How to connect huawei headphones to iPhone

Why iPhone doesn’t see wireless headphones?

Make sure the Bluetooth accessory and the iOS or iPadOS device are close to each other. Turn off and then turn on the Bluetooth accessory. Make sure the Bluetooth accessory is turned on and fully charged or connected to a power source. If the accessory uses batteries, check to see if they need to be replaced.

How to connect Sony Wi c400 headphones to iPhone?

  • Unlock iPhone Screen If Locked.
  • Turn on the headset. Press and hold the button for about 2 seconds.
  • Display devices paired with iPhone. Select [Settings].
  • Click [WI-C400]. You will hear the voice guidance “BLUETOOTH connected”.

What to do if Bluetooth headphones are not connected?

Turn off and on your bluetooth device, then turn off and on bluetooth on your phone and check if the problem is resolved. If the Bluetooth device still does not connect to your phone, unpair the Bluetooth device on your phone, restart both devices, and re-pair them.

How to put Airpods into discoverable mode?

Make sure Bluetooth is turned on. Place both Airpods in the charging case and open the lid. Press and hold the setting button on the back of the case until the status light flashes white. Select Airpods in the list of devices and click the “Connect” button.

What wireless headphones can I connect to iPhone?

TOP 10: Best Headphones for iPhone. Wireless & Wired

  • Apple Airpods Pro.
  • Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2.
  • Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless.
  • Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless.
  • Huawei FreeBuds 3.
  • Bowers Wilkins PI3.
  • Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro 2.
  • Sony WF-1000XM3.

Lightning adapter Auswaur

The difference between this adapter and the previous one is that you get 3 jacks at once: audio, Lightning and USB-C. And you can use them at the same time.

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What to do if only one earphone is connected

One Airpods does not work. 1. Try resetting your Airpods. To do this, in Settings, find the Bluetooth parameter, in the list of available devices, click on the letter i next to the name of the headphones and select “Forget this device”. After that, first put the headphones in the closed case for a minute. Then first open the case, wait for the white indicator to appear, place the device with the lid open next to the smartphone and press the connect button on the iPhone screen. 2. The problem may be in the old firmware. Try updating to the latest version. You can check which one you have in Settings. To do this, you need to sequentially select: Basic. About this device. The name of the headphones. 3. Check the volume balance on the device in the audio settings. Perhaps the slider has moved to the left or right, and the sound simply does not go to one of the headphones. 4. If devices are connected but there is no sound, clean the headphones. For this, it is better to use microfiber and cotton swabs. 5. Try connecting the headphones to another iPhone and if the problem persists, contact a service center. The headphone battery may be out of order, or the internal wire may be damaged. Only one headphone of any brand is connected. 1. Try to re-establish the connection by first removing the device. 2. Clean your headphones. 3. Try to connect them to another gadget to understand which device is the problem. 4. If the problem is in the phone, please update the firmware or do a factory reset.

Disconnecting Bluetooth headphones from iPhone

It’s a good idea to unplug your headphones when you’re done using them to conserve battery power on both devices. There are two ways to do this:

  • Turn off the headphones or disable the pairing function on them;
  • With a gesture up the screen, open Control Center and tap the Bluetooth icon to turn it off;
  • If you need the wireless connection function to remain on, then go to “Settings” “Bluetooth”, find your headphones in the connected devices section and disconnect them with a simple touch of your finger.

Bluetooth earphone activation

  • Bluetooth activation is performed in accordance with the following sequence of actions:
  • Go to the settings of our iPhone.
  • Open the section called Bluetooth.
  • We activate Bluetooth and in the list of found accessories we click on our headphones.

After completing the described steps, the phone will assign the status “Connected” to the headphones. A new designation will appear next to the battery level indicator, which indicates that the headphones are connected and ready to work.

Thanks to the function marked “i”, we can temporarily disconnect the headset or completely delete all connection information. For the latter case, the item “Forget this device” is provided.

The indicator that notifies the user about the headset charge level is called “Batteries”. When you reconnect the headphones to the phone, the device recognizes almost instantly and without user intervention.

Wireless earphone instruction for iPhone

We discussed the theory, now, in practice, we will describe in stages how to connect a wireless earphone to an iPhone. Curiously, the wireless headset connection algorithm is common to almost all Apple devices and iPhone versions.

  • turn on the headphones;
  • we activate on them the ability to connect to a previously unknown device (usually by pressing a button and holding it for more than two seconds);
  • when the headphones become open for searching, turn on the power.
  • expect the blue indicator to flicker.


If the indicator refuses to blink, we use a special key on which you can see the Bluetooth designation. In some cases, you have to use the headphone power button. In this case, you will need to hold down the specified button.

  • Important: it is necessary to achieve exactly blue blinking from the indicator.

How to connect wireless headphones to iPhone. TOP 3 ways

Disconnecting wireless headphones from iPhone

There are two ways to disconnect wireless headphones from the iPhone:

Perform all actions in reverse order:

  • turn off sync;
  • turn off Bluetooth;
  • turn off the power on the headset.

Use the line in the headphone window “Forget this device”, when you click on which, the connection data is deleted, and then turn off the gadget itself.

Problems connecting wireless headphones to iPhone

In some cases, the iPhone may refuse to recognize the headphones. In such a situation, we check the availability of the headset for detection by other devices. If the Bluetooth indicator is constantly on, and not flickering, to activate it, press a separate button or use the power key hold.

In different models of headphones, this action has its own characteristics. Disabling Bluetooth and reactivating it can help. There is a chance that after this the accessory will appear in the list of devices that are available for connection.

Subject to the instructions given in the instructions for the headphones, the connection is successful.

True Wireless Stereo translates from English as truly wireless stereo, so TWS headphones use Bluetooth not only to connect to the device, but also to each ear monitor with each other.

How to connect wireless headphones on iPhone?

Once you have activated the pairing mode, on the iPhone, go to the Bluetooth menu. Find your headphones in it among the list of gadgets within Bluetooth range. Click on the name of the headphones, and the inscription “Connected” will appear next to it, and the headset can additionally reproduce an audio signal.

What wireless headphones can I connect to iPhone?

TOP 10: Best Headphones for iPhone. Wireless & Wired

  • Apple Airpods Pro.
  • Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2.
  • Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless.
  • Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless.
  • Huawei FreeBuds 3.
  • Bowers Wilkins PI3.
  • Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro 2.
  • Sony WF-1000XM3.

How to properly connect wireless headphones?

  • Make sure the audio cable is not connected to the headphones.
  • Turn on the power of the headphones. The Bluetooth LED on the left earbud will start flashing.
  • Connect to headphones from your phone or player.
  • The Bluetooth LED will blink four times to confirm the connection is established.

How to connect Samsung BUDS to iPhone?

Can Samsung Galaxy Buds be connected to an “iPhone”? Yes. To do this, go to the Settings menu on the iPhone, select Galaxy Buds in the Bluetooth menu and click “Connect“.

The smartphone does not see the headphones

Restart your gadgets first, and then repeat the connection procedure. Usually the reason lies in a system crash in Android.

How to connect Honor and Huawei wireless earbuds to your phone via bluetooth

connect, huawei, headphones, iphone

Bluetooth is a special technology for wireless communication. The function is available in all modern smartphones. If earlier it was used exclusively for file exchange, today it allows you to connect devices with each other. That is, technology is the only way to connect headphones.

The connection procedure itself is straightforward. It is divided into three steps:

  • Turn on Bluetooth.
  • Detection.
  • Pairing.

Possible problems

Basically the problem is with the simple discharge of the accessory. Usually, when the battery is low, the indicator starts flashing red, notifying the user that the battery is low. Sometimes users forget to put their headphones in a case or plug them in via USB. But, also the problem may be hidden in something else. For example, the phone does not detect the headset or the sound quality deteriorates dramatically.

Preparing a Bluetooth device for pairing

The next step is to turn on Bluetooth on the headset itself. Hold down the special button and wait until the indicator starts blinking, which will indicate the detection of available devices. On the phone, you will need to select a gadget from the list.

This is how the connection is made. The instruction is suitable for all phones, including Samsung, Xiaomi, iPhone. Basically, the accessory under consideration implies a special case in the configuration, which acts as a charger. Place the headset in the case when trying to pair. If the device is delivered without a case, then when connecting it is enough to hold down one key. This process depends on the model of the headset you are using.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones Honor and Huawei to the phone: instructions, methods

Earlier, wired headphones were the only option for all smartphone users. Today, a wireless headset has gained popularity. This is mainly due to convenience and reasonable cost, because the price does not differ much from wired devices. In the article, we will explore how to connect Honor and Huawei wireless headphones to the phone.


The FreeLace feature is a hidden USB hidden between the volume buttons. The model is sold without a charging case, and you can charge them using a laptop or other device where you can connect a USB.

The activation procedure itself is simple. Hold the power button and wait for the indicator to activate, it should blink. In the smartphone, check the search for devices, click on the detected headphones and you can start listening.

Flypods lite

FlyPods Lite are connected in the same way as the model presented above. Insert them into the case, hold down the power key until the light turns white. Then in the phone in the Bluetooth setting, select the detected wireless accessory and you can enjoy listening.

Connecting a Bluetooth device to a phone that has already been connected

Re-pairing is done in much the same way, but without the extra steps of detecting and entering a password. Let’s say you want to connect Honor Sport AM61 from Huawei. just turn on Bluetooth on two gadgets.

Preparing a Bluetooth device for pairing

The second stage involves enabling this option on the headset itself. Instructions:

  • Turn on the headphones.
  • When the power button is pressed, Bluetooth is automatically activated.
  • A blinking indicator will notify you of readiness for connection.


The presented algorithm is suitable not only for Huawei wireless models, but also for Xiaomi or Samsung. Basically, the wireless accessory comes with a charger in the form of a case with a separate charger, but some models provide for a different type of recharging. Do not remove them from the case when trying to connect.

Possible problems

Among the common problems, there is an obvious discharge of the gadget. Often, users forget to put the device in a case or put it on recharge, which later causes false thoughts about a problem. The headphones should only be stored in a special case, and despite the long operating time, do not forget about the battery charge. Below we will explore other possible problems.

How to connect Honor and Huawei wireless earbuds to your phone via Bluetooth

Instructions for connecting a headset via Bluetooth are not complicated. The process itself can be divided into three stages:

  • Bluetooth activation.
  • Turning on another device.
  • Pairing.

Connecting a Bluetooth device to a phone that has already been connected

If you have previously made a connection, then reconnecting does not require the same steps. For example, you are using the Honor Sport AM61 model from Huawei, then for subsequent activations, it is enough to turn on Bluetooth on both gadgets.


The main feature of the FreeLace is a hidden USB that you get near the volume controls. Thus, they can be recharged not only with the help of a case, but, for example, through a laptop or the smartphone itself.

Activation is not difficult. It is enough to hold down the power button and wait for the indicator to blink. A blinking light means that the gadget is ready to be detected. Check the list of visible devices on your phone and select the one you want.

Turn on Bluetooth on your phone

Initially, you need to enable Bluetooth on your phone:

  • Pull out the top curtain.
  • Pinch your finger on the Bluetooth icon.
  • In the window that opens, drag the slider to the “On” position.
  • Devices detected by wireless technology will also be presented there.

Connecting a Bluetooth device to a phone that has already been connected

If you re-pair your Huawei with your headphones, you do not need to repeat the above procedure. Users just need to turn on the wireless connection and the headset, the rest will happen automatically, without their active participation, since the equipment saves old contacts and re-establishes them when a similar opportunity arises.

Flypods lite

FlyPods Lite owners do not have to make unexpected and difficult actions. They will also need to charge the headset and open the case to see the control buttons. This completes the preparation for connection, and users are able to proceed to establishing a connection.

Preparing a Bluetooth device for pairing

The next step is to prepare the Bluetooth headset for connection. Usually this process does not contain anything unusual and does not require unusual actions. At the same time, it is undesirable to ignore the recommendations below, since otherwise it may be difficult to establish communication and the correct operation of the equipment.

How to connect Honor and Huawei Bluetooth headphones to your phone

How to connect Honor and Huawei wireless headphones to the phone. this question worries all owners of a new headset. Fortunately. It is not difficult to understand the peculiarities of pairing the equipment with a smartphone, it is enough to follow the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer.

Pairing the device with a smartphone for the first time

After completing the preparation, users will have:

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

  • turn on the headphones by holding down the power button for a few seconds;
  • wait for a characteristic light signal;
  • look at the list of devices available for connection on a Huawei smartphone;
  • find the right equipment and establish a connection.

After that, you can proceed to listening to music.

Turn on bluetooth on your phone

The first step towards establishing a connection between your headphones and your smartphone is to turn on Bluetooth. For this you will need:

  • lower the top curtain of the smartphone;
  • click on the icon with the image of the desired type of connection;
  • wait until it lights up blue.

It is important to emphasize that the described approach is universal and works on various equipment, including Xiaomi and Samsung.

Connecting Bluetooth headphones to a PC or laptop

It’s easy to figure out how to connect Honor and Huawei wireless headphones to a laptop. The main thing is that the PC has the ability to establish such a connection or the user has the necessary equipment. If all of the above is present, it will remain to repeat the process described above.

How to connect Huawei FreeBuds headphones

In the modern world, many users no longer use standard headphones, increasingly opting for wireless devices. In addition, this is often facilitated by the disappearance of the usual 3.5 mm jack from mobile devices in order to make the dimensions smaller, as well as to protect the smartphone additionally from the penetration of dust, dirt and moisture. Therefore, now people are paying more and more attention to wireless headphones.

Huawei, which began to produce mobile devices without a standard connector, invites users to use modern and high-quality Huawei FreeBuds wireless headphones, which do not look like the usual headphones.

About Huawei FreeBuds headphones

Huawei FreeBuds Wireless Headphones are a device with a battery life of up to 3 hours. Included with them is a stylish case, which at the same time is a charger.

The technical advantage is that both earbuds must be connected to each other, not just to a mobile device or computer. In cases where the headphones are connected using wires, the general mechanism is simpler, and when they need to synchronize autonomously, this can add a number of problems.

In addition, there are a couple of microphones in the Huawei FreeBuds headphones, as well as a panel that responds to touch. There is also a special sensor that detects when the earphone is pulled out of the ear, stopping the music playback automatically at that moment. In general, these headphones resemble a real miracle.

Connecting Huawei FreeBuds headphones

Huawei FreeBuds headphones are devoid of any keys, they only have a surface that can recognize touches, which is an important feature of this wireless device.

To connect Huawei FreeBuds headphones with another device, you must adhere to the following instructions:

  • install the Huawei FreeBuds headphones in the case that is included in the package;
  • then open the top cover;
  • then the user should press the button near the USB connector, holding it for a couple of seconds;
  • the headphones will begin the standard and familiar pairing process using Bluetooth;
  • after the pairing is completed, the wireless headphones can be taken out of the case, and then used for their intended purpose.

If the wireless earbuds just lay there for some time, they will automatically turn off so as not to waste energy. In this case, the procedure is resumed to connect. In other words, the earbuds need to be reinserted securely in the case again and removed immediately. If the headphones do not connect to the phone after that, then this means that the batteries are in a completely discharged state.

The earbuds start working immediately after the owner took them out of the case and inserted them into their ears. The device starts playing music. If the headphones (or at least one earphone) are pulled out of the ears, then the music playback will automatically stop.:

The reasons

If the headphones are low, they will stop playing audio streams from the other device. This also happens if there is a mechanical breakdown inside.

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

What to do if Honor AM61 does not see the smartphone

Since the device is wireless, often due to communication interference, contact is not established and music does not play. This happens for three reasons:

  • Bluetooth disconnected;
  • the device is frozen;
  • the distance is too long and the connection fails.
  • restart bluetooth;
  • restart the phone;
  • bring mating components closer.

How to fix

The easiest option is to charge them. Comes with a portable charger. If the fault is a breakdown, you need to go to the service center.

How to connect Honor AM61 to PC

The peculiarity of these headphones is that it is possible to establish simultaneous contact with two devices at once. Here we will look at connecting to a personal computer.

Instructions on how to connect Honor AM61 to a laptop or PC.

  • Activating Bluetooth on PC.
  • Press the power button on the headphones until the indicator starts flashing.
  • Find the device you need through the computer.
  • Connect.

If an error occurs, try disconnecting and try again.

Honor AM61. manual in Russian

The Honor AM61 headset is a wireless headphone presented by Huawei. Despite this, they are great for owners of other phones as well. These are high-quality details, modern style, juicy sound. The manufacturers presented them in three popular colors:

  • red;
  • blue;
  • the black.

How to connect Honor Sport AM61 to phone and PC: pairing instructions in Russian

Honor AM61 manual helps you figure out how to connect devices, establish their contact with each other, operate and troubleshoot problems. To use these headphones comfortably with your phone, just read this review once.

Honor Sport AM61 earphones do not turn on

The most common reason for the AM61 Honor not connecting is the low battery level. There is also a breakdown of the device.

Apple Fan unbox Huawei FreeBuds 3 headphones in black and pairs them with an iPhone �� ��

How to connect the Honor Sport AM61 headphones to the phone

As already mentioned, the headphones are wireless, which means that no cables and jacks will be used here. We work according to the algorithm:

  • turn on Bluetooth on the smartphone;
  • on the headset, hold down the power key for 10-15 seconds;
  • release when the indicator starts blinking;
  • enable device search on the mobile gadget;
  • we find our sound accessory;
  • connect to it;
  • enjoy high quality and realistic music.

How to set up wireless headphones on iPhone?

Using iPhone to set up Airpods

  • Go to the Home screen.
  • Open the case that contains the Airpods and place it next to the iPhone.
  • The iPhone displays a setup animation.
  • Click “Connect”.

How to connect two pairs of Bluetooth headphones to iPhone?

To connect two pairs of headphones to one Apple device, you need to make sure the device is running iOS 13 beta 4 or later. After connecting your headphones, connect other people’s headphones to your mobile device and connect to them as usual through the Bluetooth setup menu.

How to Connect Sony Wireless Headphones to iPhone?

Pairing your device with a Bluetooth accessory

  • On your device, go to the Bluetooth Settings menu and turn on Bluetooth.
  • Put the accessory in discoverable mode and wait for it to appear on the device’s screen.
  • To pair, tap the name of the accessory when it appears on the screen.

How to Reset Sony Wireless Headphones?

Initializing the headset to restore factory settings Disconnect the micro-USB cable, turn off the headset, then press and hold and at the same time for more than 7 seconds. The indicator (blue) will flash 4 times and settings such as volume will be reset to factory defaults.