just select the text field on the TV or go to the tab using the keyboard.

How to connect the phone as a remote control to the Philips TV

For a Philips TV, you need to download the Philips TV Remote app. Of course, it works the same way as in the case of other applications. Both the TV and smart must be paired with the same Wi-Fi.

After pairing, the phone completely replaces the remote control, providing access to change programs (excellent integration with the TV. The application displays the TV channel icons for individual numbers) and controls the functions of SmartTV.

As in other applications of this type, we can also enter text using the touch keyboard.

After selecting a text field, the keyboard should pop up automatically, giving the user access to quick text input.

You also have the ability to control movie viewing functions using the built-in player.

After opening a movie file (such as MP4), you can configure various items, such as selecting a subtitle file.

How to connect the phone as a remote control to other TVs. Dexp, Panasonic, sharp, toshiba.

For other TVs, you need to download universal remote controls.

If your TV model Samsung, Sony, LG or Philips does not work with the above applications or you have a TV from a less well-known company for which there is no special application in the market, then you can try using the type of “universal remote control”. There are several of them. I recommend. Universal TV Remote or Sure Universal Remote.

The work of these applications is slightly more limited compared to those designed for certain brands, but thanks to this you have the opportunity to connect to a device that is old or not recognized by other programs.

The idea is the same: using Wi-Fi (or infrared port. IR port) we connect to the TV, connect it to the phone, and then use the touch screen interface to control the TV.

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Depending on the application, we will get access to more or less functions.

How to use the phone as a TV remote control. Conclusion

Remotes tend to mysteriously disappear. You are sure that you placed him in the same place as always, but when it comes to this, it turns out that he was in another room.

If you have such problems, the smartphone is in a hurry to help. In the end, we almost never part with them.

Losing the TV remote control is not one problem, the other could also be damage to it.

Modern smartphones are applications, it is thanks to them that we can fully use the potential of our device.

Operating systems no longer apply exclusively to personal computers and telephones. TVs with Internet access have also joined this group.

Most Smart TVs take advantage of Android, as well as most smartphones available on the market.

Just add these dependencies, and you already know how to connect the phone to the TV. Unfortunately, not everyone has a TV with internet access. Therefore, there are two ways to connect:

  • Modern Wi-Fi. If you have Smart TV, then the matter should be simple. All you have to do is download the appropriate application to your smartphone, and then connect the device to the TV. It is important that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi, otherwise communication will be impossible.
  • Outdated IR is, of course, the classic method of communication based on infrared radiation, commonly called “infrared”. All remotes work on the basis of this standard, both Smart TV and older models. There is only one problem. For connecting to a TV via infrared, the smartphone will also have to have this function. Modern phones are increasingly turning away from this, because for manufacturers, support for this standard can be unprofitable.

In the case of Smart TV, things should be simple, because each of the manufacturers predicted that people would want to make remotes from smartphones. Some of the programs also support infrared.

To make it easier for you, I have prepared a small cheat sheet. There are individual applications for TV from certain manufacturers, and they work best with them.

If, on the other hand, you want something more universal, then such applications on Google Play also exist. I recommend Universal TV Remote or Sure Universal Remote from myself, that is, as the name implies, a universal remote control for all TVs.

In this case, you can decide for yourself whether you want to connect via Wi-Fi or via infrared. In addition to the basic TV features, Sure Universal Remote can also use the phone as a keyboard for a TV or mouse to view inconvenient menus on a TV. Successes.