How to Connect Internet on Iphone 7

How to Connect Internet on Iphone 7

If you do not know yet how to set up internet on iPhone, then be sure to read these instructions. Of course, a lot depends on the mobile operator, which can automatically activate the Internet settings in the iPhone, in this case, just open the standard Safari browser, enter the address of any site and check the Internet. If the pages are loading in the browser, then everything is fine, say thank you to your operator and start surfing the net.

But what to do if the phone does not connect to the network on its own, we answer. continue to read how to set up the Internet in the iPhone and prepare to enter the settings manually:

We go in Settings. The main. Network. Cellular data network

Internet settings in iPhone c iOS 10

In the first example, the Internet settings were shown on the example of older versions of iOS. In order to enable the Internet in the iPhone with more recent firmware (for example iOS 10), we do the following. If you do not have a SIM card yet, then we purchase a SIM card, having previously decided on a more suitable tariff plan. Take the settings brochure from the seller right away. Insert the SIM card into the iPhone.

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Now go to the Settings application and select. Cellular. Data settings Next, select. Cellular data network, and prescribe all the APNs (and, if necessary, other sections). The example above shows the settings of the Tele2 operator, you need to enter the settings of your operator.

We make the settings for the Internet, which you can find out from your mobile operator or search in the existing list provided in the archive below. Fill in the fields in small, English letters, as in the above examples:

Username: mts
Password: mts

Username: beeline
Password: beeline

APN: internet
Username: empty
Password: blank

Username: empty
Password: blank

You can search your operator’s settings in the archive

How to enable and disable mobile Internet in iPhone

Turning on and off the mobile Internet in iOS is as follows: Settings. Cellular communication. Cellular data. In order to save traffic and battery power, turn off Cellular data when not using the Internet.

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We considered How to set up Internet on iPhone using the example of mobile GPRS Internet. But there is another way to connect the Internet to the iPhone. since the phone is equipped with a Wi-Fi module, it is possible to use a Wi-Fi access point, which can be organized at home or use public access points. In large cities, wireless Internet access points are widely developed, so sitting at a beer in a pub can also surf the Internet, check mail or look at the weather. To connect via wireless Wi-Fi, you need to go to Settings. Wifi and activate the marker, after searching, select one of the found networks.

The disadvantage of connecting via Wi-Fi is that the iPhone is tied to a specific access point, if you move away from it at a certain distance, the connection disappears. Mobile GPRS-Internet in this regard is more convenient, the Internet works in the coverage area of ​​the cellular range.

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If you are interested in high-speed Internet in the Apple iPhone and you have already completed the steps above, then see. “How to enable 4G LTE in the iPhone” and speed up.

Now you not only know how to set up internet on iPhone, but what are these very Internet in the phone. If you want to distribute mobile Internet from iPhone to other devices (tablet, laptop, computer), then read here. Setting the modem mode in iPhone.