How to Connect Camera to a Windows 7 Computer

How to Connect Camera to a Windows 7 Computer

The question “how to connect a webcam to a computer?” Is often asked by novice users, most of whom buy this device for free calls. So, we will consider the connection procedure for the OS of the Windows family.

Technological progress steps forward with enormous steps and does not cease to amaze humanity with all new developments. We have long been accustomed to the fact that phone calls can be not only voice, but also with transmission. This is very convenient, since it is one thing to hear a loved one, and quite another to see him.

Make a call It is possible both with the help of various gadgets, and through special programs on a personal computer. To do this, you need a PC itself, connected Internet, necessary software (for example, Skype), drivers, a microphone and, in fact, a webcam. You can read about where to download Skype for free and how to properly configure this application in the article “How to set up Skype”.

So, you have purchased a device for communication and now think how connect webcam to the computer. Let’s consider everything in order:

At first, Locate a free USB port on the back of the PC (sometimes on the front). Connect to it the wire that comes out of your webcam.

Secondly, make sure that the system recognized the device and found drivers for it. If the inscription about successful connection of the device appeared in the lower right corner, this means that your “OS” automatically picked up the drivers for the webcam and installed them. In such cases, the device is ready for use. To check its operation, go to “My Computer” and see the connected USB device in the window that opens.

Double-clicking the left mouse button on this icon will initialize the device and after a few seconds a real-time camera image will appear.

Sometimes it happens that Windows does not find the necessary drivers in its database for the webcam you purchased. In this case it is necessary install them manually. If there is a driver disk in the kit with the webcam, then everything is simple: insert the CD into the computer drive and, following the prompts of the installation wizard, install the proposed files and applications on the PC. In cases when the disk with “firewood” was not attached, we are not upset, but go to the Internet, open “Google” (or “Yandex”, as you like) and write in the search bar the model of the purchased webcam (can be found on the box) and add the phrase “driver download“.

Usually, in the first three links you can find the files you need to download. We save them to the computer disk and then run it. The process of installing the webcam driver is no different from installing small applications, so just confirm that you have read the license agreement and follow the prompts on the screen to the full wizard completion. Remember, registering a product on the official website of a developer company is optional.

You can check the operation of the connected device through “My Computeror using special applications that you installed with the drivers. When you reconnect the webcam to the computer’s USB port, you do not have to reinstall the drivers, because the system remembered them and registered them in the corresponding files.

Well, now you know how to connect a webcam to a computer and how to download and configure drivers for this device. If the camera was bought for calls, then feel free to download Skype and communicate on health.

P.S. To communicate in the Skype program, you will also need a microphone. Often it is mounted in a webcam.

To enable it, select the necessary device for voice capture in the appropriate Skype application settings.