How to Connect Honor Flypods Lite Headphones

Earlier, wired headphones were the only option for all smartphone users. Today, a wireless headset has gained popularity. This is mainly due to the convenience and reasonable cost, because the price is not much different from wired devices. In the article, we will learn how to connect the Honor and Huawei wireless headphones to the phone.

How to Connect Honor Flypods Lite Headphones

How to connect Honor and Huawei wireless headphones to a phone via bluetooth

Bluetooth is a special technology for wireless communications. Function is available in all modern smartphones. If previously it was used exclusively for file sharing, today it allows you to connect devices to each other. That is, technology is the only way to connect headphones.

The connection procedure itself is straightforward. It is divided into three steps:

  1. Turn on bluetooth.
  2. Detection.
  3. Pairing.

Consider the connection steps.

Turn on Bluetooth on the phone

First, activate the wireless function on your smartphone. For this:

  1. Swipe to open the top notification bar.
  2. Among the icons, find Bluetooth (image in the form of the letter B).
  3. Click on the icon with your finger to launch the settings.
  4. In the same window you will see the detected gadgets.
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Preparing a Bluetooth device for pairing

The next step is to turn on Bluetooth on the headset itself. Hold the dedicated button and wait until the indicator starts flashing, which will indicate the detection of available devices. On the phone, you will need to select the gadget from the list.

Thus, the connection is made. The instruction is suitable for all phones, including Samsung, Xiaomi, iPhone. Basically, the accessory in question implies a special case in the configuration, which acts as a charger. When pairing, place the headset in its case. If the device is delivered without a case, then when connecting, just hold down one key. This process depends on the model of headset used.


A feature of FreeLace is hidden USB, hidden between the volume buttons. The model is sold without a charging case, and you can charge them using a laptop or other device where you can connect USB.

The activation procedure itself is simple. Hold the power button and wait for the indicator to activate, it should blink. In the smartphone, check the device search, click on the detected headphones and you can start listening.

Freebuds Lite

FreeBuds Lite must be put in the case, open the cover and hold down the button, which is located near the USB. When you select a discovered gadget on your phone, they can be removed from the case.

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FlyPods Lite

FlyPods Lite connect as well as the model presented above. Insert them into the case, hold down the power key until the light turns white. Then, in your phone’s Bluetooth settings, select the detected wireless accessory and you can enjoy listening.

First pairing device with smartphone

How to connect the wireless headphones Honor and Huawei for the first time we examined above on the example of different models. That is, the main thing is to activate the function itself for communication in the phone and on the headset. The system will independently search. To pair, just select the desired gadget in the list.

In some situations, you may be required to enter a password when trying to pair. Four zeros are set as standard.

Connecting a Bluetooth device with a phone that was previously connected

Re-pairing is performed in approximately the same way, but without unnecessary steps to detect and enter the password. Let’s say you want to connect the Honor Sport AM61 from Huawei. just turn on Bluetooth on two gadgets.

How to connect Huawei and Honor wireless headphones to other devices

In fact, the procedure for pairing with other gadgets is also carried out. Huawei does not limit the use of the headset, you can seamlessly connect it to any equipment that has Bluetooth.

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PC or laptop connection

A wireless headset connects to a laptop or computer in the same way. As noted, the main presence of Bluetooth. Activate the feature on your PC, and then search for gadgets. Select a headset from the list and you can use it.

Possible problems

Basically, the problem is related to the simple discharge of the accessory. Usually, when the charge is low, the indicator starts flashing red, notifying the user that the battery is low. Sometimes users forget to put headphones in a case or connect them via USB. But, also the problem may be hiding in another. For example, the phone does not detect the headset or the sound quality deteriorates sharply.

The smartphone does not see the headphones

First reboot the gadgets, and then repeat the connection procedure. Usually the reason lies in a system crash in Android.

Mono and poor sound quality

If the sound does not meet the characteristics, then the protocol is probably determined incorrectly. In other words, Android did not launch the A2DP profile needed for stereo sound, which is why only mono works. Reboot your phone and headset, and then reconnect.