How to connect receiver to the Internet via a router

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FAQ: Can I connect my t2 set-top box to the internet?

Connect a Wi-Fi adapter for T2 tuner to the USB connector of the set-top box.In the menu, select USB and then Internet. Choose the wireless network from the proposed list. Enter the password, if needed and wait for connection.

Options for connecting the TV set-top box to the Internet

  • Take out the cable, which is connected to the network card of the computer and insert it into one of the ports of the switch;
  • Insert one ethernet-cable into the switch and its second connector into the RJ-45 socket of the STB;
  • Connect the switch and the network card of the computer with a second Ethernet-cable.

What is Online TV service

Generally speaking, using the Online TV service a subscriber can watch both analog satellite and digital broadcasts simultaneously, with a convenient mechanism for switching between them. If you properly configure the Internet on the receiver Tricolor, it will automatically detect the source of broadcasting and offer the best option.

The requirements to the channel, with which Online TV can work, are rather low: minimum bandwidth of 5 Mbit/sec. Today such traffic can be provided even by cell phone providers. The service has many advantages. But most importantly. It is not tied to the location in any way. You can move the STB to another apartment or house, or connect it at a summer cottage. And all you need to do to watch your favorite channels. Reconfigure the settings of your connection to the Internet.

How to connect the receiver to the Internet via a router

The recommended connection for connecting the receiver to the Internet is an Ethernet cable connection, as follows:

To cable the receiver to the Internet you must connect an Internet cable from the router to the Ethernet connector of your receiver:

In this case, automatically connect to the Internet.

If automatic connection failed, you need to press “Menu”. “Settings”. “Network.

In the network settings, select “Auto” as shown in the figure:

If the receiver is connected via a router in which DHCP mode is disabled or special local network settings are applied, you must set the network parameters in the settings. To do this, select the “Manual” item in the network settings. In the window that appears, you need to fill in the fields:

If you do not know the network parameters, you should contact the specialist who made the router configuration or the operator that provides access to the Internet.

After selecting the correct type of IP address (“Auto” or “Manual”), press “OK” on the remote control of the receiver.

If your connection is successful, you will see “Connected” on the right side of “Getting IP address” caption.

At the first connection to the Internet the authorization by ID must be passed (if there is a receiver-client it must be connected to the local network with Internet access to the receiver-server for authorization).

If authorization is successful, the message “Your device is successfully connected to the service “Internet TV” will appear. An example of the message: “Your device is successfully connected to the “Internet TV” service (ID 35040901624162).

To check the correctness of connection you need to press “Menu”. “Personal profile”. “Status” (or press “Tricolor TV” / “No ID” button, depending on the remote control model). In p. 6. “Internet TV” should appear the inscription “Connected”:

How to connect Tricolor TV yourself to the TV set

Your set-top box and your TV are connected in a standard way. Via HDMI, SCART, “tulpan” and other types of connectors. In the classic settings menu you can connect Tricolor to the Internet via a Wi-Fi router, providing a wireless connection to the World Wide Web.

  • Go to the menu of the device and find there the item “Settings”;
  • The system may ask for a security code (default: 0000);
  • Find the “Internet” or “Network” tab and select “Wireless” as the type;
  • In the list that appears, find the actual Wi-Fi network and specify the login parameters;
  • Wait for connection and save your changes.

Unlike basic satellite TV, channel search here is only in automatic mode. Additional features only depend on the model of technical device.

Possible problems during connection

The process of installing and configuring technical equipment can be accompanied by a number of problems, many of which can be solved independently. After studying the actual user reviews, let’s identify the list of common problems:

  • You are using the wrong model of technical equipment. Despite the presence of Ethernet-connector, not all set-top boxes fit modern protocols. Detailed information on this issue can be obtained from the manufacturer’s website or by contacting the operator’s support;
  • Lack of broadcasting is often associated with low speed internet or poor Wi-Fi connection. Make sure the equipment fits the recommended specifications beforehand;
  • Incorrect connection of connectors and their detection by TV sets (typical for modern LG and Samsung models);
  • Incorrect registration in the network operator or no subscription to the appropriate service package.

If you have problems with the operation of the device after receiving a scheduled software update, it is recommended to reboot your receiver and perform a factory reset.

What is an IP address and why you need it

In general verbal description, an IP address is a sequence of codes, numbers separated by dots. These are four groups of numbers. Formally, they describe the ranking in the global network. The first number indicates the first level segment. The second is the next update, and so on.

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The IP address assigned to a device, more precisely the point of connection to the global network, is a key element in identifying the receiver or sender of data. Exchange of information with the site, such as a request for the address of its server, occurs according to the following algorithm:

  • Prefix sends a request for a site server address with its name to the nearest device to which it is connected;
  • The STB waits for the reply;
  • The devices in the chain redirect the request to the name server while each device is waiting for a response;
  • Name server provides the IP-address of the server site and is transmitted through the chain;
  • The identification for which the data packet is intended is done by the IP of the waiting sender;
  • A device that has successfully received an information packet sends a response about the end of reception and transmits the data to the next addressee in the chain;
  • After the data arrives at the STB, the transaction is terminated and the next data packet request begins.

Important! Therefore, without IP-identification, it is impossible to implement a universal channel organization scheme. Simply put, a data packet from the Internet cannot be identified and bound to a specific requesting device.

Connecting via Ethernet cable

To connect to the Internet via wire, you need to connect your antenna, router and receiver with an Ethernet cable.

Connection is always performed by yourself. If it was successful, then on the screen in the settings, in the tab “Internet” the message will appear. If an error occurs, it can be easily fixed.

  • Click on “Change network settings” and confirm the action.
  • Cancel the automatic connection by unchecking the first item in the settings.
  • Press “Change” and confirm your actions.
  • Set all parameters using the keys displayed on the screen and the remote control.
  • Save all data and confirm connection.

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If you do not know the parameters for setting up your network, you must ask the master who installed the router, or a consultant at the support service.

Connection instructions

Usually Smart TV connects via cable or Wi-Fi. Most often, especially when there is no desire to pull the cable, users choose the second option. But in this case Internet speed must be really high.

To broadcast without interference and without interruption, for online viewing of movies in normal HD resolution a speed of 2 Mbit / s is recommended, and for 3D format 20 Mbit / s is enough. The higher the image standard, the faster the speed.

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A cable connection can be useful in two cases:

Cable connection has become quite popular with the development of online services, providing many games, movies and other services, up to ordering a cab.

To connect, you need to make sure of the following:

  • Availability of a stable Internet channel;
  • The integrity of the cable with the Internet input, as well as the availability of the connecting cable;
  • Free sockets (in case of connection via a router).
  • Full speed provided by the provider, not “cut off” by the technical characteristics of the modem;
  • The ability to overcome and solve the issue of obstacles to Wi-Fi signal transmission
  • Connection security.

If your apartment has an Internet connection from your provider, all you have to do is connect your TV and an Internet cable. This way of connection should not cause any problems for the user, especially if there is a “Dynamic IP” connection. Smart TV will detect network access and, following the on-screen prompts, will prompt you to adjust the settings.

If after the above manipulations the Internet has not connected to the TV, perhaps the connection has a “Statistical IP”. Will need to enter data manually. Smart will inform you that there is no connection, then you have to go to “IP Settings” and change the “Receive automatically” to “Manual input” section. There will be a prompt to enter DNS and IP, then you will be prompted to save the settings.

If Smart TV is connected to the router, the cable first connects the Internet (LAN) input from the ISP to the router, and then the twisted pair cable from the free socket on the router to the Smart TV. For a more accurate and precise connection you need to correctly calculate the length of twisted pair. The cable itself can be purchased in a hardware store or a building supermarket in the electrical department.

The router itself must be properly configured and have a stable connection to the Internet. Now you need to open “Network Settings” by selecting from the menu the appropriate section on working with the network. The TV will offer to auto-tune or report a successful connection.

If you debug your DHCP server, your TV can set up Connect by itself. It assigns and assigns IP and DNS. In the case of binding the Internet connection to the computer by MAC address, the TV can not be connected. It is necessary to find out the MAC address of Smart, which can be viewed in “Settings” (“Product information”) and inform the provider about the change.

Connecting the TV receiver with broadband

Choosing between built-in Smart-TV system and an outdoor set-top box, it’s better to give preference to the second option. Digital decoder has many smart features. With the external tuner, you can watch movies at popular online movie theaters, download clips from YouTube, access your pages on social networks, and more. Modern set-top boxes are miniature devices with a rich set of options, and their setup is very quick.

The following instruction will tell you how to connect the digital set-top box to Wi-Fi:

  • Smart device is connected to the wireless network using a Wi-Fi module or router. Once all the devices are connected to the receiver, they need to be connected, and after loading, the main menu is displayed on the screen.
  • You can control it with a mouse or remote control. In the main menu you need to find the section called “Wi-Fi”. If this feature is not enabled in default mode, drag the slider to the opposite position.
  • Wait a few seconds for the device to find the list of available Wi-Fi networks. After the home network is displayed, you must select it and enter the password.
  • If the router is configured correctly, after activating the confirmation command, it should take a few seconds, then you will be connected to the access point.

Connecting the tuner to a wireless network has many advantages, among which are the absence of cables and the possibility to place the TV receiver in any part of the house or apartment. If there is no Wi-Fi router, there is an alternative way to connect the Smart STB and the TV, connecting via Ethernet cable.

You need to find the RJ-45 interface on the housing of the tuner and connect the cable to it. After entering the main menu, select “Ethernet” instead of Wi-Fi. Connection to the Internet is usually automatic within a few seconds. If it does not, you have to set it up manually. If you have a computer, you can use it to go into the network connection settings and see what IP addresses are used. They will need to be copied and pasted into the appropriate fields in the “Ethernet” section of the TV screen. The only difference is that you must subtract 1 from the last digit of the IP address. This method has a few disadvantages, the main of which is the need for a separate line to connect the Smart device. As for the other nuances, this method will also allow you to turn the TV-receiver into a multimedia entertainment center.