How to Connect Internet Via Mobile Phone

The Internet through a mobile phone or smartphone that supports 2G and / or 3G communication technology can be configured on the user’s computer.

How to Connect Internet Via Mobile Phone

Consider all the available ways to do this.

Connect a PC to the Internet via a smartphone (Wi-Fi access point)

If you use your PC and you urgently need access to the Internet, and there is no cable or router at hand, you can configure your smartphone as an access point.

It will work as a router and you can connect to it from your computer.

Follow the instructions below to connect a laptop or PC to a smartphone with mobile Internet:

  • Turn on the wireless network in the settings of your computer;

Turn on wireless on PC

  • Now go to the settings of your smartphone or your tablet;
  • Select the wireless menu and then the “access point”. In earlier versions of “Android”, click on “Modem and router mode”;
  • In the window that opens, click on the settings of the router;

Mobile Router Settings

  • In the window that opens, invent a name for the access point (any) and a password (at least 8 characters). Click save and then move the slider that turns on the access point;
  • Now from a PC, connect to a mobile router in the same way as to any other wifi router.

Connecting a smartphone to a computer as a modem

To make a connection, you must have a USB cable (for connecting your smartphone to a PC).

Follow the instructions:

  • Connect the smart device to the PC using the adapter;
  • Immediately after connecting the smartphone, a dialog box is displayed on its screen asking you to select a connection mode. Ignore this window and close it;
  • Go to the main menu of the device and then go to the phone settings;
  • Open the USB modem settings window and set it to the “Enabled” mode, as shown in the figure;

USB modem settings window

  • After turning on the modem mode on the smartphone, the computer will automatically begin installing the necessary driver software. During the installation of the driver, several dialog boxes will appear.
    The user must note the permission for subsequent connections to the modem, as well as indicate the type of connection network needed);
  • After installing the driver, the PC will be connected to the network. A network connection icon appears in the notification area of ​​the operating system.

To make your Internet connection faster, select 3G connection technology in your smartphone’s mobile Internet settings.

Internet access from a computer via a regular cell phone

You can access the network from a computer by connecting to it the most ordinary cell phone.

There are several mobile requirements:

  • It must support 3G, GPRS or EDGE connection technology,
  • The presence of the phone driver installed on the PC,
  • SIM card with configured Internet and cash on the account,
  • A USB cable is also needed to connect the cell to the PC.
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Follow the instructions to learn how to connect the Internet to a computer via mobile:

  • Install the modem driver on a personal computer. You can download it from the website of the manufacturer of the mobile device;
  • After installing the driver, you must initialize the modem. To do this, connect the mobile to the PC and open the device manager;
  • In the tab with modems, select a cell phone, right-click on it and open the properties tab, then find the field for additional initialization parameters and write this line in this field: ATCGDCONT = 1, “IP”, “active”. Click OK;

Configure Cell Phone Initialization Settings

  • Now you need to create a connection. Open the network and sharing management window and choose to create a new network, as shown in the figure below;

Network Management Center Window

  • Indicate the dialer number in the window that opens (usually 9 #, the number must be checked with the mobile operator);
  • Enter the information that you received from the operator in the window shown in the screenshot below and click on the Create button.

Data entry window for creating an Internet connection

Now the connection is created, to access the network you just need to connect the cell to the PC, open the saved connection and press the call button.

After a few minutes, the Internet will be connected.


Using your mobile phone as a Windows 7 modem

Detailed instructions are given on how to set up a computer and a mobile phone as a modem for accessing the Internet.

How to connect the Internet to a computer via telephone

In this tutorial, I would like to show how to connect the Internet to a computer through an Android phone.

Internet on tablet via mobile phone

How to turn on the Internet on a tablet via a mobile phone (smartphone).

Mobile Internet is still a fairly expensive and slow way to connect to the World Wide Web. Therefore, using it as the main Internet connection for a desktop computer is rather inconvenient.

However, there are times when there is simply no other option. For example, during a trip on vacation or breakdown of the main Internet provider. In such cases, you have to resort to the use of mobile Internet. In this article we will talk about how to connect a computer to the Internet through a mobile phone.

Mobile phone as an access point

The easiest way to connect your computer to the Internet through a mobile phone is to use the “Access Point” function. This feature is in most modern smartphones.

After turning on the “Access Point” function, your mobile phone will start working like a regular Wi-Fi router, creating a Wi-Fi network with access to the Internet. In order for the Internet to work on your computer via a mobile phone, it is enough to connect to this Wi-Fi network.

It should be noted that the use of the “Access Point” function has several disadvantages:

  • Not every mobile phone supports this feature. As a rule, only advanced smartphones provide such an opportunity.
  • Using the “Access Point” function leads to a faster discharge of the battery of the mobile phone.
  • Using the “Access Point” function leads to increased consumption of Internet traffic.
  • To connect to an access point, a Wi-Fi module must be installed on the computer.
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Mobile phone as a modem

The second way to connect your computer to the Internet through a mobile phone is to use your mobile phone as a modem. Unlike “Access Points”, this method works with most modern mobile phones.

Since this method of connecting to the mobile Internet is quite complicated, we will consider it step by step.

Step No. 1. Connect the mobile phone to the computer.

Connect your mobile phone to your computer using a cable or Bluetooth. After connecting, install the program to synchronize the mobile phone with the computer. This can be Nokia Suite if you have a Nokia phone, or Samsung Kies if you have a Samsung phone. If a driver disk came with the phone, install them as well.

After connecting and installing all the necessary programs, the modem of your mobile phone should appear in the Device Manager.

Step number 2. Creating a new Internet connection.

Once you have connected your mobile phone to your computer, you can begin to create a new Internet connection. To do this, open the Control Panel. Network and Internet. Network and Sharing Center.

In the “Network and Sharing Center” window, click on the link “Configure a new network connection.”

After that, the “Establish a network connection” window will open before you. Here you need to select the “Configure telephone connection” and click on the “Next” button.

In the next window, you need to specify the dialed number, username and password. This data will be used by the modem to connect to the Internet. To find out your dialed number, login and password. Contact your mobile service provider.

After entering all the data, click on the “Connect” button. If you did everything correctly, then your computer must be connected to the Internet.

All about local networks and network equipment

Of course, the mobile Internet is a pretty useful technology that allows you to connect to the World Wide Web almost anywhere in the world. But for home use 4G, the communication standard is far from always convenient and profitable, especially if the subscriber is equipped with a high-quality modern router.

And in this article we will look at how to connect a phone to a router, and than home wifi internet is more profitable than a “classic” mobile connection.

At the same time, we’ll immediately “get rid” of several common misconceptions:

  • – firstly, you can connect to a wifi network almost any modern phone: the success of this operation is in no way does not depend from the manufacturer of the gadget (whether it’s Samsung, Nokia, fly, lg or a simple alkatel) or its appearance (a “classic” push-button phone or a modern sensor);
  • – secondly, the connection of “mobile” Wi-Fi is also independent of the Internet provider: if a wifi access point exists, then you can connect to it. And who provides this resource: Rostelecom, MTS, byfly or a neighbor-millionaire. Does not matter.
  • – and finally, the operating system installed on the cell phone (Android, Windows Phone or iOS) only affects the way you configure the connection to the local network.

So which phone can I connect to the router via wifi?

The correct answer is: a telephone whose hardware component includes a special wifi module.

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The presence of such is indicated by the inscription Wi-Fi on the packaging of the device or the corresponding mention in the user manual.

Why is wifi internet on your phone better than a 4G connection?

  • – Benefit: why pay extra for mobile traffic when there is a “free” home Internet?
  • – “Unlimited”: with a wifi-connection to the Internet you do not have to “count” the megabytes spent.
  • – “Independence” from mobile operators: in the absence of a mobile signal, you can safely use the Internet (on some devices even with a missing SIM card).
  • – Battery saving: Wi-Fi application is less power-consuming than working in an LTE or 3G network, so when working with Wi-Fi, the battery discharges more slowly.

Let us consider in more detail how to connect the Internet in the phone through a router on the main mobile OS.

How to connect wifi on an android phone?

Connecting Android devices is almost the same for all models of cell phones and smartphones: the differences are not significant.

1. To connect wifi, you first need to unlock the device and go to the main menu.

2. Next, in the list of icons, look for “Settings” (the icon usually looks like a gear, or a panel with horizontal sliders) and go to the OS settings.

3. In this window, the main configuration menu will appear in front of you: here (usually the first item) Wi-Fi settings are located. Go to the Wi-Fi submenu.

(For older versions of android, you first need to go to “Wireless Networks” and select “Wi-Fi Settings” there)

4. In the settings window:

  • – if the Wi-Fi adapter is turned on, the networks available for connection will be displayed;
  • – if the Wi-Fi module is turned off, the system will prompt you to turn on Wi-Fi to view available network connections. You can connect the adapter with a slider (usually, in the upper right corner. See the picture).

5. Select the network you need from the list, and in the dialog that appears, write a password to access this network.

If you entered the password incorrectly and the connection to the wireless network did not happen, click on this network again and in the dialog box that appears, select “Forget”, after which you need to re-enter the necessary authentication data.

How to connect an iOS phone to a wifi modem?

1. To set up a connection to a wifi access point on iOS, you first need to go to the main menu and select the “Settings” subkey there.

2. Next, select “General.” “Network”. “Wi Fi”.

3. Set the touch slider to “ON” to search for available wifi access points.

4. From the list of networks, select your home network and enter authentication information.

If everything is correct, in the future your phone will automatically connect to your home Wi-Fi network.

How can I connect wifi on a phone with Windows Phone?

Connecting such phones is almost identical to setting Wi-Fi on Android devices.

The only difference here is the visual design of the menu interface.

Find “Settings” in the menu, then go to the “Wi-Fi” submenu and select the network you are interested in here.

If necessary, enter the password to connect to Wi Fi. The phone is ready to work in the home network.