How To Connect Laptop To Tv Without Hdmi

How to Connect Laptop to TV Without Hdmi

How to connect a laptop to a TV via HDMI

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take the HDMI cable

and connect it, for example, to the HDMI 2 connector,

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the other end of the cable is connected to the HDMI connector of the laptop.

We turn on the laptop and TV, the operating system starts, but nothing on the TV. Only the message “Weak signal or no signal”,

guests are waiting intensely and thinking: “Well, they didn’t let me see pictures of my laptop and it won’t work on the TV.”
On Samsung TVs, to display a list of all available sources, press the button on the Source remote control.

A menu appears on the TV screen in which, again, using the remote control, we select our HDMI 2 connector

and press the Confirm selection button on the remote control.

A laptop desktop appears on the TV. At that moment, all the guests breathed a sigh of relief and. I am with them.

Now everything that you do on the laptop will also be displayed on the TV screen. You can watchs or photos, play games and so on.

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Next, select “Multiple Monitors” in the “Screen” options. Resolution in most cases will be set automatically. In the “Multiple Screens” option, select “Duplicate the desktop to the first and second”. That’s all.

Friends, if your sound will come from the speakers of the computer, not the TV, then go to “Playback devices“,

and select the name of your TV there, right-click on it and select Enable.