How to connect diamond headphones via Bluetooth. How to connect one headphone to the phone

How to synchronize wireless headphones?

Wireless headphones are one of the most convenient inventions of mankind. No need to worry about the untangling of the wire, which in the forms perfect nodes. A broken or torn wire can cause a device to throw out or master the soldering skills. However, wireless gadgets have nuances. For example, for normal operation, the headphones need to synchronize and configure the conjugation.

The conjugation of wireless headphones is carried out through Bluetooth. In this case, the left and right ears at the first connection send signals to one another. This helps them determine the time required to exchange data. Analysis may be difficult if the mating interferes with extraneous signals or noise. When the gadget makes the necessary calculations, it will share the incoming signal between the left and right channels in half.

In any pair of wireless devices there is the main. Usually the role of the receiving signal is played by the right headphone. Because of this, the leading ear is discharged a little faster, because in addition to the main function, it instantly transfers information to the led, most often left-wing, headphone. For music or other sounds to sound synchronously, the main device reproduces a signal with a slight delay.

How to make headphones together with each other

There is a standard instruction on how to “make friends” with each other. The pairing of the headphones is as follows:

  • We turn on one of the “ears”: that the device is online, a characteristic flashing will say.
  • We turn on the second headphone.
  • The last step. twice quickly click on the power button. If the headphones are connected to each other. after this procedure, a light signal will light up and disappear.

Contents of delivery

The headphones are packed in a white box of thick cardboard, and additionally. in film.

  • Headphones.
  • USB. Micro-USB charging cable.
  • AUX cable for wired connection to the sound source.
  • Manual.

The packaging has information about the capabilities of the device, its manufacturer, as well as the main specifications.

Design, materials

Unlike conservative BH-11, five versions of the color are available here at once: black, green, blue, pink, white.

We had a gadget with a white body of soft-tach plastic, which, however, the color of the ivory, the colors of the ivory, were on the view. However, the pink version is also closer to red, and in this color the headphones look better.

Unlike the BH-11, the headline of which is completely covered with eco-sunshine, here it is plastic, composed of several elements: a central arc with a soft insert at the place of fit to the head, and two tints attached to the hinges, on which cups with claws are held.

In a folded state, the ends “break” into the arc, and the inner surface of one of the cups lies on the outer second. Not the most compact solution, but simple and reliable. Models with rotary cups somehow do not inspire confidence too much.

The hinges are attached to the retractable metal brackets, with the help of which the length of the headline is easy to fit under any head size.

Both the arc itself and the reaches are quite wide, the latter are generally embossed discs, only slightly different in size from the cups themselves, which, by the way, like in the BH-11, contain 40 mm dynamics.

How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones to Smartphone and PC or Tablet at the Same Time!

The discs are not the same: on the lateral surface of the left in front are the Micro-USB charging connector, a slot for an SD card, a microphone neckline and, a little below-a wire connection connector for AUX.

At the back there are four buttons with which you can turn on the headphones, control the volume, switch the track or take an incoming call.

If we talk about the design in general, then it is more vivid, hatching and definitely designed for young people. Although these headphones cannot be called gaming and there is a real madness of forms and colors there.

over, most of the colors are quite suitable for both the guy and the girl.

As for comfort, the landing is reliable, but does not cause inconvenience. Eco-leather is generally one of the best materials for outpatessors of budget models, so even with prolonged use the ears do not suffer.

Design, materials

The developers did not wise and chose the most common form of a small oval casket for the charger case.

Four versions of the coloring of soft-tach plastic: black, dark blue, white, pink are offered to choose from. We had a black device.

The case cover is rather thin, without an unnecessary volume, in a closed state is fixed with a latch. The loop is thorough, reliable, and to fear that it will fall off, you do not have to.

At the back on the side surface of the case is a micro-USB nest for connecting a charger. The manufacturer’s logo flaunts on the lid, and there is nothing more remarkable from the outside.

But inside. there is: in addition to the nests for headphones, there is an indicator of the charge of the case of the Case of four LEDs.

The headphones themselves are also decorated quite simply: the oval hull with a sensory side surface and an emitter, separated by a longitudinal decorative groove, on which a silicone outpatient is attached.

By the way, the color of the latter depends on the version of the color: in white and pink they are white, black and blue are black.

On the lower surface, in addition to a pair of contacts for connecting to the case, there are letters L and R.

connect, diamond, headphones, bluetooth, headphone, phone

Although in general, the headphones are the same, the stereo signal requires the speaker system of the correct installation of the left and right emitters. This is especially critical in games.

In general, the design of the model is simple and ingenuous. No capsules, blisters and other avant.garde, which is far from always for the good. just recall the Xiaomi Qity T1c.

No, we have nothing against the headphones themselves, but the open case is beyond good and evil! What the developers thought, creating this! He is worn in his dust, dirt, garbage.

And magnets. magnets, but suddenly headphones will fall out?

Nothing like this in Rombica Mysound Play, fortunately. How there are no problems with contacts: “plugs” easily fall into their rightful place and get up for charging.

Functions, work

Immediately after extracting headphones from the case, their mating automatically takes place. After that, you can connect them to the selected device.

Management is carried out by touching the side surface of one of them. Thus it is possible:

Of course, there is no sophisticated noise reduction system (otherwise it would cost 2-3 times more), but the sensitivity of the microphone is quite balanced, so you can use the Hands-Free mode even in rather noisy places.

This is achieved through the use of the DSP that processes the voice signal during the conversation.

It should be borne in mind that the sensitivity of the model is quite high (105 dB), therefore, with a volume level, you should not zeal.

Bluetooth 5.0 has an increased radius of action compared to the fourth version of the intensity, so you can leave to 8-10 meters from the signal source without fear of losing Connect.

The quality of reproduction is good, as far as possible in inexpensive headphones. Clean, without clearly audible distortions and noise.

Although music lovers for listening to music, of course, is better to use something like Rombica MySound BH-11.

connect, diamond, headphones, bluetooth, headphone, phone

The stereo signal does not require any additional settings-the corresponding protocol is involved without the participation of the user.

It is important to correctly determine the size of the outpatules. this will depend not only the sound, but also the reliability of fixation in the ear.

A very painful topic for such devices is autonomy. This is the full order with this: each headphone has a 40 mAh battery, which is enough for about 4 hours of continuous use of the device.

Case capacitance (300 mAh) is enough for four full charging, t.e., for 16 hours of work. It is clear that the numbers are indicative and depend on the set volume.

Connecting wireless headphones to the phone

Turn on the headphones / translate them into a mating mode

Open the Bluetooth settings on the smartphone, turn on Bluetooth

Select connected headphones from the list and click on them to connect

This is a general connection scheme that is suitable for the vast majority of cases (both for gadgets with Android and iOS), and yet, there are hundreds and even thousands of different headphones, every possible trifle / distinctive feature will not work, so user guide / information From the manufacturer specifically according to your model, this is the best that you can recommend.

If the instructions are not at hand, try to find it on the manufacturer’s website or for the search “brand and model of manual headphones”.

We will analyze this brief scheme in more detail, as well as consider some problems that may arise when connecting to wireless headphones of the headset or acoustics (hereinafter we will simply say “headphones” for simplicity).

First connection / pairing (pairing)

Turn on the headphones / translate them into a mating mode

Press or click for a couple of seconds. It can be the ON/OFF button, playback button or button with light indication.

If you have completely wireless headphones, usually they need to be placed in a charging case for a few seconds, and then extract. Another common option for TWS headphones. you need to squeeze for a few seconds the main button/sensor on the main or both headphones.

The inclusion buttons may not be, for example, Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3 turn on automatically, as soon as you open them from a folded state.

If the headphones are not turned on, try to charge them, for some models this is a mandatory requirement before the first inclusion. For full charge, it may take from one to several hours, depending on the model.

After the first inclusion, part of the headphones automatically pass into the interfacing mode, as a rule, this is accompanied by light indication (most often flickering blue) and/or voice clues (pairing).

If this does not happen, you need to initiate a manually conjugation: squeeze on the headphones the selected conjugation button with the Bluetooth icon or a scheme specific for your model. Often the mating mode is launched by the same buttons as./Off. headphones, but for him it is necessary to clamp them not for a second or two, but for 3-8 seconds.

Open the Bluetooth settings on the smartphone, turn on Bluetooth

For quick access to the Bluetooth settings, open the curtain with a swipe from above or below the screen (depending on your device) and click the Bluetooth icon.

Single slippers on the icon turns on/off Bluetooth.

If the headphones do not appear on the list, try updating available devices, turn off/enable Bluetooth on the phone and/or restart the fraud process on the headphones.

After the search, some headphones can initiate the connection themselves, it will be enough to click on the connection button/RAIR in a pop.up message on the phone screen.

Some phones may request an input of the PIN code, try the standard “0000” or the code specified in the user manual.

If both connected devices support the NFC technology, then instead of the process described, you will be enough to attach the on the headphones or their charging case to the phone in the area with the NFC sensor, and the device will offer to connect.

Apple devices do not support NFC, but modern AirPods and Beats can automatically connect if you open the charger cover next to the iOS device.

connect, diamond, headphones, bluetooth, headphone, phone

Repeated connection

When the couple has already been created, a repeated connection in most cases occurs automatically, it is enough to turn on the headphones when the Bluetooth on the phone is on.

Solving problems with connecting Bluetooth headphones to the phone

If the headphones (or one of the True Wireless headphones) are no longer connected to the phone, try the following standard steps or look at the methods of solving the problem proposed in the instructions for your model:

Cancel the conjugation on the phone (UNPAIR in the settings of the headphones, inside the Bluetooth menu on the phone) and conduct it again.

Reset headphones to factory settings (Hard Reset). if the headphones have such a function, it should be indicated in the user manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

If you have questions. ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. All good sound and stable Bluetooth connection!

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What headphones? Where to connect? In the kit or on the manufacturer’s website there is always a instruction for your model.

It would seem that it could be difficult to connect headphones. And he ran into this problem. The anchors did not want to join with the iPhone, fought over them for more than an hour. Therefore, thanks for chewing and explaining such simple things

Depends on the model of headphones. Some have an indication on the case, but most can only be found through a smartphone. the charging level is indicated either in the application or in a pop.up window when you open the case next to the phone).

help me please!Headphone model Premium Pro 4. A mixture of ordinary air layers and pro, ordered on the ozonepos of the first inclusion I did not immediately make a conjugation among themselves, and now they work only separately. I tried everything that I found on the Internet, but does not come out. Help

Guest writes: Help please!Headphone model Premium Pro 4. A mixture of ordinary air layers and pro, ordered on the ozonepos of the first inclusion I did not immediately make a conjugation among themselves, and now they work only separately. I tried everything that I found on the Internet, but does not come out. Help

In such cases, only careful reading of the instructions or contacting the manufacturer helps.Delete and make a new one as indicated in the instructions.Check performance on another device.Buy high.quality headphones of a famous manufacturer and save yourself from problems.

Today my mother bought me headphones. Everything is cool, I liked them according to the model. But the headphones do not work. Model Twe-04. True Wireless Earchones. Bluetooth V5.0. It’s a pity that they don’t work. Blue and red should light up in the headphones, but nothing. instructions for connecting wireless headphones for Android

So, you bought brand new Bluetooth lobby and you will not wait for the very moment when you can try them in action. But you should not rush: if you rush to connect them to the phone, only by taking them out of the package, it is highly likely to encounter the first error: the headphones may not be charged, then they will be quickly turned off, the phone will not see them, or they will not turn on at all at all. Therefore, the first rule: we charge the device. As soon as the charging indicator caught fire, you can turn off the headphones. Then we turn it on on the Bluetooth phone. This can be done in the settings, or in the pop.up top panel, with a long press on the icon with a stylized letter B.

After the “blue tooth” turned on on the phone, activate the headphones. To do this, click on the power button, and then make a long press on the Bluetooth activation button. Indicator, if any, must blink. On the phone in the corresponding section, select the option. search for devices. After some time, the smartphone will invite you to choose one of the found gadgets. Most often you can find out your headphones by name. If you have acquired a Chinese device, then the name can be long and incomprehensible. Just turn off the device and see what disappears from the screen.

After you managed to find your headphones, click right on them. you will be offered to connect them to a smartphone. Agree. The selected device must appear in the upper list of installed connections. Nearby will be written “Connected”. In most cases, the state of the charge of headphones will affect the same line.

If you have headphones in the case, then keep in mind: it is better to open the lid after you turn on the network on the device, waiting for the appearance of the readiness indicator. instructions for iPhone

Connation to Apple gadgets is not very different. Turn on them first, then Bluetooth in the phone settings. After that, select your device in the list of equipment found and allow you to connect.

Most often, together with the iPhone, AirPods are used, which allow you to use Siri in remote mode. In this case, first, make sure that your smartphone software is quite new. For example, Pro version of the gadget will only work with iOS above version 13.2, 2 generation will be reduced exclusively with the device on iOS 12.2 and above.

Further, the sequence of actions is similar. Turn on Bluetooth on the phone, place a cover with headphones next to a smartphone and open it. Animation will appear on the screen, click “Connect”. If you have a pro-version, then the instruction will appear. With 1 and 2 generation, everything is easier. If Siri is not configured, then after connecting the phone will offer to do this.

Are Airpods suitable for Android smartphone

When connecting to the smartphone with Android Airpods, it will not be different from ordinary wireless headphones. If you have Bluetooth on your phone, feel free to connect such headphones. But for greater convenience, various applications may be needed. For example, Airbatter or Asistant Trigger will help determine whether you have inserted headphones in the ear to automatically start broadcasting audio. Also, the program is able to determine the charge of the case and the “ears” themselves.

The following functions will be inaccessible to the user:

  • Siri;
  • interruption of audio recordings after the headphone is extracted from the ear;
  • It is impossible to control the charge and control of the energy consumption of a smartphone.

Connect AirPods headphones to Android phone is easy. Also turn on the Bluetooth on the phone, then open the charger cover. Click the button on its back and wait until the charge indicator blinks with white light. Headphones will appear in the list of available devices, connect to them.

Popular questions and answers

Despite the fact that connecting wireless headphones to the phone is a simple task, difficulties may arise in the process.

For example, you do everything according to the rules, the device appeared in the list available for Bluetooth connection, but the connection does not occur. Or your gadget does not appear in this list at all. There may be several reasons for this: 1. If you turned on the headphones, but they do not appear on the list, try to press the connection button on them again. If this does not help, turn off the gadget and turn it on again. Then try to disable Bluetooth on the phone and turn it on again, by hand, setting the search for the nearest devices. Also try to place the headphones as close to the phone as possible, especially for the first connection. 2. If the headphones are on the list, but the conjugation does not occur, check: perhaps they are already connected to another device nearby. If the connection is already installed with another smartphone, tablet, computer or TV, it will not be possible to execute the second connection. You need to find this device and turn off Bluetooth on it, then the connection will break and you can connect to another gadget. If you do not know what kind of device this is, just turn off the headphones, put them directly next to the phone with an active network and only then click the power button. In this case, the gadget will connect to the device that is closer. 3. The cause of the failures may be interference from other wireless devices. Take them away and repeat the attempt. four. If the device is connected for too long, but there is no result, click on its name in the list and select “Change the Convion” or “Break the connection”. Then restart the smartphone and try everything again.

One headphone does not work. one. Try to “drop” AirPods settings. To do this, find the Bluetooth parameter in the settings, in the list of available devices, click on the letter I next to the name of the headphones and select “Forget this device”. After that, first put the headphones in a closed case for a minute. Then first open the cover, wait for the appearance of a white indicator, put the device with an open lid next to the smartphone and click the button to connect the iPhone screen. 2. The problem can be in the old firmware. Try to upgrade to the latest version. Check what you have in the settings. To do this, you need to select: the main ones. about this device. the name of the headphones. 3. Check the volume balance on the device in the audio settings. Perhaps the slider shifted left or right, and the sound simply does not go to one of the headphones. four. If the devices are connected, but there is no sound, clean the headphones. To do this, it is better to use microfiber and cotton sticks. 5. Try to connect the headphones to another iPhone and if the problem remains, contact the service center. Perhaps in the headphones the battery failed or the inner wire was damaged. Only one headphone of any brand connected. one. Try to install the connection again, first deleting the device. 2. Clean the headphones. 3. Try connecting them to another gadget to understand what device the problem is in. four. If the problem is on the phone, update the firmware or discharge to the factory settings.

The first thing you can do is check what settings are set for your device on the phone. To do this, click on the information icon next to the name of the device in the list of available and check so that the profiles “for conversation” and “for music” are active. 2. Reload the headphones and smartphone. Check the level of charge levels. If there is a sound, but disappears and interrupts, try checking the operation of the devices in another place. The cause of problems may be strong electromagnetic radiation. 3. If nothing helps, “roll back” to the old firmware or drop the phone to the factory settings-this will help if the sound disappears the obstruction of the installation of some unreliable applications. four. If the problem is mechanical: the battery is faulty, headphones were damaged, for example, due to water, you need to contact the service center.

How to connect diamond headphones via Bluetooth

Wireless headphones are a small modern device that allows you to feel freedom of movement and mobility anywhere. How to connect wireless. RIA Novosti, 15.ten.2021

15 Sep. RIA Novosti. Wireless headphones are a small modern device that allows you to feel freedom of movement and mobility anywhere. About how to connect wireless headphones to the ktelphone via Bluetooth, how the headset for Android and Apple works and what the main problems are found when connecting Wireless headphones to a smartphone via Bluetooth in the material of RIA Novosti.How wireless headphones work?Today, wireless headphones are the choice of most users. Such a headset is considered the most convenient way of listening to music, changing voice or watching a video with sound. First of all, due to the lack of extra wires and buttons. The principle of operation of such headphones is to receive a signal “by air”. Technologically this works as follows: how to use headphones?The operation of wireless headphones is much easier than in the case of wired ones, but here it is worth adhering to several rules: what is needed to connect?To connect a wireless headset, a device for receiving sound and smartphone are required.Requirements for the telephone number of audio listening through wireless headphones are suitable for any phone model, but with one condition. it must support the work of Bluetooth or NFC (depending on which device was selected). In order to make sure of this, even in the store you can ask the consultant to check the possibility of connecting and configure the devices.How to connect headphones to Android phone?Before setting up the wireless headset on Android, it is important to make sure that it is charged, and then contact the connection scheme recommended by the manufacturer. As a rule, it is standard for most devices.The inclusion and preparation of models are turned on automatically as soon as they are extracted from charged boxing. After the device has entered the mating mode with the phone, you can start listening to music.Connection via Bluetooth to install the connection, you need to perform several actions: connecting headphones via NFC NFC for Android requires only a few actions: the connection permit to the telephone so that the devices can connect, it is important not to forget to consent to connect the headset.How to connect AirPods to AndroidarPods are universal headphones that are connected even to a laptop. In the case of the Android system, the setting process is almost no different from the iPhone: how to connect headphones to the phone on iOS?The action algorithm when connecting wireless headphones to the device on iOS is similar to the connection with Android.The inclusion and preparation of the headphones of the dependence on the headset model you need to make sure that the device is charged and ready to work.Connection via Bluetooth to establish a connection, you need to perform several actions: features of setting up headphones of different branding that different brands of headset have the same principle of operation, the operation process may have their own characteristics.AirPods.assinants from the Apple brand can be controlled by gestures that the user sets at his discretion. The device is also successfully activated by voice and double touch, and turns off the sound when one of the headphones is taken out.The JBLBC.wire set of this brand also supports the control control. In addition, the case is equipped with an LED indicator, which displays the charge level, the absence/presence of the connection and turn on/off the device.TWS ISSNOUGHTHING OF THE FAITHERS OF THIS brand implies a similar procedure for action. But if, for example, the user wants to drop all the settings, for this it is enough to hold the touch button for 30 seconds, waiting for the appearance of the red-blue indicator color.Xiaomiairdots implies a separate connection of each headphone, which can cause difficulties. To configure the headset, you need to get the headphones, reset the settings, holding the button on the box until the light indicator appears, then insert the headphones back again and take it back again. With the right order of action, the device should be available for connection. It is recommended to connect the right headphone first (in the Bluetooth phone section), and then the left headphone, holding the button on it until the signal appears. As soon as the devices are synchronized, all indicators will go out.Samsungartarting from Samsung maintains an automatic phone connection, so setting does not differ from AirPods.Possible problems and solutions to wireless headphones is a fairly simple procedure, however, difficulties can occur when setting up and synchronizing devices.There is no connection if the user did everything according to the instructions, the gadget may not appear in the “Available Devices” section on the phone. In this case, you need to perform the following actions: the device does not find the fact that the phone “does not see” the headset can be several: to install the connection, you need to charge the gadget with the headphones, bring the headset closer to it and, just in case, restart both devices.Only one headphone problem works often if the headphones were not taken out of boxing and, as a rule, is solved by the following simple actions: the sound of sound can be lost: it is worthwhile to make sure that the option of obtaining an audio signal is chosen through the headphones, delete new programs that can be removed, which can be removed that can be selected. became the cause of problems with sound transmission, and restart both devices. If this does not help, contact Support users or send a gadget for diagnostics.

How to connect wireless headphones to a smartphone correctly?

To correctly connect the headphones to the mobile phone, you will need to adhere to the following recommendations.

To the phone on Android

To conjure headphones with smartphones on Android OS, you need:

  • Go to the smartphone settings and activate Bluetooth.
  • When Bluetooth on the smartphone turns on, you need to activate wireless headphones with a simple click on the button. If the headset lies in its case, then it will need to open it. If there is a light indicator on the device, then it will surely freeze.
  • Click on the smartphone button “Finding devices” and wait until the necessary device is displayed in the list of gadgets. If a budget headset from China was purchased, then its name will most likely be poorly readable and long.
  • Choose wireless headphones and click on their icon. The smartphone will make an attempt to conjure and, perhaps, ask for a password.
  • The most popular default password is 0000. If this code does not work, then this means that the manufacturer of the device provided for some other password and indicated it in the official instructions.
  • After the correct entry of the password, the smartphone will connect to the headphones.

In the future, between headphones and a smartphone, the connection will occur in automatic mode, so you will not need to enter a password.

To the phone on iOS

The procedure for connecting headphones to the technique that works on iOS is almost no different. So, for the connection you need:

  • Turn on headphones, and then activate the Bluetooth function.
  • Find the headphones in the list and press it in order to establish a conjugation.
  • If you need a password, then you need to specify the combination “0000” or see the code in the official instructions for the device.

IPhone can be associated today with both AirPods and headphones of other manufacturers. Thus, no compatibility problems should arise.

Rules for connecting without errors

Contrary to simple and understandable instructions, it is not possible to connect a mobile phone with headphones in some cases, since the smartphone used simply does not see the headset. What is the problem? There are several reasons for this behavior of technology:

  • Very large distance between gadgets. For normal connection, devices should be less than ten meters at a distance from each other. There should not be any obstacle between them, like a wall. In addition, some headphones are connected to external devices only in case of immediate proximity with them.
  • The headphones have left the special mode of connection with a mobile phone. The headset connection mode works for the first thirty seconds after activation. If time comes out, then the headphones will cease to show in the list.
  • The headset is simply turned off. Users often forget to activate headphones, because they are not displayed in the list. This problem mainly happens with models without light indication, which informs about the inclusion or disconnection of the technique.
  • The battery is dead. Alas, if there are no special indicators on the headphone housing, then they will not notify the state of charge of the battery. If there is still an LED on the case, but it does not burn, then the headset is discharged, and it must be urgently rechargeed in any way.
  • The headphones have a mysterious name. This is often faced with those who bought a budget Chinese device. The Chinese give their devices the strangest names, even in Russian, but through hieroglyphs. In order to find the necessary model, you need to turn off the headphones and click on the phone on the “Update” or “Search” button. The device will disappear from the new list, which must be connected to the smartphone.
  • If the smartphone still finds the headset, but their icon simply disappears from the pairing control point after a couple of seconds, then one trick will help to fix this. Headphones must be placed in the auricle, but no longer stopped and wait until the appropriate icon appears on the smartphone display. After that, after five seconds, you need to put on the headset until it stops. This method is relevant for smartphones of various brands.

Rombica BH-10 BLUETOOOTH HIS OVERTHDENTS: Hi-Fi, which will not hit the budget

I am very demanding on the choice of headphones. And often I can even sacrifice the sound if the accessory will perfectly “sit” on my head and look stylish (it is better, of course, so that there is a cool sound, and the planting is convenient). Over the past couple of years, equipment quickly rushed up, and the headphones, unfortunately, were no exception. Manufacturers ask to lay out for truly suitable headphones from 20 thousand, but not everyone is ready to do it. And the Bluetooth Holly Highlights are often at all “cosmic” money.

Why then not look towards the budget segment? After all, there are many worthy representatives, even among full.sized headphones. And if they have Bluetooth, it’s generally great, because in wired headphones the sound is built by the “source of the headphone”, and here it all depends on the headphones, since the DAC in them. The recently, the MYSOUND BH-10 headphones from Rombica were in the editorial office, and we liked them so much that we decided to leave one copy to ourselves, and the other to play among our dear readers.

But let’s do more about everything. MySound BH-10-full-size headphones of a closed type, providing high-quality sound of the Hi-Fi class and powerful bass. The accessory uses a professional DSP, due to which the sound is really saturated. Given their characteristics, it is even difficult to believe in the price of these headphones at first, but more on this later.

In the BH-10 package there is a kind of reference to the “premium”: minimalism and accuracy, everything in its place is not like various Chinese boxes that you can’t open without a knife. The headphones are not closed from a potential user: he immediately sees what he takes, and this bribes. The kit has an AUX and micro-USB cable for charging.

Headphones are made in black, genuine leather is used as the material. At the same time, the ears do not sweat, as is often the case with leather accessories, the handle is soft, and the headphones themselves are comfortably sitting on the head. Despite its seemingly impressive size, MySound BH-10 seem weightless-many manufacturers use this trick.

  • Power: from the battery or Micro USB 5B
  • Wireless connection: Bluetooth 4.0
  • The range of reproducible frequencies: 20. 20,000 Hz
  • Dynamics power: 20 MW
  • Diameter of broadband speakers: 50 mm
  • Sensitivity: 95 dB ± 3 dB
  • Impedance: 16 Ohms
  • Nonlinear distortion coefficient: 0.2%
  • Digital signal processor / DSP: 24 bits
  • Battery: 200 mAh / 3.7 V
  • Acoustic design type: closed type
  • microphone: yes
  • Durable plastic case: yes
  • Adjustable size: yes

Yes, the headphones are connected not only through the cable, but also with the help of Bluetooth. another plus in Rombica karma, because now there is little connection to the iPhone 7 without an adapter. They are charged using Micro-USB, the corresponding port is located next to the block with reproduction buttons: you can increase/decrease the volume, switch the track, press the pause. LED indicator will make it possible to understand when you can connect to the headphones via Bluetooth.

In addition, the BH-10 has a built-in microphone, which makes them completely universal, since in addition to the headphones we also get a built-in headset.

I would like to note the sound separately. The bass is actually powerful, but does not overshadow medium and high frequencies. the manufacturer was able to withstand the optimal balance between them. Perhaps someone will seem to be weakly vocal, but for such genres as rock or electronic music, this is not critical.

I really could not think that in such a price range you can find such worthy headphones, also with not only a wired connection, but also Bluetooth. Rombica is a young company from Singapore, and is now gaining a reputation, so what the guys do for conscience. And they put forward adequate price tags-you can buy Rombica Mysound BH-10 headphones in the DNS online store for only 3599

But that’s not all!

Among our readers we hold a competition and play these cool headphones. To participate in the draw, you need to take only three steps:

2) make a repost of this publication on the social network in which you subscribed to Rombica

3) fill out a special Google form below or at this link

The competition is held until 21.eleven.2016 (Monday) inclusive. The winner will be chosen in random order, and the results were announced 22.eleven.2016 (Tuesday). Representatives of Rombica will contact the winner and say how he can get his prize. Only residents can take part in the competition

Sound quality when playing music

The sound quality of Rombica BH-08 I tested when wirelessly connecting to the phone, because it is in this mode that they will be used most often.

Let us recall that the headphones use only one codec. SBC, and therefore we will immediately mark the dreams that they will sound at the level of expensive competitors.

From the very first seconds of listening, it is clear that the headphones will noticeably emphasize low frequencies, which will like all lovers of modern electronic and popular music. However, as I already wrote above, low frequencies spread to the mid.frequency range, concealing details and nuances from a general sound.

In general, the sound of Rombica BH-08 can characterize as simple, but spectacular. Reinforced low frequencies allow you to compensate for the noise of streets and public transport, which primarily affect the bass, subjectively reducing it. The sound that we listen to in a quiet apartment and which seems unnecessarily seasoned with low frequencies, on the street, and even more so in the subway, begins to seem much more pleasant.

Low frequencies

The bass at the BH-08 is noticeably enhanced, the music seems spectacular and powerful. Detailization of low frequencies is at an average level, when listening to some musical compositions, it seems insufficiently elastic and dense.

The speed of the bass is ordinary, when listening to the rock compositions of the compositions, a series of shocks does not sound separate, but together, with some rusty afternoon.

Average frequencies

The average frequencies sound more or less evenly, however, low frequencies are constantly trying to impose their character to them, which in a compartment with a low level of detail does not allow us to talk about natural or neutral sound. But for electronic and popular music, this is not scary, such a sound seems more knocked down, spectacular, as if you had adjusted the equalizer.

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High frequencies

The high frequencies are far from the background, their headphones reproduce them smoothly, without serious distortion, but the problem is that they are almost not heard when listening to music, which specially does not have an emphasis on a similar sound. For this reason, a sensation of the muffled nature of the sound of any melody develops, detailing and sensation of space suffers. That the sound in games, that music. it sounds exclusively from headphones, but not in the head of the listener.

Rombica BH-08 wireless headphones made a good impression on me, they look stylish, at first glance quite strong and collected from pleasant materials. I always try to conclude about the headphones, not least focusing on their cost, because the way the start-up headphones sound is unacceptable for Hi-Fi technology, and vice versa.

For this reason, although Rombica BH-08 sound quite simple and unpretentious, by the totality of all their properties, I recommend them to buy those people who want to save money as much as possible, but at the same time get a wireless gadget that is convenient to listen and wear in a bag, And most importantly, which looks good on the head.