How to connect honor 5 bracelet


It is noteworthy that this model does not have a dedicated “on” and “off” button. These actions are performed through the menu. To activate, simply go to “Menu” / “” / “System” / “Shutdown” or “Restart”.

How to connect Honor Band 5 to a smartphone

To activate the full range of options, you need to install the Huawei Health mobile app. This application can be downloaded for free on any smartphone, regardless of the operating system of the gadget, via GooglePlay or AppStore. For owners of Huawei Honor smartphones, this application is included in the list of major.

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Huawei Health updates must be installed because the fitness tracker only works with the current version of the app. Otherwise, the smartphone simply will not find the Honor Band 5 in the list of devices to connect.

After installing the application (or updating to the current version), the program will ask you to log into an account if the user has an account in this service, or to register a new one. The application will then familiarize the owner with the terms of use, privacy notices, agreement and ask for access to calls and the location of the device in order to be able to use all the functions.

After signing all the permissions, you can switch to Honor pairing group 5 with your smartphone. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  • Click on the plus sign in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Find “Smart-bracelet” in the list of available devices and click on it.
  • Select “Honor Strap Bracelet”.
  • Click the Pairing menu, then accept the connection.
  • In the new window that opens, select Honor Band 5, click on it, thereby confirming the pairing of your smartphone with the tracker.
  • Click on the “Finish” button. Then you can go to further settings.

How to turn on the bracelet

To turn on the bracelet, it must be fully charged. After that, the “Honor Band 5″ will turn on by itself. Charging is done using the Micro USB cable. It should be connected to the charging socket of the bracelet and the other end to any USB port on any computer, laptop or various power supplies. It takes about two hours to fully charge one hundred percent.

How to play music through Honor Band 5?

It can be disabled through the app settings. And if enabled, the music playback control screen is located in the main menu on the fitness tracker screen.

Honor Band 5 firmware update

Immediately after pairing, the Huawei Health app will request a new firmware version from its servers. Whether you upgrade your Honor Range 5 now or not is up to you. But I am a supporter of installing the latest software.

How to charge Honor Band 5

For charging, it uses its own charger, which is attached to the bottom of the bracelet. It comes with a short microUSB to USB cable. One end connects to the charger connector, the other to the USB port of a computer, laptop, or any power supply that works at any current. Charging to 100% takes about 1.5. 2 hours.

Setting up Honor Band 5

Honor Band 5 settings can be roughly divided into two parts: profile settings and functions. The first one is performed on the “I” tab. This is where you set goals for the number of steps and weight, as well as enter personal details such as gender, date of birth, height and weight. This data is necessary for a more accurate calculation of activity parameters.

The following settings are also made in this menu:

  • ON OFF. automatic data synchronization.
  • Automatic search for devices for pairing is activated.
  • Setting up notifications about achieving goals (steps).
  • Heart rate alarm and heart rate threshold setting.
  • Measuring system selected.
  • You can set up data synchronization with cloud storage.

To access the settings for the bracelet function, click the bracelet icon in the upper right corner of the Home tab, or select the bracelet in the My Devices tab in the My Devices section of the Myself tab.

The Honor Band 5 range settings are as follows:

Dials. The previous version of the fitness bracelet currently has a choice of 4 watch face options. There is much more choice for Honor Band 5. about 40 options.

Huawei TruSon. Enabling this feature maximizes your sleep analysis with breath analysis, diagnosis of 6 types of sleep problems, and tips for improving sleep from Harvard Medical School. Without TruSleep, the bracelet also monitors your sleep, but in this case you will only see the duration of your sleep, divided into light and deep stages. Turning on TruSleep increases the power consumption of the bracelet.

Reminder. When this option is enabled, the bracelet will vibrate every hour to remind you to stretch.

Continuous monitoring of heart rate. There are several modes for measuring heart rate:

  • One dimension. Measurement is triggered by a wristband.
  • “Smart Mode”. The bracelet automatically measures your heart rate based on your activity.
  • Real time mode. When this mode is enabled, the tracker measures the heart rate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing the most detailed data. But it is the operating mode that consumes the most energy.

Don’t worry When this mode is on, the screen does not turn on when you raise your hand, and the bracelet does not receive call and message notifications. You can set a Do Not Disturb schedule and select one of the Do Not Disturb scenarios.

Notifications (turn on notifications on the bracelet and select apps for which notifications are allowed).

Meteorological reports. To view the weather of the current day on the bracelet, you must enable this function and allow the application to access geodata.

Bluetooth disconnect notification. When you activate this function, the bracelet will alert you with vibration when the tracker and smartphone are turned off.

Function setting. In this section, you can change the order in which the function icons are displayed on the bracelet screen and delete those that are not used.

Activate the screen by lifting your wrist.

Switching joint. By enabling this function, you can change the interface by rotating your wrist.

Automatic download of service packages over Wi-Fi.

Updating the software.

How to connect Mi band 5

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fitness tracker is an updated version of the popular Xiaomi health trackers, presented in June 2020. A useful gadget helps to track physical activity, monitor the state of the cardiovascular system. But the device does not work without synchronizing the bracelet with the source. Therefore, the material is devoted to the specifics of pairing.

How to connect to the phone

Synchronizing a fitness bracelet with a smartphone is quite simple. The connection diagram does not depend on the brand or model. Samsung, Honor, Huawei, Xiaomi, iPhone pair with the fitness bracelet in the same way. To avoid errors and disconnect situations, we recommend not deviating from the specified sequence of actions:

  • Make sure the Mi Smart Band 5 has more than 50% charge.
  • Install the Mi Fit software utility. Activate Locate and Bluetooth Modes.
  • Run the program. Sign in with your Xiaomi account if you’ve registered before, or create a new account.
  • Agree to source location, access to wireless channels, and image and media libraries.
  • Go to the “Profile” tab, mark “Add device”. Select “Bracelet” in the dialog box. The inscription is located at the top of the list.
  • Allow the fitness tracker to collect performance data. Place the Band 5 next to your smartphone. Do not remove until the search for active devices is complete.
  • The bracelet will vibrate to inform you of pairing. Confirm the action by pressing the touch panel. The phone will display a corresponding prompt.
  • Next, Mi Fit will restore factory settings and basic parameters. As soon as the process is completed, the user will see a message on the screen that the fitness analyzer is ready for use.

The pairing procedure is complete. Connected smart watches are displayed in the Profile tab. By tapping on the name, the owner will go to setting parameters such as displaying notifications, changing the dial, displaying notifications and so on.

How to connect to laptop or computer

Some users of the Chinese fitness bracelet Mi Band 5 are thinking about how to synchronize the device with a personal PC or laptop. This can be done even though such devices are not designed to work with Windows. We offer two options.

In the first, emulators will help. special programs that create a virtual working environment.

VirtualBox, Bluestacks, Nox App Player simulate the illusion of an Android or iOS system on a computer. The user has access to functions like on a smartphone, including installing the Mi Fit utility.

We must not forget about the need for a Bluetooth adapter. If the module is not provided for by the computer design, it is worth purchasing it separately. Whether additional spending is reasonable, each person decides for himself.

For the second method, you do not need to purchase anything, but you will not be able to use the fifth Band in full. Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable. Set the connection type on the smartphone to “Data Transfer”. These actions will open access to the memory of the fitness analyzer. You won’t be able to manage the functionality.

First connection

The new Mi Band 5 is only used in conjunction with a phone. You won’t be able to use the device right out of the box. Even more, the gadget is in a “sleeping” state and does not respond to pressing the touch button. First of all, plug in the magnetic charging cable and connect to an outlet or PowerBank. The battery will restore energy reserves in 90 minutes.

While the smart watch is charging, you can prepare your smartphone for further setup. The manufacturer Xiaomi has developed a specialized application Mi Fit, which is necessary for the connection and customization of the functionality. Previously installed versions that were used to pair with previous Band iterations will not work.

Download the version for the fifth bracelet. This can be done directly from Google Play, the App Store, or by scanning the barcode from the packaging or instructions that came with the watch. The utility is supported by iOS-based iPhones and Android smartphones. To work successfully, you need an Android version older than 6.0 and iOS older than 10.0.

There are also alternative utilities, such as Master Band. The software is shareware. Some users might like it better. But we advise you to use Mi Fit, adapted for Xiaomi gadgets.

Huawei Honor Band 5 не запускается! Как привязать к телефону? NFS

Can’t sync

Users sometimes have problems pairing the fifth Mi Band tracker: the program cannot find a watch within range, the connection is cut off. Malfunctions, as well as methods for their elimination, were analyzed in detail in the relevant material. We advise you to read the article.

Connection to the source is necessary for the Mi Band 5 fitness tracker to carry out the tasks assigned by the manufacturer Xiaomi. The procedure for syncing with an iPhone or Android smartphone is the same. Connect with PC is possible thanks to the use of an emulator and a wireless adapter. The scheme of action is simple and clear, the owners should not have any questions.


Pairing the Honor Band 5 is easy enough. To do this, use the instruction:

  • Run the Health utility and activate Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  • Add a fitness bracelet on the main screen.
  • Click on the line with Honor Bend 5.
  • Find the line with the name “Pairing”.
  • We confirm the parameters, determine the geolocation and synchronize the data.
  • At the end of the page clicks on confirmation of the operation.
  • Checking the connection.

Tracker Running Edition Suitable for active people. With this option, you will be able to control the calories burned and keep track of the training time. Run fitness classes and keep track of your activity. Notifications notify about incoming SMS and calls. Stay connected regardless of where your phone is located.


  • open the utilities “Health”;
  • in the list we are looking for the item “Sending data;
  • press the key marked “Google fit”;
  • confirm the operation and go to your account.

Connecting Honor Band 5 to the phone


If you have purchased Xiaomi equipment, then download the program from Huawei. After starting the program, we carry out confirmation. Next, we fill out a full application form and fill in the information. Try to fill in all the lines. We connect two elements via Bluetooth. In the new list, click on Honor Band 5.

Что делать если Honor Band 5 не хочет СОПРЯГАТЬСЯ с телефоном?

How to connect the Honor Band 5 bracelet to the phone: pairing instructions

Not sure how to connect Honor Band 5 to your phone? Smart watches are a cool gadget for everyday use. The device contains many useful options. The sensor monitors health parameters, reads the pulse and determines the number of steps taken. In addition, the watch shows the quality of sleep and is able to prevent health problems. Turn on the alarm and forget about being late. Watch the weather right from your watch. They must be worn on the hand at all times. In this case, they will be able to warn of problems with blood pressure and dizziness. Do not put your Smart Watch away even when you sleep. The soft bracelet does not crush and is practically not felt on the hand. Immediately after purchase, you need to connect the gadget to your mobile phone. The instruction will help you understand the issue. Follow the steps to get the result.

How to pair with other phones?

The smart bracelet is connected to various mobile devices. Use on Samsung, Xiaomi or Huawei. Be sure to pair before starting work. For troubleshooting, take a look at quick tips.

How to charge a fitness bracelet Mi Band 5

Before using the purchased bracelet for the first time, it is advisable to fully charge the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 so that the connection and setup process is not interrupted at the most inopportune moment. The gadget is charged using a magnetic charger that comes with the bracelet. To charge Mi Band 5, connect the charger to the back of the device (the charging will “stick” on its own), and then connect the cable to the USB port to start the process of restoring the battery charge.

Of course, you only need to connect the cable to those devices from which the bracelet can be charged. These include standard portable power supplies, personal computers, laptops, as well as external batteries from the Xiaomi ecosystem. The charging process can be monitored using the indicator on the bracelet. When the battery is full, a corresponding message will appear.

Important: The maximum current for charging the Mi Band 5 bracelet is 250 mA. Some Power Bank models are not capable of charging devices with such low power consumption, so we recommend using Xiaomi power banks. In this regard, they are universal.

How to connect and configure the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 bracelet: instructions in Russian

Global versions of Xiaomi fitness bracelets are most often completed with manuals in English and Russian, however, the accompanying instructions usually provide the most basic information (for example, safety rules for use). Detailed settings for gadgets are described very rarely, which is why users are forced to search for detailed descriptions of the functionality on the Internet. We try to publish such instructions to the best of our ability. For example, today we will tell you how to charge and connect the Mi Band 5 bracelet to the phone, as well as describe how to set up Xiaomi Mi Band 5, paying attention to each important option.

How to customize the Mi Band 5 bracelet: manage reminders and notifications

Xiaomi engineers and designers paid a lot of attention to this aspect, making the management of SMS and other messages (including those arriving in social networks) as convenient as possible. Earlier, we even mentioned this during the comparison of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 and Honor Band 5.

Next, we will tell you how to set up Xiaomi Mi Band 5 in order to receive notifications and reminders in an extremely comfortable format. All actions are performed through the Mi Fit interface.

  • Incoming calls. To display information about incoming calls on the fitness bracelet, go to the “Incoming call” tab and allow access to the phone. Next, it remains to configure the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 options for displaying information about calls (for example, contact data) and the bracelet’s response parameters when calls are received (delay and many other options).
  • SMS messages and notifications from specific applications. Informing about these messages and parameters of their displaying is quite easy to configure in the sections “Incoming SMS” and “Notifications”. The user just needs to decide on the appropriate parameters and save the selected settings.
  • Warm-up reminders. The option is relevant for people who are often in a sitting position. In active mode, the program analyzes the movements of the wearer of the bracelet and reminds of the advisability of a warm-up during a prolonged immobility. The user has the right to choose the duration of the function and even set the interval for its temporary shutdown. All the options you need to control your activity are in the Warm Up Reminders menu.
  • Goal notifications. Motivational function that allows you to form goals and receive reports on the progress of achieving them. To select the desired task, you need to go to the “Profile” menu, select “Set goals” and specify the required parameters. When the desired result is achieved, a corresponding notification will appear on the gadget.

You can change the settings at any convenient time. provided that the device is synchronized with a smartphone.

How to connect Mi Band 5 to the phone

After charging is complete (it is desirable to achieve 100% filling of the battery charge), you can start synchronizing the bracelet and smartphone. Next, we will tell you step by step how to connect Mi Band 5 to the phone.

Important: before connecting Mi Band 5, it is advisable to disable other similar gadgets (if any were tied to a smartphone). If this is not done, then they will be untied automatically, and all data will be transferred exclusively between Mi Band 5 and the phone. This applies to both the statistical information collected by the bracelet and the notifications that come to the smartphone.

After completing all the above steps, all that remains is to select the “Try” option, wait for the gadget’s firmware update and start using it.

Important: keep your devices nearby while installing the latest firmware. This is necessary to speed up updates and prevent software failures due to insufficiently reliable communication.

If you have additional questions or misunderstandings on how to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 5 to your phone, watch the video. There is a similar instruction in a more descriptive format.

How to set up Xiaomi Mi Band 5: installing and changing watch faces

Competent setting of the interface allows you to optimize the process of using the bracelets and significantly speed up access to certain functions, schedules and various options. In this section, we will tell you how to customize the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 using the downloaded and preinstalled versions of the watch faces.

Next to the “Store” tab is the “Administrator” section. There are stored selected watch faces, available for use at any convenient time. To install a specific option, select it and activate the sync option. Next, you need to wait until the download of the watch face to the smartphone is completed and its transfer to the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet using the Bluetooth protocol.

On the considered model of the Xiaomi bracelet, by default there are 3 dials that support the quick setting options. To set up the Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet, you need to select a specific watch face, then press on it while holding your finger for a few seconds. After that, an image of a gear will appear on the screen. You need to click on it, thereby opening access directly to the display settings. Next, it remains to select the parameters for displaying the required statistics or functions of the bracelet.

During the setup process, you can change the display options for the top and bottom areas of the screen. Here you can set the step count, heart rate, battery charge display, weather data, and other statistics. How to set up Mi Band 5 is up to the user to decide. All of the above values ​​are displayed immediately after setting the appropriate settings. At the same time, after clicking on a specific area, the bracelet will automatically redirect the owner to detailed statistics for the selected parameter.

How to set up Xiaomi Mi Band 5: camera and player control

With Mi Band 5, you can control the camera shutter of the tethered phone. To activate the function, you need to look at the “Laboratory” section, activate Bluetooth and launch the application for controlling the camera (preinstalled or downloaded. no difference). The last step is to activate the camera on the bracelet display. The required function is in the “Camera” section (you can go through the “Advanced” menu).

You can use the player in the same way, and it is even easier to set up music control via Mi Band 5. First, you need to turn on any audio player on your smartphone and select the Playlist. Then you need to turn on the music section on the fitness bracelet. After that, you can freely stop and start tracks, switch them and change the volume. Of course, setting up the Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet for independent playback will not work in any way (due to the lack of speakers in the device’s design), but the ability to manage the phone’s Playlist will become a useful and convenient function for music lovers.

How to set up a fitness bracelet Mi Band 5: functions for tracking physical indicators

There are two functions in this category. The first is heart rate monitoring. Its parameters can be set on the tab of the same name in Mi Fit. In the presence of the possibility of constant monitoring of the level of activity and stress. There are also options for setting the heart rate measurement and sending notifications in case of prolonged inactivity or reaching a certain heart rate value.

The second function is sleep monitoring. It allows you to track your sleep time and quality. The selection of the necessary settings is carried out in the “Smart Analysis” section (located in the “Profile” menu). Active people and athletes will also be interested in the “Training parameters” option located in the main settings of the application.

We answer the most frequent questions about the new smart bracelet Honor Band 6

In Russia, the sale of the smart bracelet Honor Band 6 began. We have studied what our (and not only) readers ask about most of all, and now we answer the most frequent questions.

Honor Band 6 is a smartwatch or fitness bracelet?

Something in between. Judging by the screen size (1.47 “diagonal), the model is closer to a smartwatch. For comparison, the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE have a screen diagonal of 1.57”. The difference is minimal. Therefore, on the Honor Band 6 it is convenient to read messages and notifications, and the dials contain a lot of useful information. However, there is no way to install third-party apps and answer calls. In this regard, the device is closer to bracelets. But it also works on battery much longer than a full-fledged smart watch.

How much does the device cost?

The bracelet comes with a USB charging cable, instructions and a warranty card. No power adapter included (for charging, you need any charger with a standard USB output or a computer with a corresponding connector).

Huawei Honor Band 4 full setup II What and how can he?

What’s new compared to the previous model?

The main difference is, of course, the much larger screen. But it is also important that due to the increase in the size of the case, the manufacturer was able to equip the model with a more capacious battery, so it lasts longer than the Honor Band 5. 8-9 days with active use versus 6 days for the previous generation.

Is it possible to download additional watch faces on the bracelet?

Yes, this is done through the Health app. Only a few dials are installed in the bracelet itself, but in the mobile application there are many times more of them. at the time of testing we counted 85. And yes, most of them are free.

Is it possible to put the photo I took on the dial of the bracelet?

Yes, and this is done very easily. again via a smartphone app. On the device page in “Health”, click on “Dials”, in the menu that opens, we see the Gallery dial. We select it, we see a miniature empty window with a plus at the bottom, click on it, select any picture from the smartphone’s gallery, crop it with the built-in tool (this is elementary) and load it. You will have to wait a few seconds when loading.

Is there a difference between the watch faces in terms of battery consumption?

The Honor Band 6 uses an AMOLED screen. One of the features of this technology is that the black image on it practically does not consume electricity at all. Therefore, the most economical dials are those with a lot of black background. If you use your photo, then, rather, the consumption will be slightly faster. But the screen is not the most energy-consuming element of a wearable device, if you do not turn it on all the time. So you shouldn’t deny yourself the pleasure of walking with the dial you like, especially when you consider that the bracelet lasts more than a week on a single charge.

What smartphones is the Band 6 compatible with? Which application to install?

The Honor Band 6 can be paired with Android and iOS devices. At any time, the bracelet can be paired with only one smartphone or tablet. The device is synchronized via Bluetooth with the Health app. But not all features are available on iOS (see below for more on this).

I have to leave the house, and the bracelet is dead. How long does it take to charge it so that it works at least until the evening?

Five minutes will be enough. And if you find 15 minutes, then the device will charge more than half. So you don’t have to worry about it for the next few days.

No. But during outdoor workouts, Honor Band 6 connects to a smartphone and takes data from its GPS, thanks to which a track will then appear in the Health app.

How to start an outdoor workout if the bracelet cannot see GPS?

Yes, we noticed such a problem: often the bracelet simply cannot receive data from the smartphone and asks to move to a place where there is no interference with GPS reception (although this was such a place). It turned out that the problem is solved quite simply: you need to open the mobile application and synchronize it with the bracelet.

How to teach the bracelet to automatically start a walk-in-the-street workout when I leave the house?

In the device settings in the Health application, there is an option to automatically detect a workout. Works primarily for walking (but also automatically recognizes running, rowing machine, elliptical machine, etc.). Convenient if you need to travel fairly long distances and like to walk at a brisk pace. Then the bracelet will not only record steps, but will regard it as training.

What types of workouts does the bracelet support??

  • running on the street
  • treadmill
  • walking in the street
  • bicycle riding
  • exercise bike
  • swimming in the pool
  • walking
  • rowing machine
  • ellipse
  • free workout

Can the bracelet automatically track sleep?

Yes, it is automatically that he does it. You don’t have to press anything before going to bed. But there is one caveat: if you sleep for less than three hours, then a detailed analysis of sleep phases will not be available.

I slept more than the bracelet shows on the graph. Where did the discrepancy come from and how to fix it?

Most likely, you slept for more hours, but woke up and performed some actions that the bracelet considered to be a full awakening. In this case, further sleep will be recorded as daytime, and the application will not take it into account in the nighttime sleep schedule. However, if you scroll down the “Sleep” section in the “Health” application, then you will see the “Daytime sleep” item, and the duration of your “additional” sleep will be indicated there (albeit without details).

The bracelet has a function for measuring the amount of oxygen in the blood. Why is it needed, how to carry it out correctly and what value will be the norm?

The oxygen level in the blood is an important indicator of health, reflecting primarily the function of the lungs. In the case of pneumonia of any origin (including coronavirus), the lungs are affected and cannot supply oxygen to the blood adequately. A medical device called a pulse oximeter, which is worn on a finger, normally reads from 95% to 98%. If the value is below 90%, this is oxygen starvation, which requires hospitalization of the patient.

In the case of fitness bracelets and smartwatches, measurements are taken on the outside of the wrist, about an inch above the bone. In this case, the strap must be tightened tightly enough, but not excessively, so that the hand does not squeeze. During the measurement, you need to put your hand palm down and sit still. Then the result will be more or less believable. Each manual measurement takes 10-15 seconds. It is important to understand that smart gadgets are not medical devices, so their results should not be taken as a diagnosis. Rather, they can become an additional reason to see a doctor in case of repeated results below normal (i.e. below 95%). Results above 98% should not cause alarm.

Why am I not receiving all notifications??

Check in the device settings in the “Health” application if all types of notifications have the levers moved to the active side.

I do not see some of the features advertised in the menu. Why?

Perhaps because you are using an iOS smartphone. For them, for example, remote camera control, female cycle tracking and music control are not available. The maximum possibilities will be in conjunction with the Honor smartphone running the Magic UI shell.