How to connect qcy wireless headphones to your phone

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How to connect TWS wireless headphones to the phone via Bluetooth

Wireless headphones continue to actively displace the outdated “wires” ever since Apple released the first iPhone without 3.5 mm jack.

Despite all the disadvantages of wired headphones, they have one big advantage. Even a 3-year-old child can connect them to a smartphone. But with wireless headphones sometimes even experienced smartphone users can not cope.

In this short instruction, we’ll tell you how to connect any wireless headphones to your phone, and then provide a detailed commentary.


You know, the QCY T13 wireless headphones have the signature packaging design we’ve seen on previous models.

On the front of the box, we can see a picture of the headphones, as well as their main features. On the back side are the main features.

Inside the box I found a charging case with earphones, a USB Type-C charging cable, silicone ear tips and a user manual.

By the way, the user manual in Chinese and English.

QCY T5 earphones: design

Rectangular case with rounded edges is made of matte black plastic with QCY engraved on the top panel and charging indicators. The cover is not as transparent as in the model QCY T3, but a little translucent. In it is built a good magnet, quickly responding to close the case, we did not notice a backlash. The magnets inside the case are also good. Thanks to them, the headphones fit easily in the grooves designed for them.

The headphones themselves are also made of non-brushed matte plastic. Minimalist, with just the right sensors and L and R designation, in-channel, with a long stem and a sensor instead of a button. On the front side of each headphone has one diode that lights up during charging, there are microphones on the bottom, on the inside there are signs L and R and two charging sensors. Thanks to the ergonomics and moisture protection IPX4 in these headphones can actively practice sports. They will not fall out, and moisture is not afraid of them.

QCY Q29 Bluetooth headphones

Greetings to all! Today. A small review of compact Bluetooth headphones with charging box.

A surge of such solutions was obviously expected after the appearance (and in some cases. The very appearance) of Airpods. So, the QCY Q29 is a stereo Bluetooth headphone headset, complete with a storage/recharging box.

Packaging As you can see in the photo (all photos are under the appropriate text). Rather ascetic, made of gray cardboard, however, the creators had some tactics and it adhered to take care of high-quality stylistic solution. The packaging is sealed and has a sticker to verify the authenticity (with protective coating). Specified manufacturer is Dongguan Hele Electronics Co.

Inside the package: 1. Box-charger with headphones 2. Set of ear cushions in different diameters 3. Short charging cable 4. Manual 5. Insert with a description of the initial pairing process.

According to the latter: 1. It is necessary to remove the protective stickers from the contacts of the headphones and put them back into the charger box 2. Take out the right earpiece and connect it in the Bluetooth settings of the “parent” device 3. Take out the left earphone and wait for its automatic connection to the right one.

The charging case and headphones The charging case itself is very compact. The case is made of plastic with a soft touch coating. Cover. Made of thin matte plastic, easy to open, but the hinge. Does not inspire confidence in terms of durability. I’m afraid that if used carelessly, cracks will inevitably appear, as.The hinge is the one which is going to break when tilted up to the stop. In the case of the hinge. There is a standard Micro USB connector. Overall, the box is ergonomic and takes up very little space. Remove the headphones. The lower part of the headphones are also made of plastic with soft-touch coating and have “out of the box” ear cushions minimum size (they fit me immediately). The upper part is made of plastic with a glossy finish, and the panel-buttons with the inscription QCY.Have a soft transparent silicone coating. Newer headphones have charging contacts glued with a transparent film. Remove it. Important: remove it carefully, because.К. Sometimes there are invisible areas on the contacts (I had it that way) and as a consequence, conclusions about the headphone not working follow.

FIX TWS Earbuds That CAN’T PAIR. Re-Pair Factory Reset Guide for QCY QS1, QS2, JLab, KZ and more!

How to disassemble the headphone for battery replacement in the future. Do not know yet, probably not at all, only saw. It is also possible that there are answers under the button sticker, but not sure.

After returning the headphones to the box, connect the cable to any suitable voltage source. The red light will turn on. On the headphones themselves. When inserted into the box. The indicator first lights up red, then changes color to white. After the end of charging. The headphone LED turns off. Fitting the headphones into the charger requires attention, because.К. The headphones in the socket can rotate slightly around its axis, which can lead to incomplete contact with the charging pad. In this case the indicator of the headphones may not change color from red to white. The cover keeps the earpiece from disconnecting from the pad when you shake it. However, I saw a customer complain on Amazon that shaking the headphones in his might disconnect from the pads and consequently activate and connect them, which in turn would cause the person to miss a call. I tried to reproduce the problem. It did not work.

Stereo So, I didn’t wait for a full charge and tried plugging the headphones to the phone right away. When I took the right earphone out of the box and before I put it in my ear, I heard the earphone tell me in English in a female voice that “power on” (yes, this will always happen. Don’t worry if you have missed something important while carrying the earphone in your ear). In this case, the headphone automatically went into pairing mode, was detected by the phone and connected successfully. The pairing process can also be initiated by holding down the earphone button for as long as possible (a shorter press will simply turn it off). After connecting the first earphone. I took out the second one, put it in my ear and heard the “connected”. After a while the headphones informed me separately that “right chanel” and “left chanel” work ok. Alerts are recorded well enough and do not hurt your ears. In the future, after using the headphones. You just put them in the box, they automatically turn off and go into charging mode. To activate them, just take out the right one at a time, wait for it to connect to the phone, then the left one and wait for it to connect to the right one. Important: if you take out the left before the right connects. The left will miss the connection time to the right and have to repeat the process of taking out of the box left. I will say at once. The process is not instantaneous, sometimes the right one connects for 15 seconds, and the left one “pulls up” to it for 20. Slowly, yes. Claimed to support Bluetooth profiles: HFP/HSP, A2DP, AVRCP.

The sound I first listened to music on YouTube, then on the built-in player, then on PCRadio What can I say You know, I’m supposed to describe the pros and cons here in audiophile slang, which you can neither confirm, nor deny, t.К. This kind of evaluation is strictly subjective. So I will simply describe the impressions of an unspoiled Hi-End consumer who is not very competent in the field of quality sound: 1. On the tests, the stereo works perfectly, no lags, echoes, etc. 2. The sound is clear, without any “sinking” in the treble typical of cheap headphones. There is no background noise in the pauses. 3. The “bass” is present, or rather that part of it, which is usually given out by the midbass. In the tests, the “clean” bass bursts with the expected “grunting”. 4. In the absence of hearing, I am guided by the indicator of obviously bad acoustics in the form of headaches during prolonged listening. So, with these headphones I did not feel any pain and scars for 4 hours of continuous listening.

Subjective conclusion: I liked the sound very much. That’s it, no more, no less.

Controls in this mode are uncomplicated: pressing the button on any earphone simply pauses/resumes playback (the volume control of the earphones themselves is not implemented in any way). However, this control does not always work the same on all players. So. For example, the player in my Xiaomi Mi4c stops and restarts with the button, but the sound level drops to a little more than zero when resuming (although the sound slider on the phone remains in the same position). And only when you restart the melody playback in the phone, the sound level becomes equal to the set level again. The effective distance from the headphones to the phone. I had about 5 meters through the two concrete walls. Not bad.


Turn on

If the headphones are not in the case. Hold the touch panel for 2 seconds. The indicator light flashes blue, the headphone beeps.

If the headphones are in a case with the lid closed. Open the lid. The indicator will blink blue, the headphone will beep.

Turn off

If the case is not fully discharged. Insert the headphones into the case and close the lid. The light will turn red to indicate the process of charging the headphones.

If the case is not available or is empty. Hold the headphone touchpad for 5 seconds. The light will turn red for 2 seconds, the headphone will beep.

connect, wireless, headphones, your, phone

Pick up / put down the handset

Double-touch the touchpad. The earpiece beeps.

Reset the call

Hold the touchpad for 1 second. The earpiece beeps.

Launch the voice assistant

Touch the touchpad three times. The earpiece beeps.

Pause media playback

If media is playing. Touch the touch panel twice or pull at least one earphone out of your ear.

Continue playback

If media playback is paused, touch the touchpad twice or put the headphones in your ears again.

Switching to the next track

If media is playing. Hold the touch panel of one of the headphone for 2 seconds.

How to wear

Toggle between calls and hold mode

Press the button to answer the call. In case there is a second incoming call during the call, press the button once to put the first trimmer line on hold, the second line conversation is activated. If the button is pressed for 1 second, the second incoming call will reset. To switch between active talk and talk on hold, press the button twice.

QCY T13 headphones TWS review: good autonomy and quality sound

Finally I got the new headphones from QCY, by the way. The first model of this manufacturer. And today we will talk about headset QCY T13. The brand itself has long been known to customers outside of China, and recently, after Xiaomi took them “under the wing”, the products have become even more recognizable. At first glance we have a claim to success: a long working time, noise cancellation system, comfortable shape, type-C connector for charging. As in the presence of more than one set of TWS headsets from other manufacturers, it will be something to compare.

Features and description

Let’s begin our acquaintance with the device by reviewing its technical specifications.

How to Connect Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds to Phone. Tutorial 2020

  • Manufacturer:QCY
  • Model: T13
  • Noise reduction: ENC
  • With microphone: Yes, 4 pieces
  • Control Buttons: Touch
  • APP support: Yes
  • Communication Type: Bluetooth 5.1
  • Battery:380mAh
  • Usage Time: About 8h
  • Support Fast Charge
  • Codecs:AAC/SBC
  • Profiles: HFP/A2DP/AVRCP
  • Diameter Drivers: 7.2mm
  • Market launch:2021
  • Color: White

As we see on the one hand the pluses in the form of a new version of bluetooth and long battery life, on the other hand someone will miss the support of AptX.

This model comes in a box with color printing, I do not know why, but some models are seen in a simple box made of recycled cardboard. The front part is occupied by the headset and the reflection of the main advantages of the device. On the back we can see some technical information, but on one of the sides there are QR codes with links to Android application and the official site.

Having opened the box, we take out all the content. Inside we find a case with the headphones, a short charging cable with a type-C connector, a pair of extra ear cushions and a small manual in Chinese and English.

The case has rectangular shape with rounded edges, made of white glossy plastic. But thanks to the white color the fingerprints are not visible at all. On the top cover is the brand logo.

The charging connector is not traditionally placed on the back, but on the right side of the case. On the front is a LED indicator that tells you if the battery in the case is charging or discharging.

Opening the lid of the case, inside we see the headphones trays, magnets that hold them strong enough, headphones will not fall out by themselves. In the center is an inconspicuous button, by pressing which the indicator on the case will show the level of charge. If green, then the case is charged, red, respectively, will indicate a low level of charge.

Near the trays there is an indication of the right and left channels, although this is unnecessary, they can only be inserted in one position anyway. On the top cover the manufacturer placed a little technical information with the battery capacity, charging current.

The headphones themselves in form and appearance resemble the products of Apple, but who does not look like them now. Headphone casing is made of white glossy plastic, looks like a bean with a long stem. Thanks to this shape the headphones fit perfectly in your ears and do not even try to fall out when you shake your head. Realistically, of my recent headphones, these are some of the most comfortable, but that’s purely my opinion. On the leg you can see 2 charging contacts, and in the end of the hole microphone. On the reverse side of the leg we have a hole which holds the LED indicator and another microphone. There is also a touch zone, unfortunately, tactilely it does not differ from the general body.

On the inside of the body of the sound emitter there is a marking of the channels, and we can also see a small compensation hole. The hole in the sound tube is covered with a mesh, it is short, does not interfere with the use of headphones.

To complete the picture, a photo on a live person.

The work of the device

As stated in the specifications, the device works via Bluetooth 5.1, which in principle does not prevent it from working with older versions of the protocol. Having phones that support Bluetooth 5.0 и 4.2, the difference in sound did not notice, perhaps if the headphones supported AptX difference would be. Each headphone QCY T13 has the ability to work independently of each other, that is, in stereo or mono mode. Each of them can be a master. The headset has no problems connecting to all my Bluetooth devices, whether it’s a phone, computer or media player. The user can both directly connect the headset to the phone, as well as with the proprietary QCY application, in the latter case, the functionality of the device slightly increases.

By the way this is the first headset where I decided to install the native application and in principle I did not regret it. With the app, you can see the charge level of each headphone, choose an equalizer mode, update the firmware of the headphones and most importantly, you can change the default control. Below are a few screenshots of the useful features.