How to Connect Joystick Defender to Computer

Using a gamepad can simplify the execution of missions in games and make this process much more interesting and realistic, but not everyone knows how to properly configure the joystick for a computer.

How to properly debug your device. read in our material.

How to Connect Joystick Defender to Computer

If you need to connect the gamepad from the console to the PC or you are just thinking about purchasing a joystick, you should remember that not all games will “see” the connected gadget.

If it does not provide the ability to control one-dimensional or multi-dimensional, you can configure the device only using third-party programs that map each click on a particular button on the keyboard.

You can connect completely different types of manipulators to it. They can be of the following types:

  • One-dimensional. able to control objects only in the direction of “up-down” or “left-right”;
  • Multidimensional. work with an object in two or three planes;

Also, they differ in the type of connection to the console and the computer: wired and wireless.

All of the following instructions for connecting the controller to a PC are suitable for Windows operating systems version 7, 8, and 10, as well as for Mac OS.

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Connecting a gamepad. instructions for Windows

To work with Windows, it is recommended that you use the gadget from Xbox One or another Microsoft console.

With it, you can configure the smooth operation of the gadget and enjoy support in almost any game.

The Xbox device has a simplified PC connection scheme.

The user only needs to turn on the manipulator, and then go to the “Settings”. “Devices”. “Add Device”. “Xbox Wireless Controller” window:

Add Xbox Controller on Windows

Wait until it is detected and automatically linked to the PC. Now the gadget will start automatically as soon as you establish a connection with it via Bluetooth.

No settings are required.

If you do not have a gamepad from the Xbox One, you can take absolutely any other. Before debugging, select a connection option.

Below is an instruction that is suitable for both wireless and wired methods:

  • Connect it to the PC using the USB cable or click on the Share button to activate the wireless mode. Note that using USB you can connect a maximum of 8 controllers (or 4 with a headset) to one PC. Devices with a stereo headset can only be connected in the amount of two pieces;

PC connection via USB

  • If all the necessary updates and drivers are installed on the PC, the wired gadget will start working independently without any settings. You can download drivers using the dispatcher window. Just select the item you want. Click on it with the right mouse button and update the configuration. Then reboot it and everything will work;

Driver Software Update

  • For wireless connection, go to the Bluetooth window. You need to do this immediately after activating the Share key;

Share key activation

  • In Windows, click on the “Notification Center” and at the bottom click on the “All Settings” tile. In the window that opens, click on the “Devices” logo;
  • Now open Bluetooth and enable the device detection feature. Wait a few seconds. The name will be displayed in the discovered gadgets window. Then click on the “Create a Pair” button. Done, it is connected to the PC. Now just launch the app and start playing.

Bluetooth connection

Xpadder Utility (Windows). Setup

What to do if the joystick does not work in all games?

Unfortunately, it all depends on the manufacturer of the software product and without official support it cannot be directed to the use of third-party devices.

However, users can use third-party programs for debugging at the operating system level, and not a specific application.

This method provides 100% work in any application.

Xpadder is the most popular program for universal setup.

The principle of its operation is that the user independently sets which key on the PC a particular button will answer.

In the program, you can select the type of controller:

View selection in Xpadder

Just click on the desired item and in the new window choose the location of the button. Set its value that will correspond to a specific key.

So you can do several sets for different applications at once.

Setup in Xpadder

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Controller for MAC OS

Despite the widespread opinion among iMac users that it is impossible to combine a gamepad of another manufacturer with such a computer, the PC works perfectly with devices from Sony, SpeedLink, Logitech and other manufacturers.

There are several ways to connect.

First way lies in a wired connection.

On the back panel there should be a mini-port for USB, which can be used not only for the console, but also for a regular “apple” computer.

Take the USB cable and connect it to the PC. Everything should work without any settings. MAC OS automatically detects the gadget and updates the driver software if necessary.

Remember, for most modern shooters it is not always convenient to use a joystick with a wire, because this type of connection can slow down the reaction to keystrokes a little.

If possible, it is better to use second way. for wireless controllers.

Wireless gamepads work via Bluetooth connection. Follow the instructions:

  • Go to system options;
  • Click on the item “Bluetooth”;
  • Now hold down the Share key until the link LED flashes intermittently;
  • Now check if he has detected a wireless device. Its name should be displayed in the Devices tab;

Discovery on MAC OS

  • Click on the name of the detected gadget, and then on the “Pair” or “Pair” button.

Now you can safely run it and use it in the gameplay.

If the game detects a joystick, but it is impossible to control it, we can talk about that, then the software developer simply did not provide for the possibility of supporting external devices for controlling the character.

As in Windows, users can use special utilities to configure the joystick. The best example for MAC OS is the Joystick Mapper app.

You can download the official version of the program using the AppStore.

To use Joystick Mapper, just run the program and check whether the model of the gadget used is compatible with the utility.

Then you need to reassign the control keys in to the buttons. Among the advantages of Joystick Mapper are minimal interruptions in operation and a simple user interface.