How to Connect External Speakers to a TV

Sometimes the sound from the built-in speakers when watching movies is not enough. How to connect the speakers to the TV to make the sound louder? Consider the main nuances in the connection.

Active equipment connection

The design of the television apparatus does not have enough space to establish decent speakers. Therefore, in most cases, it’s enough to connect any external device that allows you to play sound, and you will immediately notice the difference. It can even be equipment from a personal computer or laptop. Therefore, the question of how to connect computer speakers will be the same answer as for other equipment of the active type.

Additional external active speakers connect to any TV. Immediately it is worth noting. they are connected to the TV using a specially located jack. Such equipment is called active because an additional powerful amplifier is installed in it. It is available in any active speaker system, even in computer speakers.

This allows for an easier connection option, since such large and small speakers do not require an amplifier. They are powered through a regular network, so no additional connections are also required. What is convenient. external speakers to the TV can be connected directly without adapters and other devices.

The panel on the back of the TV has many different sockets, but to understand which ones are needed, they must be signed. Therefore, it’s enough to understand English a little and everything becomes clear. Thanks to the established marking, it is possible to determine without any problems for what purpose each of the inputs is provided.

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To connect computer speakers to a television device or any other, find the audio jacks that are red and white. This is a generally accepted rule and does not change in different TV models, so it helps not to get confused. You need jacks marked Audio-R, which are white, and Audio-L, whose color is red.

How to Connect External Speakers to a TV

Speakers that can be connected to the TV, whether it is computer equipment or an independent speaker system, will need to be connected through special round sockets. The diameter of these nests will be 3.5 millimeters. They are also called TRS or “mini jack”. You can understand how faithful the jack you have found by the installed headphone icon, which is mandatory for each system and configuration.

As for the TV, that the computer should have the same jack, which allows you to understand how to connect any of the speakers selected for the operation of these devices.

On old-style televisions, manufacturers arrange special “tulip” connectors instead of the small one, like flat screens. To connect devices to them, you need to connect the conclusions of the corresponding acoustic equipment. If the system does not have the required output, then you can use the adapter supplied with the sound equipment.

We connect passive units

The difference between passive and active systems is the lack of power amplifiers. Is it possible to connect such equipment to the TV from a cable or not? First, you need to connect passive speakers to the selected amplifier. And he, in turn, is connected directly to the TV.

Be sure to check the following nuance. according to the specification, the power parameter of the amplifier must be at least 30% of the same speaker parameter. And the wire for them should be selected so that its cross-sectional area is at least 1 square centimeter. However, the thicker the cable is selected, the higher the reliability of the connection.

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Also check the output impedance of the amplifier. It should be nominal, and this parameter should correspond to the resistance of the speakers from a home theater or other device. The polarity parameter is also observed, namely, the left channel must be connected to the left column, while the right channel must be included in the corresponding socket of the right column. If you do not take this parameter into account and do the opposite, the sound level will be slightly worse.

When it is necessary to connect a stereo system consisting of several passive-type speakers, a special AV-class receiver is used for connection, for which an additional cable will be required. This is one of the easiest ways to connect speakers to your TV.

Another option, how to connect the speakers to the LCD TV correctly, is possible using the HDMI connector. With it, you can get a much better sound, so if it is available, it is better to make a connection through it.

Connecting speakers to a TV through a tape recorder or radio

If a music center or other music device is located next to the TV, then you can consider another option, how to connect the TV to the speakers, which will give a very decent sound.

To do this, we connect both devices with a cable. a TV and a tape recorder, a radio tape recorder, a music center. And the device for sound output is connected to the speakers.

The connection is made with the cable used with the tape recorder through the aforementioned “tulip” or TRS jacks. If you can’t connect the devices to each other, most likely you need to use an adapter. Note that the audio signal is output from the TV, so the connection is to the connector responsible for the output, marked with the mark OUT. Accordingly, the cable must be connected to the radio or center via the input connector. In order not to get confused in the location of the “input” and “output”, use the instructions that came with the devices.

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Connecting equipment to a small stereo system

If the sound quality from the tape recorder did not suit you very much, then you can use a compact system to connect, consisting, for example, of a pair of speakers and a subwoofer. The sound output will be slightly better than using a standard tape recorder. True, the sound will still be worse than when using a composite stereo system. In fact, this is an average option, although quite popular, especially among young people who usually use relatively inexpensive equipment.

Connection is made through the Scart connector installed on the rear panel of the device. For these purposes, a tulip adapter, or a mini-jack, is perfect. True, improving the audio signal when viewing analog channels with this option cannot be achieved. Errors in any case remain.

Of course, you can leave everything as it is and not connect the speakers to the TV through various devices. But this is a very exciting activity, which allows you to get more pleasure from watching not only movies and sports programs, in which the sound is surround by default, but also ordinary programs that are so often broadcast on the screen.