How To Connect Harper Headphones To A Phone

Choosing headphones in the budget category, the buyer is rarely able to easily decide on this issue. In most of the presented models with an affordable price tag, at best, the sound is of medium quality. But this does not apply to Harper acoustics. Despite belonging to the middle price segment, the devices are created using modern technologies and developments. High-quality devices are distinguished by a really good sound.


Harper mainly produces wireless devices that differ in weight, color, and sound. What unites them is that everyone is charged via a USB cable, they work stably and sound high-quality. This is enough for increased consumer demand.

All Harper headphones are headsets. The microphone is not of the best quality, so it’s better to talk in a secluded place. When you are on the street, especially in windy weather, it is likely that the interlocutor in a telephone conversation will not understand speech that is heard through the headset.

Wired headphones are distinguished by the work without interacting with any third-party programs and modules. They can be used as a telephone headset with all devices that support this function (and in the absence of Bluetooth).

How to Connect Harper Headphones to a Phone

In general, models deserve attention and are worth the money. Each has certain advantages and disadvantages. When deciding on a purchase, it is important to familiarize yourself with them in more detail.

The lineup. KIDS HV-104

Wired in-ear headphones are designed for children, so they are simple and practical to use. The sound quality will satisfy even a true music lover. The model is made in bright colors and minimalistic design. Five color options are offered: white, pink, blue, orange and green. There are white inserts on the microphone and the socket on the headphone. Managed with just one button.


Wireless stereo headset with integrated microphone. There are no wires in the model. Reliable pairing with devices provides Bluetooth 5.0. The high-capacity lithium-polymer battery 400 mAh provides a fast charge, which is enough for continuous listening for 2-3 hours. A mobile unit with a battery also serves as a stylish and convenient case for storing and transporting headphones. During a phone call, they switch to mono mode. an active earphone works.

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Hv 303

Stereo headphones with enhanced moisture protection that do not need to be hidden in the rain. Desperate athletes and avid music lovers can jog even in bad weather. The sports headphones of this model have a flexible occipital arch that easily takes the shape of a head.

Can be used as a headset. Incoming call control is carried out using a special function key. The low weight of the headphones allows you to wear them on your head for a long time without feeling any discomfort. Excellent reproduce low frequencies.

HB 203

Full-size headphone model with advanced functionality. Connects to devices via Bluetooth or an audio cable with a mini-jack connector supplied. There is a built-in radio with auto-tuning. The special speaker design makes this headset a great option for those who like juicy bass.

The HB 203 is distinguished by the presence of a music player that reads tracks with microSD up to 32 GB and a directional microphone. The cost of headphones with such features is affordable for many. The model is comfortable thanks to the folding design.

The disadvantages include signal instability during wireless pairing with the source. In addition, the device can operate continuously for no more than 6 hours, and at minus temperatures the time indicator is significantly reduced.

Hv 805

A model with a bionic design, created specifically for devices based on Android and iOS, but interfaced with other gadgets. It is characterized by good, soft sound with predominantly high-quality bass. The in-ear headphones are small and lightweight, which allows you to place them even in a small pocket.

The ear pads fit snugly to your ears, creating a feeling of vacuum and protection from external noise. It is possible to enable and rewind tracks. The cable is reliably protected by a strong silicone braid.

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The disadvantages of the model are the periodic tangling of the cable and the fact that the control panel only works in conjunction with smartphones iOS and Android.

Hn 500

Universal folding Hi-Fi headphones with a microphone, featuring high detail and high-quality reproduction of different frequencies. A great option for listening to not only music from a mobile device, but also as an intermediary for watching a movie from a TV or when playing on a PC. Manufacturers attached a removable cable to this model and equipped it with a volume control.

The headband and cup body are finished with high-quality textiles. Foldable design involves transporting the headphones in a pocket or storage case. The thick cable is hidden in a rubber elastic braid with a microphone. It is not tangled and is resistant to damage.

Among the shortcomings, there is a deterioration in sound quality by 80% of the maximum volume and lack of low frequencies.

HB 407

Over-ear stereo headphones with Bluetooth and pairing. A multifunctional device that is convenient to operate due to its ergonomics and low weight.

Powered by a built-in battery for 8 hours. When fully discharged, the HB 407 batteries will continue to play tracks through a wired connection.

The advantages include a special connector on the housing for connecting an additional pair of headphones. There is the possibility of simultaneously pairing the headphones with two mobile devices.

The charge level is determined using the warning indicator. The headband can be easily adjusted. This is convenient if several people use the headphones.

How to choose?

The choice of headphones depends primarily on the budget and purpose. For example, for sports, music lovers do not fit overhead ear pads. Even with low weight, such Harper models do not sit securely on their heads. With sharp movements and intense actions, it will be better to keep special devices for sports. Preferably, moisture protection is present and there are no tangled wires.

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For children and adults, headphones differ in the size of the rim, ear pads and earbuds. Also, children’s models have a more cheerful design and low weight. Adults put forward more demands on the sound and need protection from the penetration of noise from the outside.

Some consumer categories are looking for wireless headphones that support quality phone calls. Young mothers, disabled people or, conversely, engaged in man-made labor, seek to free their hands from phones. The presence of a high-quality microphone is a real find for them. Therefore, everyone chooses a headset to their taste and needs.

How to connect?

Before you connect Bluetooth headphones to your Android phone and start using them, you need to enable them. The device requires a full charge before making the first turn on. Some models have a charge indicator, but on most headsets it is not. therefore users should count on a certain time of work and timely recharge devices.

Establish a wireless connection via Bluetooth.

  • Place the audio device and smartphone at a distance of no more than 10 meters from each other (some models allow a radius of up to 100 m).
  • Open “Settings” and find the option “Connected devices”. Click on the “Bluetooth” tab.
  • Put the slider in the “On” position and click on the name of the device to make a wireless connection. The device will remember the paired device and in the future there will be no need to select it again in the menu settings.

The method is suitable for connecting wireless headphones to phones Samsung, Xiaomi and any other brands running on Android. Bluetooth discharges the smartphone, so it’s better to turn off this feature if it’s not relevant.

When reconnecting, you need to turn on the device and Bluetooth on the smartphone and place the devices close to each other. the connection will happen automatically. In order not to open the “menu” tab when reconnecting, Bluetooth is easier to turn on through the screen, swiping the shutter up and down.