How to connect music to iPhone

How to control (turn on, turn off, rewind, etc.) music in the Music app on Mac from iPhone or iPad

Download the iTunes Remote app on your iPhone or iPad (link).

Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and go to the Music section.

Click Sign in under Home Sharing and enter your Apple ID account information.

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Launch the Music app on your Mac, go to the menu bar under Account → Sign in and enter your Apple ID account credentials.

On the main screen of the iTunes Remote app, click the Connect Manually button.

The app will generate a four-digit code that will need to be entered later in the Music app window on Mac.

Mercedes E350 Bluetooth iPhone �� MUSIC �� ACTIVATION STEP BY STEP.

Select the specific device (iPhone or iPad) under Devices in the Music app on Mac.

Enter the received four-digit code from the iTunes Remote application and click OK.

Now your entire home media library on Mac will be available on your iPhone or iPad, sorted by sections and you can remotely control its playback.

How to play music on Mac or Windows remotely from iPhone or iPad

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad as a remote control for playing music in the Music (iTunes) app on Windows or Mac. Thanks to this, you can turn on and off music, movies, podcasts, control content and volume, select playlists and much more without going to your computer.

The setting of the function is not entirely obvious and that is why most users are not even aware of this possibility.

How to Control Music in iTunes App on Windows or Mac Computer from iPhone or iPad

Open iTunes on your computer (you can download it here). If the program was already open, then restart it.

Go to File → Home Sharing and click Turn on Home Sharing.

Enter your Apple ID information and click the Turn on Home Sharing button.

On your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, go to Settings → Music and under Home Sharing, click Sign In. Log in to your Apple ID account.

Download the free Apple iTunes Remote app from the App Store.

Launch the downloaded program and click iTunes Home Sharing. On the next screen, an icon for the iTunes application should appear with the name iTunes Library (in our case, Yablyk).

If iTunes Remote cannot find Home Sharing, try restarting your computer and trying to manually connect. For this:

On the main iTunes Remote screen, click the Connect Manually button.

The application will generate a four-digit code that will need to be entered later in the iTunes window.

Click on the remote control settings button that appears to the right of the content type switcher in the upper right corner of the iTunes app.

How to sync music from your Mac to your iPhone or iPad in macOS Catalina — Apple Support

Enter the code you received earlier in the iTunes Remote app and click Ok.

Now your iPhone or iPad will have access to the entire home media library on Mac or PC, sorted by sections and you can remotely control its playback.

How to listen to music from iPhone in the car

You can listen to iPhone music in your car in several different ways using a wireless or wired connection. Many users have difficulty connecting their iPhone to their car stereo, which prevents them from listening to music. In this tutorial, we showed you how to listen to music from iPhone in your car in four different ways.

Immediately, we note that each type of iPhone connection to a car stereo system has its own characteristics. In most cases, the system does not support all of the methods described below, so you need to select one.

Via bluetooth

You can connect iPhone to the car system via Bluetooth only if the system has a wireless module. In this case, it is necessary:

On the iPhone, go to the “Settings” → Bluetooth and activate the switch of the same name.

Wait until the car system is found in the list of found devices.

Click on the line of the car system in the list.

After that, the iPhone will be connected to the car system via Bluetooth.

If the connection fails, try the following:

  • Restart iPhone.
  • Re-pair your iPhone with the car system.
  • Turn Bluetooth off and on on iPhone.
  • Install the latest version of iOS on iPhone.
  • Update the firmware of the car system.

Via the AUX connector

You can also listen to music from your iPhone in your car by connecting your smartphone via the AUX-AUX cable (iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, alas, will not work). The connection process is the most straightforward. Insert one end of the cable into the 3.5mm audio jack on your iPhone and the other into the same jack on your car system. You cannot control music using the buttons on the radio with this type of connection.

Via USB cable

If your car system has an iPod Support feature, you can connect your iPhone to it using a USB cable. With this connection, music playback control is available using the buttons on the radio.

Via CarPlay

CarPlay is the most modern and safest way to use your iPhone in your car, including listening to music. You can connect your iPhone to the car via CarPlay either wired or wirelessly, depending on the characteristics of the car system.

The wired connection process is the same as connecting an iPhone with a USB cable. Establishing a wireless connection is even easier. To set up wireless communication, you must press and hold the voice control button on the steering wheel or radio tape recorder to start setting up the function. Bluetooth must be turned on.

Connection types

There are several options for connecting an iPhone to the car stereo to provide the ability to listen to music recorded on a mobile device in the car.

Check out each type of connection to figure out which one will be most suitable for you.

AUX connection

This type of connection assumes that the iPhone will act as source for playing audio files, and the radio should act as an amplifier, providing the proper volume. In addition, the AUX connection makes it possible to listen to a wide variety of radio stations in the car.

Connecting an iPhone via AUX comes with several benefits:

  • if there is an appropriate connector, there are no difficulties in connection;
  • no need for complex settings.

However, not everything is as rosy as it might seem at first. The AUX connection has some drawbacks. First of all, not many are impressed by the hanging wires, they clearly do not enhance the aesthetics of the car interior.

It is easy to connect the gadget using a 3.5mm audio cable

In the process of operation, the battery of the mobile device is rapidly discharged, in this regard, it will not be possible to listen to music in the car for a long time.

USB connection

Due to the fact that the USB connection is accompanied by great possibilities, most car enthusiasts are eager to learn how to connect an iPhone to a car via a USB connector.

Many devices equipped with a USB connector can be connected to the radio tape recorder, including flash drives.

Such a connection is, indeed, accompanied by advanced capabilities. You can transfer any data, as well as control the iPhone through the car radio panel.

Synchronizing two devices is as easy as shelling pears as you just need to turn them on and connect them via USB.

Most modern radio tape recorders are equipped with a USB connector.

This connection also has the advantage of being able to charge your mobile device at the same time, thus eliminating the risk of turning off your iPhone at the most inopportune moment.

In addition, it will be much more comfortable for a car enthusiast to read SMS on the big screen of the radio. The disadvantage is the same aesthetic moment when extra wires are observed.


It is possible to connect the iPhone to the car radio via Bluetooth in cases where the radio is equipped with this function.

Modern car radios are equipped with the ability to connect via a wireless protocol to a mobile device. With such a connection, it becomes possible to successfully “read” the information on the iPhone and on the memory card, as well as instantly play music files through the standard audio system.

In this case, the disadvantages that are present in the first two options are excluded, including the lack of wires.

With Bluetooth, you don’t need any cords

Connecting to a car radio

So, wondering how to listen to music in the car through the iPhone, first of all, you should ensure the correct connection of the mobile device to the car radio, and also make some important settings if necessary.

Connecting iPhone to car radio

Modern mobile devices have long passed from the category of ordinary telephones, intended only for making or receiving a call, into the most perfect multifunctional device that provides multiple tasks.

Every year, manufacturers delight gadget lovers with new models or successful restyling of previously released ones. The connection of mobile devices with the car is clearly visible, you can even observe the successful integration of the iPhone directly into the electronic control unit.

Connect your smartphone to the car audio system?. Easily!

New car models are being produced with this integration in mind, which contributes to an increase in the level of comfort. A few years ago, it was possible to purchase a non-slip mat for a mobile phone or a reliable holder of various shapes.

Currently, no one wants to limit themselves to just having a mobile device in the car. Everyone strives to use to the maximum the functionality of the gadget presented by the manufacturer.

It’s no secret that through the iPhone you can successfully listen to your favorite music directly in the salon of your favorite car. Now you do not need to look for additional storage devices to record a music collection on them.

Unfortunately, many have heard about such possibilities, but not everyone knows how to connect an iPhone to a radio tape recorder.

You can contact the specialists who can quickly connect the iPhone to the radio tape recorder in a minimum amount of time. You can also study useful recommendations and do all the manipulations yourself, without having to spend extra money to pay for the services of a specialist.

Connection settings

You will have to make the settings if you decide to use the connection of the iPhone to the car radio via Bluetooth.

Modern radio tape recorders are equipped with functional capabilities that provide automatic search for the desired mobile device and the same automatic connection to it.

If your car has a radio tape recorder that is not equipped with such capabilities, you will have to make the settings yourself. However, there is nothing difficult in such actions, so all manipulations are within the power of every motorist.

First, launch your iPhone, go to the main menu, find the “Settings” item, go to it. There you will find the “Bluetooth” sub-item, go to it and carefully look at what position it is in. If necessary, move the slider to the “On” position.

After that, the scanning process will start, during which active devices will be identified, with which you can integrate.

It remains to choose your radio tape recorder among the listed active devices. It happens that during the first scan you cannot find the device you need, then you need to repeat the search process again.

The connection status is indicated by the Bluetooth icon. If it is gray, it means that the desired device is either turned off or is not in the signal range.

Blue and white colors confirm that the device is not only connected, but also functioning successfully. Stopping the connection is also easy, just move the slider in the settings to the “Off” position.

Connecting an iPhone via Bluetooth to a car radio allows a car enthusiast not only to listen to music in the car directly from a mobile device, but also to carry out a conversation without having to pick up an iPhone. This will prevent accidents and avoid fines for using a mobile phone while driving.

The data transfer speed depends on the technical characteristics of the devices at your disposal, but in any case, you will be able to listen to music files, increasing the level of comfort when moving in a vehicle.

So, being the owner of a modern iPhone and wanting to listen to music files directly in the car, you only have to familiarize yourself with the instructions and strictly follow all the simple recommendations. And the successful playback of your favorite music directly from your mobile device will be the best reward for you for such efforts.


The easiest way to get music from iPhone to car is using the AUX port. This is a line-in connector that looks like a small round hole with a diameter of 3.5 mm. The plug for the AUX port is called Mini Jack.

This connector is present, almost on every car radio, and headphones are plugged into it in the iPhone. Some models do not have a line-in connector, in this case, in order to listen to tracks, you will have to purchase an adapter. Well, or resort to another method.

  • Connect the car stereo to the iPhone using the AUX cord with mini jacks at both ends;
  • Start playback on the smartphone. By the way, with this method, all music control is carried out through the phone. The radio tape recorder only plays the role of a sound amplifier;
  • In the audio system of the car, turn on the playback mode through a third-party source;
  • You can listen to your favorite playlist.

This method is good for its simplicity and convenience. However, music via AUX often sounds too quiet, and users notice a deterioration in the quality of the sound track. Also, the method drains the iPhone a lot. Well, and, you have to put up with dangling wires.


Connecting music from iPhone via Bluetooth in the car is one of the easiest and most convenient solutions. First, the connection is wireless. Secondly, the driver can receive incoming calls and make calls by adjusting the process with the buttons on the steering wheel. It is safe and convenient. Thirdly, after the initial pairing of the iPhone and the car, all subsequent connections will occur automatically, which is incredibly comfortable.

To listen to music on iPhone via Bluetooth, do the following:

  • Activate the Bluetooth module in your smartphone;
  • Find the “Phone” or “Bluetooth” function in the radio settings;
  • The search for devices will start, it may take some time;
  • As soon as the gadget detects the car radio, a field for entering a password will be displayed on the screen. Most often, the code “0000” is suitable;
  • Successful pairing will be signaled by a system notification on the display of the recorder;

That’s all, now you can start playing music on your phone, and you will listen through the radio. Management is carried out on both devices.

Bluetooth drains your smartphone and distorts the sound when decoding the signal. But this method provides flexible control, and does not distract the driver from the road at all.

This method is suitable only for owners of expensive modern cars equipped with premium functionality. To find out if your radio tape recorder supports the Wi-Fi module, the instructions for the device will help. If you have Wi-Fi, perform the following set of actions:

  • Turn on Wi-Fi on your mobile device;
  • Activate the module in the audio system and start searching for networks;
  • When the car radio detects your network, connect to it;
  • Now you can listen to tracks from a flash drive of your smartphone or directly from the Internet.

how to itunes to iphone music and video transfer Tamil

This method provides good sound quality and does not require the use of wires, but, unfortunately, not for everyone. And also, it wastes traffic and drains the phone.


Let’s not delay too much with the introduction, let’s go straight to the algorithms that demonstrate how to listen to music in the car via the iPhone. Of course, modern cars have sophisticated multimedia systems with which to connect a mobile device is a matter of 2 seconds. But if you do not have such a radio, you can listen to music from the iPhone by connecting the phone via AUX, USB port, or by establishing a wireless connection (Bluetooth or WI-FI).


Let’s consider how to play music from iPhone in the car via USB connector.

You need to purchase a cable, one end of which is equipped with a USB plug, and the other is suitable for your iPhone.

  • Connect your smartphone to the car radio using a cord;
  • Start listening to music on your phone;
  • In the audio system, select the listening mode through a third-party source;
  • Ready.

The car radio recognizes the smartphone as a USB flash drive and starts playing tracks. The newer the audio system, the easier it will be to control playback. Some devices are fully synchronized with the apple gadget, allowing you to control music through the radio, as well as open different applications on the phone in parallel.

By the way, this connection allows you to simultaneously listen to music and charge your smartphone. There is only one minus. dependence on wires.

We listen to music from the iPhone in the car and do not part with our favorite tracks

In this article, we will look at how to listen to music from an iPhone in the car, we will analyze in detail all the existing methods. Agree, it’s very convenient to play your favorite playlists directly from your phone, without bothering with recording to a separate flash drive or disk. All this is the last century!

How to listen through Car Play?

This is a car multimedia complex that displays a selected block of information from the iPhone on the screen of the car radio. The interface is completely devoid of distractions. Car Play allows you to broadcast only some of the applications that the driver needs: navigator, call control, music (but not video) playback, etc.

The media system is controlled by the voice assistant Siri, which can be called by long pressing a special key on the steering wheel. Apple Car Play is compatible with all iPhones from model 5. But to find out which cars are compatible with CarPlay, check the list on the website:

To connect iPhone music to BMW or any other on the list, follow these steps:

  • The media system is configured only once, further connection is automatic. Start the car, call Siri on your smartphone;
  • Connect the smartphone to the car via a cable (USB, AUX) or via Wi-fi, if there is a module;
  • In your smartphone, open the Settings Menu. General. CarPlay. Find your own among the available cars, tap;
  • After pairing, the display of the radio will show the interface of your phone. Open the player and start listening to music.

All control is carried out using voice commands or buttons on the steering wheel of the car.

This method is the most comfortable in terms of driver safety. If the devices allow, we strongly recommend that you resort to it. By the way, listening to music using a wireless connection is more convenient, but often at the expense of the quality of the sound track. In this regard, Car Play is the best option. it provides minimal impact. Happy and fun trips to you!