How to connect internet with a tablet on a laptop

How to connect to the Internet through your phone from a computer

To connect your computer or laptop to the Internet, you can use any Android device as a modem, which will receive and transmit traffic from the nearest base station of the cellular operator. Modern mobile devices have 3 modes for traffic distribution:

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Stationary devices even without wireless data transfer modules will be able to receive traffic from a smartphone or tablet.

How to connect internet to your laptop via your phone?

You can use your smartphone as source of internet when there is “no” other provider at hand. Let’s look at three ways to use your smartphone as a modem. No need to go to the cafe to get internet.

How to connect internet from mobile to PC via Bluetooth tethering android to pc

Connection via Wi-Fi. The smartphone must have a stable access to the Internet and the traffic package at the tariff. Your laptop has a wireless network card installed. And the smartphone has a mode of switching the phone to “modem mode”.

It is necessary to configure the smartphone settings so that it can not only receive but also distribute the Internet. Each model of phone has its own visual peculiarities of settings, but the essence is the same. In the Wi-Fi settings this option is often hidden in the “advanced settings”.

We need to switch the phone to the mode of the Internet distribution, the source of which will be the mobile operator, which issued the SIM-card. And then configure access to this point from other devices, in our case a laptop.

Since the phone has a relatively small range and I do not plan to use the Internet for a long time, I set up access to it without a password (open network). I’ll leave the network name as it is.

And I won’t make up a password. However, you can also come up with a password, if you plan to use this kind of Internet on a regular basis. And I chose “No” on the “Security” setting:

If there will still be a password, and you want to connect users to the new access point (no more than six), then in the settings there is an emulator button “WPS” (as on a conventional router), so that the user does not need to enter a password on his device:

Tip: Now your smartphone is in high power consumption mode. If possible, connect it to the charger for the duration of work.

Connect the laptop to the Internet. Ours appears in the list of networks and its status is “open”:

Now just click on the connection, and you are on the Internet. Its actual speed depends on the cellular operator’s coverage area.

The next option, in which you can use your cell phone as a modem, is a connection through the Blue Tooth channel. This is probably the most complex way to use your phone as a modem.

Bluetooth adapter must be activated on the laptop (not all models have it). After connecting it to the computer in the “other Bluetooth settings”.

You have to allow other devices to detect the notebook (i.E. Your smartphone):

For a stable connection, place the smartphone within 1-2m away from the laptop. Let’s activate “Bluetooth modem” mode on the phone. In the laptop through the “control panel” look for our device and establish a pairing between them. At first on the phone (by clicking on the bluetooth icon and doing a search) we make sure that the laptop appears in the list of devices.

And for pairing we invent any code from the numbers, for example 1234.

After that you need to turn on the Bluetooth network card that appears and try to connect. If there are no conflicts between the phone, the adapter drivers, the system will detect the new network and connect to it:

Connecting from a computer

Tap the wireless icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Next, select the access point that you have created from the list and click “Connect. You will also need to enter your password.

NOTE! If you have trouble connecting, try removing the password from modem mode altogether. It often helps to update drivers of Wi-Fi module. See the instruction here.

  • Go to “Bluetooth” turn it on if it is turned off. Next, just below that you will start to see all of the devices that you can connect to. Click on connect. A window with a code will pop up when you connect. You just need to confirm it.

Once connected the Internet should work immediately. In the lower right corner of the screen you will see your computer attempting to connect to the Internet. If after a few seconds there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark on the connection, then go to step 3.

Connecting your tablet with a cord

Although most tablets are equipped with a USB interface (micro and mini in the.Ч.), sometimes there are other types of connectors. PIN connectors are popular among them. There are also specific types of interfaces designed for a specific gadget, product series, or company in general. Connecting two devices. Computer and MID. Is not a problem, but in order to get more benefit from such a connection, you need to make certain settings. If in Apple-products all is solved by means of iTunes program, in Android you need to configure something. In “Settings” there is a menu called “For Developers”. This is where you need to enable “USB debugging”. It will not only allow you to use your MID as a flash drive in the future, but also. For example, you will be able to install applications directly.

To be sure, reboot your device. Make a connection with your desktop (or laptop). The latter will start looking for drivers, but this process is not necessary, so safely interrupt it. The driver search (in Win.7-8) is a pop-up window near the clock. Click on it and cancel the search. Next we go to the touch microcomputer. By this time the USB icon should appear. It must be clicked, of course. There may be another option: a screen that says “USB connection established” and a “Enable USB drive” button. There can be other variants in different wizard, but the idea is clear. Turn on. All of the above only applies to Android devices.

But, as is the case with Apple tablets? To connect your tablet to the PC will need special software, as mentioned above. Download iTunes from the Internet, install it and go through the registration procedure. During the first run, the program will automatically detect the model of your iPad, establish a connection with it. Intease iTunes will offer you a wide range of possible actions, from basic syncing to direct app installation.

There are tablets with other operating systems, where you must first install the driver to connect the tablet to your computer, or special software. Although they are rare, they do occur. It is possible to configure the data transfer without drivers, but not in a direct way. About that below.

Connecting via Wi-Fi connections

There is no simpler option. In particular, if the tablet is not connected to the computer via USB-USB, PIN24-USB (or other) cable. Ipad via Wi-Fi is connected using the same program, but in Android the situation is not so simple. So, for normal data transfer there are several options. The easiest way is to download and install the FTP-server. For example, the application FTP Server. Its normal version is offered completely free on Play Market. Although the program is not unique, but it is super easy to use. After launching, you just need to click on the “Start Server” button. However, before you start using it, make sure that the option “Anonymous user” is active. When the server starts, you will see its address. You can either type it into an Explorer address bar or create an ftp-connection in a file manager (Total Commander, for example). That’s all, now you have the knowledge how to connect the tablet to the PC, to transfer the information as before, but without a lanyard.

How to connect your Laptop to Wifi

But if you have an Android gadget that needs to be synchronized, you need to write a message or do some other actions through it? In this case, we can use another simple but very useful program. Airdroid. In order to open all the features, you need to go through the registration process at the developers’ invitation and pay a small fee. However, the free version more than satisfies the needs of the average user. Download and install AirDroid from the market. When you start the application, you will see the IP address. Typically:

Open any browser at hand (IE or Opera) and type the IP of your DropBox into the address bar. A special interface opens allowing you to do a lot of things with your phone without holding it in your hand or connecting it by cable.

Connection via the Internet

The easiest and most convenient way to transfer data over the Internet is DropBox. It’s virtual storage that can be both closed and open. And you can choose how you want to access your data. The important thing is that you will be able to simply send a link to the file to your friends or colleagues, and they will download it without burdening your Internet traffic on the return. But that’s not what we mean. Download and install the applications on all your devices. Computers, tablets, and laptops, on your phone. Dropbox can be opened even in a browser window, but it is better to use the app. Service is adapted for absolutely all operating systems, so you can install it on any device. Now, no matter which device you would have added the file, it will be automatically displayed on each. Again: you can only transfer data in this way. To have a full-fledged connection between the tablet and the computer, you will need to install a more serious program. The leaders in this category are still

There are different ways of how to connect your tablet to your computer. The easiest and most common is with the use of wires on a universal serial interface. The second one is using Wi-Fi wireless technology. Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. Now let’s deal with how to connect the tablet to the computer in each case.

This method is the most commonly used. Most mobile devices have such a connector, and the necessary wire is usually included. Now here is the algorithm of how to connect the tablet to the computer via USB. In this case, the procedure is as follows:

A very simple method that requires minimal user involvement.

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It is not always possible to use wires, so the question arises about how to connect the tablet to the computer without them. For example, you have gone on a business trip, but the patch cable is left at home. In that case you can use Wi-Fi connection, which module is equipped with most devices of such class. This method requires a special software. First, you need to download the Wi-Fi Transfer utility from the content store for Android applications and install it. After starting this program a window will appear, which will inform you about the FTP address and the VLAN status. They must be memorized. You will need them for further configuration of the wireless network. Next, on the PC perform the following steps:

Use other programs and applications to connect the Internet

It is worth remembering that when distributing the Internet from the phone to the computer, the cell phone is subjected to a heavy load, due to which the battery quickly discharges. If you plan to use your smartphone for Internet sharing often, then it is recommended to remove unnecessary programs from it. Instagram,. Odnoklassniki, as well as games that weigh a lot.

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The easiest way to share your internet with your Android smartphone is with special programs. In this case, simply go to the program and activate the connection.

  • Osmino Wi-Fi. This is the best program created to give Wi-Fi to your computer. With this software you can quickly distribute traffic to other devices. You can find this application on Play Market and download it for free. In the settings you can change the network name and set a unique password.
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  • Wi-Fi Hotspot. This application works similarly to the first program. You can download it in Play market for free. After installing the program, an active shortcut appears on the screen. To start distributing traffic, you just need to click once. After activation the label changes its color. If the Wi-Fi is distributed, the indicator is green, and if it is off, it is red. For convenience, the shortcut can be placed in any part of the screen.

These programs are compatible even with older versions of the Android operating system. They can be found in the Play store and tested. If they don’t fit for some reason they can always be uninstalled.

Remember that the less loaded memory your mobile device has, the faster the distribution of the Internet.

How to connect the Internet from your phone to your tablet

Modern technology has made it possible not only to create mini-computers, which, in fact, are a smartphone and tablet, but also to link them together. The established connection allows you not only to transfer information from one to the other, but also to organize access to the Internet from your tablet with your smartphone. Let’s look at two ways to connect the internet to your tablet from your phone: using Wi-Fi-networks, and without using them.

Using Wi-Fi

To connect the tablet to the Internet via a smartphone is possible, provided that the phone supports 3G and 4G networks. Almost all modern smartphones support these networks. To create a connection it is necessary to create an access point on the smartphone. This is how this is done:

  • In the settings of the phone find the section “Wireless Networks”, then go to subsection “”, in Russian. “”.
  • After that we activate the “Modem mode” and move the slider “Access point” to the position “On”.”.
  • With this we have created a hotspot. It allows the connection to any device that has the same program. All other necessary information can be found in settings.
  • On the tablet, it is necessary to search for networks available for connection. After detection of our network, we connect the gadget to it.
  • If you are prompted by the system, enter the password.

So, we have created a system that allows you to connect your tablet to the Internet via your smartphone.

Without using Wi-Fi

If there is no access point nearby and it is impossible to create it for some reason, it is possible to connect tablet to the Internet via phone with the help of USB-cable. For this you need to have a USB port on both devices. Then it is done as follows.

  • Connect the devices with a USB cable.
  • Go from your phone to the Internet.
  • Select modem mode in the settings.
  • Go into any application that requires internet and check the network.

This method of connection has a significant disadvantage: the mobility of each of the connected devices is limited by the length of the USB cable.

How to connect?

Today you have learned how to create, configure and distribute Internet from a tablet computer, as well as how to connect to the network from a laptop or cell phone.

Windows Phone as a modem#

This feature is called “Internet Sharing” and can be found in “App List/Settings/Online Sharing”.

Share Internet via Wi-Fi#

Make sure that “internet sharing” is turned on. Please note that if our mobile data provider does not support the use of a modem, an error message will appear.

Check the name and password for the Wi-Fi network by pressing the “Setup” button. In later phone models the name is given based on the device name.

There’s a little trick for when your mobile data provider doesn’t support this feature:

  • Install any proxy software (like Tether-X) on the phone.
  • Turn on your own Wi-Fi network on your computer. To the network you’ve created and make sure the proxy is running (in the Tether-X app, select “Run Proxy Engine”).
  • On the computer, set up a proxy with the IP address of our phone (we can find out the address by clicking on the connected Wi-Fi network) and 8080 as the port. Don’t forget to return the proxy settings back when you’re done.

Our computer can now browse the Internet via a mobile connection.

Share the internet via USB#

Unfortunately, there is no standard way to do this. But there are separate tricks like this that can help us in this situation.

Share the Internet via Bluetooth#

Note that this feature is available from Windows Phone 8.1, update 1.

Now you can use our Windows phone as a modem for the Internet.