How to Connect M3 to Phone

Knowing how to connect the phone to a computer, you can use this opportunity to transfer data directly from one device to another.

And without the help of the Internet, and at a fairly high speed.

How to Connect M3 to Phone

This is necessary, for example, for transferring photos from a smartphone camera or multimedia files from a computer to a mobile device to a PC.

For most modern phones, there are several ways to connect.

Existing Connection Options

If you need to connect your phone to a computer, several solutions are possible.

The main options are:

  • Connection via USB port of a computer using a cable;
  • Wireless connection via WiFi;
  • Bluetooth connection.

The choice of a particular option depends on the reason why all this is done.

If, for example, you need to transfer a large amount of data (film,, or even a game application), the easiest way is to use a cable and a connection via a USB port.

The same method is best suited for using your smartphone as a webcam or modem.

Cord for connecting a smartphone to a PC via USB

Wireless connections allow you to connect faster, although they provide a lower information transfer speed.

They are also used if the PC or laptop has a Wi-Fi or bluetooth module, and the cord is not available at the moment.

Using WiFi

Connection via Wi-Fi can be called the most convenient and fastest in connection time.

At the same time, data transfer is slower, and for its implementation you will need either a WiFi router or an appropriate adapter.

There are several ways to connect a mobile phone to a PC, but the quickest and easiest of them is to install a special application.

There are variants of such programs for all operating systems, including iOS, and the principle of operation is almost the same.

One of them is a free FTP server application, which is freely available on PlayMarket.

After installing on a smartphone, the program requires starting, after which it shows the address that you want to write in the address bar of the “Explorer” on the computer.

This provides the ability to access the data of the mobile device as a regular folder.

Over, the user can change, delete and add new files on a removable disk, and in internal and external memory.

Connect your phone to a PC via Wi-Fi

USB connection

When connecting via USB, the user gets the maximum of possibilities:

  1. Transfer data at high speed;
  2. Use a mobile phone to access the Internet using a GPRS connection or 4G network;
  3. Turn on your smartphone as a webcam and communicate using it, for example, in Skype. This option will be best for users on whose PC there is no camera.
    This is especially convenient, given that modern phones have image resolution at the level of the most expensive recording devices.
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The disadvantage of this method is the binding of a mobile device to a computer.

At the same time, it will not be possible to call or go to another room from him at the same time as the data is being transferred.

All that is required to connect is a cord (usually microUSB / USB) and a free port on the computer.

In most cases, you do not even need to install any drivers. Just select the drive, modem or webcam mode on your phone.

It is even possible to use a computer as a charger.

Options for connecting a phone with Android OS to a PC via USB

When connecting the phone via USB with a cable, you can see a notification about connecting a new device at the bottom.

After installing the appropriate drivers (usually requires a PC connection to the Internet), synchronization ends automatically.

Bluetooth connection

If you have Bluetooth on your laptop or, which is now much less common on your PC, you can synchronize two devices using such a wireless connection.

To do this, both modules are activated and compatible devices are searched on the computer.

When the smartphone is found, it is connected via Bluetooth, choosing the option without using a passkey.

Helpful information:

To work with many devices with Bluetooth, we recommend using the program Blueoleil. This is a professional tool for pairing a computer or laptop with mobile and peripheral devices via a Bluetooth interface. Supports all versions of Windows, most smartphones, microphones, printers, TVs.

Possible problems

Sometimes when you connect or try, the computer starts installing devices and drivers. All that is required of the user is to wait until the process is completed.

If it was not possible to automatically install the control program, this is done manually.

Typically, the driver is located on the website of the smartphone manufacturer.

Sometimes there are situations when, for proper synchronization, you have to enable debugging on the phone. For this, the developer’s menu is usually used.

After debugging, problems with connecting to a computer disappear.

Enable smartphone debugging when connected via USB

Some models of mobile devices with less common operating systems (for example, older versions of Windows Mobile or BlackBerry OS) may not immediately connect to a PC.

To fix the problem, the option can be helped in which the phone is turned off first, and then it is turned on, causing the computer to first determine the smartphone, and then automatically or manually install the drivers.

What if the connection failed?

There is another option for data transfer, which can be used as a last resort. For example, when there are no special applications, the cable is also there, and there is no access to the Internet from the PC or from the phone.

However, for this option you will need the presence of:

  • Removable flash cards (usually a microSD) on a smartphone;
  • Card reader on a computer or laptop (in the latter case, this probability is greater, because most even budget models have a reader for drives of different formats).

External microSD card slot on a smartphone

All you need to do is copy the data from the phone’s memory to a flash card, remove it from the device and insert it into the computer’s card reader.

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Or do the opposite if the information is transferred from a PC to a smartphone.

Some smartphones will have to get a battery to complete the operation. But there are also models with external access to a flash card.


The easiest way to connect to your phone from a computer. Without USB over WiFi

If you need to quickly connect from a computer to a phone or tablet to transfer photos, music or, but there is no USB cable at hand, then in this I will show how you can connect from a computer to a phone via WiFi

Like mobile phones, smart watches today are rapidly entering our lives. For those who maintain vitality and exercise regularly, it is a must. In this article, you will learn how to connect and configure the M3 fitness bracelet to your phone. And also what functions it provides and how to use it.

  1. What you need to know about M3 before connecting to a smartphone?
  2. How to connect the M3 tracker to the phone
  3. Settings of the Chinese smart bracelet M3
  4. Enabling M3 Fitness Watch

What you need to know about M3 before connecting to a smartphone?

The equipment is simple, there is nothing in the cardboard box except the fitness tracker itself with a pair of removable straps. There is an opportunity to purchase it in one of three colors: blue, black and red.

A protective disposable film is glued on the M3 touch screen, which will more likely interfere than protect it from scratches and bumps. It should be removed immediately. The touch panel does not respond to touch, there is only one button at the bottom of the screen. It is multifunctional and able to serve as a choice for bracelet modes.

The strap is created on the basis of special compositions of rubber and plastic. It is quite pleasant to the touch. To charge the fitness bracelet, you need to remove the capsule and connect it to the USB port on a computer or laptop.

Detach the strap from the M3 capsule

To do this, you need to try to bend the bracelet at the junction of the strap and capsule. Quite simply, she comes out without extra effort.

How to connect the M3 tracker to the phone

For the bracelet to work fully, you need to connect it to your smartphone. On which appropriate software must be installed. It can be found by the name Lefun Health on Google Play.

Lefun Health Google Play app

You can download it without a manual search. If a QR code recognition application is installed on your smartphone, launch it and point the camera at the code from the instructions.

The download page will automatically open on your smartphone.

After starting the application will require certain permissions on the mobile device:

    Allow the application to turn on bluetooth on your phone, use the gallery, contact book, and more;

Give permission to the application in the phone Go to the window with Bluetooth technology and start searching for new devices;

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Start searching for new devices on your phone

  • If your phone finds several different devices with activated bluetooth in range, see the exact name in the menu of the M3 bracelet. Switch items by pressing the touch button. Find the item called About and select it with a long press;
  • When the smart bracelet is paired with the phone, on the screen you can find information about your health status: blood pressure, palpitations and other data.
  • Lefun Health Home Screen

    The main screen of the connected M3 tracker also displays other parameters. We have the opportunity to configure some functions of the device without a smartphone.

    Settings of the Chinese smart bracelet M3

    The M3 has 3 different dials that you can choose from.

    M3 default bracelet screensaver

    To change it or see other options, tap on the start screen (with watch dial) on the button and hold it for a long time.

    Menu items:Description:
    PedometerThis function is accompanied by a sneaker icon. In this section, the number is the number of steps the owner has taken today.
    Tag iconDisplays the distance traveled in kilometers.
    FlameTalks about the number of calories burned per day.
    A heartDisplays information about the pulse of the owner of the bracelet.
    Arterial pressureOften shows the wrong information. Users noticed how he could show two completely different values ​​at the same time. Therefore, the sensor should be mistrusted.
    Water and salt compositionThis sensor also often shows incorrect data.

    The penultimate item is information about the device and its firmware. The last one is “Shutdown”. By setting it in the menu and holding the button at the bottom of the screen, the M3 tracker will be turned off.

    Calories Burned Screen in M3

    Turn it off completely if you do not use it for the next few days. After pressing the power button, the tracker should vibrate. A smart bracelet without recharging is able to work for about a week, depending on the modes of its use.

    Enabling M3 Fitness Watch

    The design of smart bracelets and their functions are often repeated in all brands that produce them. The bracelets are equipped with a touch screen with a mechanical or touch button selection and power. To turn on our M3 bracelet, you need to press the touch button and hold it until the device displays a splash screen. To select or switch items, also use a single button on the case.

    Turn on the M3

    When you connect the power to the M3 fitness bracelet without the participation of a mobile phone, you will see a blue “Hello” message on the screen. And immediately after the greeting, the watch dial appears, which will be displayed by default on our smart bracelet. They are often used instead of ordinary watches. In order for them to display the correct time, you need to synchronize them with your smartphone. It is enough to do this once so that the time is automatically set on the network and corresponds to your region.