How to Connect Honor Phone to Lg TV

How to Connect Honor Phone to Lg TV

Connecting a smartphone to a TV is required in various situations, whether it is watching movies, using Android as a kind of PC or for banal charging. You will learn more about how to connect Honor and Huawei to a TV. We will look at a few basic ways a smartphone and TV interact.

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Why connect a smartphone to a TV

There can be many reasons for connecting an Android gadget to a TV; each user himself determines why to synchronize Android and TV.

The main reasons for connecting your Honor or Huawei phone to TV are:

  • Broadcasting on TVs from YouTube or movies from KinoPoisk, IVI or any other site. Synchronization allows you to watch on the big screen, and the user can set the resolution on the phone so that it looks high-quality and on the big screen.
  • View photos ands, made or downloaded on Android. Watching on TV allows you to see all the details of the photo, as well as see its quality, because the size of the TV display is much larger than the display of a small smartphone.
  • Broadcast games. Many Android users are not aware of the capabilities of their phones. On the Internet, if such functionality allows TV, you can broadcast the game, and use your smartphone as a joystick or steering wheel, depending on the category of the game.
  • Using your phone as a PC, using TV as a monitor. Not all Honor and Huawei gadgets have the ability to use them as a PC, especially for budget models. You can find out about the capabilities of your model in the operating instructions or in the reviews on websites or YouTube.
  • Use as a remote control for a TV. Such abilities are possessed by devices regardless of the price category: from ultra-budget to top flagships. To use a smartphone as a remote control, you need to have an infrared port preinstalled on it. In the absence of a port, using Android as a control panel will fail.
  • For other purposes, in which connection of the smartphone and TV is required by any available means.
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6 Ways to Connect a Honor and Huawei Phone to a TV

There are many ways to synchronize your smartphone and TV, but their use depends on the model not only of the phone, but also of the TV itself. Depending on the functionality of the devices and the reason for pairing, various connection options are used.

Via USB cable

You can connect Honor or Huawei to the TV via USB only if the TV has an appropriate input. Modern TVs have many ports, including USB, HDMI and others. Even on budget models released in 2006-2019, with a 100% probability there will be a USB input. The only exceptions are CRT televisions, which were popular in the 1990-2000s. There are no additional ports provided.

To connect the phone you need:

  1. TV with a USB input.
  2. Android device
  3. MicroUSB / USB or USB Type-C / USB cable, depending on the model.

To connect the device, you will need:

  1. Connect the cable to the phone, then connect it to the TV.
  2. Select the option of pairing a USB drive on the smartphone.
  3. Find your phone in the TV menu and use it as needed.
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The menu for all TVs is different, so before using the device directly, you will need to delve into the settings or instructions. Most remotes have a button for switching the display to the connected device and several use cases: display photos for viewing, watchings, listening to audio files and reading text.

Huawei smartphones provide users with several pairing options:

  • Charging;
  • Transfer photo /;
  • File transfer;
  • Use as a USB drive.


You can connect your smartphone to the TV with an HDMI cable if you have an adapter or an HDMI / microUSB or USB Type-C cable. The adapter can be used from any company.

To pair your smartphone and TV you will need:

  • OTG microUSB / HDMI or USB Type-C / HDMI cable, depending on the phone model;
  • HDMI / HDMI cable
  • USB Type-C cable (microUSB) / HDMI.

A USB Type-C (microUSB) / HDMI cable is quite rare, and with an output to Type-C it is also very expensive. The most budget you can connect the device through the adapter. But, if you have the appropriate cable, then you just need to connect it to the TV and the screen will be duplicated.