How to Connect Iphone to Radio via Bluetooth

Modern telephones are not a simple means of communication, but also 3-4 various functions that make life easier for a car enthusiast.

Car Smartphone = Friendship

How to Connect Iphone to Radio via Bluetooth

The smartphone integrated into the car allows you not only to answer or call on your own, but also to use any information recorded in the phone’s memory, play music, and also use voice control to send SMS.

Cars of the latest releases are already starting to be equipped with Apple smartphones, and the proprietary Drive Kit plus for the iPhon application will allow account holders on social networks to keep abreast of the latest events and news without taking their hands off the wheel.

Special applications for Apple from well-known automakers, for example, BMW and Mercedes, allow you to use your smartphone as an on-board computer, displaying information on the state and location of the car on the smartphone screen. If you are not the proud owner of a Mercedes-Benz A-Class or Peugeot 208, into which devices are already integrated, do not despair: iPhon can be connected in a car via usb or bluetooth.

A little information about the possibilities of combining a car and a smartphone

The community of smartphones and cars is quite natural and began with primitive phone holders and machine-fixing mats. Today, the salons of modern cars, even of a budget class, are equipped with the use of smartphones. If the car is not equipped with a device for regular connection, there are several ways to connect an iPhone. Connection can be made:

  1. Through the radio. This option, depending on the connection method, makes it possible to listen to music available on your device or from the Internet. The radio tape recorder in this case acts as an amplifier. Or, conversely, use the car radio as a large screen for an iPhone.
  2. Use an iPhone instead of a radio. If the car is not equipped with a car radio, then the smartphone can be used to listen to music instead.
  3. Connection to a diagnostic socket. This functionality is primarily interesting not for those who love traveling to music, but for those who are interested in the condition of their car. If the machine is equipped with a DLC connector (Data Link Connector). a diagnostic connector used for computer diagnostics in service centers, you can connect a smartphone, tablet or laptop through it. This makes it possible to get information about the state of the car on your iPhon or other device.
  4. Integrated use of a smartphone in a car. Such a connection so far is only possible in luxury cars equipped with a connector, where the device is simply inserted, without additional connectors and wires. Radio models are also available that have a connector for a smartphone on the front panel. In fact, a similar device built into the console is a connector for the iPhon, remaining completely useless in the absence of the smartphone itself. The possibility of integrating an iPhone does not give the owner any special unusual functions. the same set is available as when connected via USB or Bluetooth. But then such a device looks, of course, very cool, although it costs decently.

How to connect a smartphone to the car radio

If you want to connect your device to the radio, you can do this in several ways:

If you do not have a radio

If the car is not equipped with an acoustic system, then the iPhone can be used as a substitute for it. The most budgetary way to solve this problem is to use an FM transmitter. Connection through the transmitter is via the cigarette lighter. True, you have to put up with a pretty bad sound and constant interference. You can partially get rid of interference by turning off the antenna in the car, or using special software.

Apple’s car apps allow you to use a smartphone connected via a transmitter with voice control.