How to connect headphones to your smartphone

Check volume levels for all applications

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If you’ve verified that your wired headphones are fully compatible with your phone, but you don’t hear sound when you connect them, check the volume level for apps.

Your Andoroid phone allows you to adjust the volume for certain types of applications individually, you may have your phone set the volume very low for music playback and that’s why you can’t hear the sound.

Try making a call on your phone with the earbuds plugged in, if you still don’t hear sound, you should check that your phone is working properly. There is a problem with the audio jack or the microcircuit that operates with the sound in the phone.

Make sure the phone recognizes the headphone connection

Usually when you connect headphones, a headphone icon appears on top of your phone. If the device does not connect, it is very likely that the audio jack on your phone is defective.

If there is a possibility, connect other earphones to the phone. If at connection of different earphones the phone doesn’t give out the sound on them and there is no icon of headphones, it means that for some reason the phone doesn’t recognize the fact of connection of earphones and doesn’t give out the sound in the audio jack.

If there is a chance that the error is software-based, try rebooting your phone. If it does not help, most likely, error is hardware and phone needs to be taken to the service center for diagnostics.

How to connect a wireless Bluetooth headset to your Samsung phone

The mobile devices of the famous South Korean manufacturer allow you to listen to music or other content through a modern Bluetooth headset. To do this, you need to properly connect wireless headphones to your Samsung phone and enjoy great sound. Communication with the smartphone is provided by radio channel, which has good stability, stability and interference immunity.

How to Connect Wireless TWS Headphones to Your Phone via Bluetooth

Wireless headphones have continued to actively displace outdated wires ever since Apple released the first iPhone without 3.5 mm jack.

Despite all the disadvantages of wired headphones, they have one big advantage. even a 3-year-old child can connect them to a smartphone. But with wireless headphones sometimes even experienced smartphone users can not cope.

In this short instruction, we’ll explain how to connect any wireless headphones to your phone, and then provide a detailed commentary.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to an Android phone the standard way-step-by-step instructions

Charge your wireless headphones. If you are using TWS headphones that come with a charging case, check to make sure it is charged. This is usually indicated by the corresponding LED indicator.

Before connecting, remove the headphones from the housing. For full-size or in-ear headphones, you can skip this step.

Step 3 Put the device in search mode so that your smartphone can find it. For example, to connect wireless Redmi AirDots, you need to hold down the buttons on both headphones until they turn off completely (you’ll hear a beep). Then hold down both buttons to turn the headphones on, and for a short time after that, until both lights turn white.

Note: To find out how to put your specific model of wireless headphones into search mode, refer to the user manual or visit the manufacturer’s website.

Open the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone by holding your finger on the corresponding icon in the notification bar.

Activate the switch next to Enable Bluetooth.

Your wireless headphones appear under Available Devices. Click on them to start the connection

Select the Allow access to contacts and call log checkbox. You can also turn off the device here (this will allow you to accept incoming calls) and tap Accept.

Step 8 The headphones appear in the Paired Devices section. It will also display the battery level and current status, such as active and connected.

Select the paired device from the list to open advanced settings. A menu will appear where you can specify whether to use the headphones for calls and music playback. You can also turn off your device here.

How to connect headphones to a new or different phone, iPhone, laptop?

While using wireless Bluetooth headphones (regular, or split TWS), sometimes you need to connect the headphones to another phone, laptop, or PC. Or to a new device. For example, to your iPhone. And sometimes there are some difficulties with this, because the headphones continue to connect to the old device automatically after you turn it on, or remove it from the case. And another device, or a new smartphone does not see them.

To connect Bluetooth headphones to another device, you must remove (forget) the headphones on the old device to which they are currently connected. Or just activate the connection mode on the headphones and pair them with a new phone, laptop, etc. д. Once you disconnect the headphones from the device, they will automatically go into connectivity mode and are available to connect on your new device. This is how it works on Android, on iPhones, on Windows computers, etc. д.

Connecting a wired headset

Connecting headphones to your phone is easy. Examine your phone. In most cases you will only find two connectors on its case:

  • micro-USB. this connector is used for most phone operations. charging and data transfer, it is not needed for headphones;
  • 3.5 mm mini-jack. this is the required acoustic jack, a line output, to which you can connect headphones or a simple stereo pair. front speakers, stationary or portable.

In some cases, the phone has a separate charger input. Which of the jacks has this functionality, you probably already know. If not, read the user manual. it describes the design of your smartphone in detail, usually on one of the first pages.

To make your headset work, simply plug it into the appropriate line output. The cell phone will immediately detect the connection and start outputting sound to the headphones. If a headset is used, sound reception will also be transferred from the built-in microphone to the connected headset.

Where to Start

  • Plug headphones into a 3.5mm jack or USB Type-C adapter.
  • Once detected, an icon with full-sized “ears” will appear in the status bar. The presence of a microphone in the image indicates its location on the headset.

Older smartphones may not support four-pin audio jacks, rendering the microphone and its button inactive.

There is a separate article on how to connect and configure wireless models which can be found here.

The music volume can be adjusted with the mechanical buttons on the smartphone, headphones, using a voice assistant or a smart watch.

How to enable and adjust the equalizer

Connected headphones play sound in the “default” mode, relying on the phone’s standard preset. Change settings through the system’s built-in player or downloaded equalizer. As an example, consider Square Sound, pre-installed in a smartphone from Meizu and running through the Yandex app.Music:

  • On the main page there are presets that add surround sound, powerful bass, betting on a clear voice or live music. settings are hidden in the additional menu.
  • Here include a basic equalizer, choose from ready-made profiles or create your own.

Regarding the equalizer. it is divided into 3-10 frequency bands, which adjust the range of each, amplifying low, high or medium frequencies. The overlay depends on the genre of music you’re listening to.

Regarding Play Store apps, Equalizer FX stands out from the crowd. It has :

Once the app is turned on, it converts all outgoing audio from the device, including video tracks or incoming calls.

Connecting wireless headphones to Android

In order to connect wireless headphones to the phone there is nothing difficult, but users are constantly faced with the following problems: the device does not find the headset, only one ear works, after synchronization the sound “fails”. The following will tell you how to connect the Bluetooth headphones correctly and how to solve the problem.

How To Connect Wireless Headphones to IPhone (2019)

The way to properly connect your device via Bluetooth

First, let’s look at the Bluetooth headphone connection sequence to rule out user errors:

  • Activate the connection mode on the headphones. On the earbuds, you do this by pressing the power button on the case. For wireless split earbuds, press the button on the case or the buttons on the earbuds themselves. The indicator light (white or blue) should light up.
  • Pair the devices. Lower the curtain on your smartphone screen, tap the Bluetooth 2s icon to bring up the wireless menu. Search for possible connections in the vicinity. Click on the name of the headset in the list.

Important! Some TWS models bind together automatically when removed from the case, while others only bind together when the buttons are pressed simultaneously. If you do not do this, the pairing will not happen or will play one headphone.