How To Connect Dvd To Smart Tv

Before deciding on the final model of a DVD player, before buying it is worth looking at the user manual or looking at the available connectors on the TV panel. The player comes with a cable for connecting to a TV. A common case is the acquisition of equipment from different manufacturers, and the types of connectors may vary. In this case, the question may arise, how to connect dvd to the TV, if the devices are of different generations.

How to Connect DVD to Smart TV

Connection Methods

Despite the fact that many modern TVs can directly connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, playing files via DVD is still very common. The scheme of its connection to the TV display is not the same. The peculiarity of connecting hardware elements is connected with different connectors, their configuration and quantity. Depending on the outputs for the wires, their comparability in technology, the most optimal method is selected, in which it is possible to ensure high-quality signal reproduction. So, we will consider the methods allowing to connect a dvd player.

  1. One such way is A / V cable connection. It is a cord with three tips of different colors, which are inserted each into a specific DVD and TV jack with the same color. The red and white plug is responsible for transmitting the audio signal, yellow for transmission. Such a connector is also called a “tulip”, and the method of connecting it is the most common.
  2. Using an HDMI cable, allowing to transmit, high-quality audio signals. This connector is very similar to USB, but much thinner and has a longer cord, which provides more options for the placement of equipment. This method of connecting DVD to the TV is the most modern.
  3. You can connect digital equipment throughScartwires. This is the easiest way to connect. The cable has single terminals with contacts in two rows. On the one hand, the connector is indicated by a down arrow, which means receiving a signal, on the other hand, an outward arrow, which indicates an outgoing signal. SCART collects less interference than any other type of wire.
  4. Compound bonding allows you to get a better signal than with an A / V wire, but worse than connecting via HDMI. The DVD player transmits the signal through the S-output, and the sound through the connection of “tulips”. How to connect DVD to play in this way? It is necessary to make a cable connection, consisting of five connectors: green, blue, red is responsible for, the rest for audio.
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Device Collaboration Rules

The connected DVD player should be in close proximity to the TV, but do not put equipment on top of each other, to prevent overheating. If the wire that is in the kit cannot be connected to the screen due to the mismatch of the connectors, you can take a photo of the output of digital devices to purchase a suitable tool for connecting them.

It can be adapters or a new cable.

To connect a dividend to a Samsung TV, you can use both an HDMI cable and an RCA wire, it all depends on the novelty of the model of technology. For modern plasma or LED TVs, they use modern cables that transmit the highest quality image and sound. In older models, even a brand such as Samsung, ordinary “tulips” can be used.

It’s convenient to launch a DVD with a TV using remote control. For these purposes, on 2 remotes, you must press or TV / AV. After the static menu appears, select the desired action in the player, and start playback. If you want to be able to control both devices from one remote control, purchase and configure a universal remote control.

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For high-quality watching movies from DVD discs, you need good sound. If your TV is not too powerful speakers, then this issue is completely solved by connecting various speakers. In particular, the TV soundbar will be an excellent choice: this compact device will significantly expand the sound capabilities and allow you to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your favorite films.