How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To A Computer

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To A Computer

The headset has long become an integral part of the modern world, but the inconvenience with the wires leaves a small imprint on its use. Therefore, the question arises, how to connect bluetooth headphones, which are much more convenient to use. Indeed, it is extremely convenient without having wires to hear your favorite music.

Also, a significant contribution to the progress of wireless headphones was introduced by the latest trend, when leading smartphone manufacturing corporations abandoned the 3.5 mm jack. In order not to purchase several headsets, it’s realistic to use one that will be suitable for both PC and gadget.

How to connect headphones via Bluetooth to a laptop?

How to connect bluetooth headphones to a computer? In reality, the process of connecting a headset is not fundamentally different from a gadget. All more or less modern laptops are equipped with the BlueTooth module. There is also a special utility that is responsible for the connection, you only need to configure the connection. This applies only to the laptop, because the stationary version is different.

So, how to connect Bluetooth headphones to a laptop:

  1. It is necessary to check the operability of drivers, for this:
  • Click on Start, then RMB “Computer” and “Properties”;
  • You must click on the link “Device Manager”;
  • Expand the list of “BlueTooth Radio Modules”, if there is no tab, go to “Network Adapters”;
  • There should be several fully active elements;
  • You can verify that everything is in order by expanding the extended list in the “Notification Panel”, where the BlueTooth feature should be present.
  1. You should start the headset, usually you need to hold the power button for several seconds until the operation indicator light appears;
  2. RMB on the BlueTooth icon in the “Notification Panel” and click on “Add Device”;
  1. A process will start where you need to select a headset.

Obviously, the question of how to connect wireless headphones via Bluetooth does not have much difficulty in technical or system implementation, at least in the case of a laptop. In some cases, the computer itself suffices to connect on the fly, without additional manipulations.

How to connect Bluetooth wireless headphones to a computer?

Wireless bluetooth headphones how to connect to a stationary PC? This is a slightly more confusing question, because there is no preinstalled module in the device. To connect a headset wirelessly, you need such a device. Preliminarily, the PC should be equipped with the appropriate BlueTooth extension.

The following procedure is similar:

  1. You should download firewood for the module, you can find them on the accompanying disk or website;
  2. Install the software and check the operation of the device using paragraph 1, the previous instruction;
  1. Through the “Notification Panel” add a new device that you first need to enable.

Obviously, the only difficulty in a PC is the lack of a built-in BlueTooth extension, but this is an easy fix.

Bluetooth headphone connection in case of failure

How to connect headphones to a computer via Bluetooth if errors occur? The problem is not only in a simple connection, because in some cases, even with the connection established, the headphones still do not play music. There are several reasons for this, most of a systemic nature.

Probably there was a failure in the drivers or they are not installed / outdated. A fresh state of software should be maintained, then many difficulties can be avoided.

In the case of a laptop: you should go to the website of the PC manufacturer and download the necessary firewood from the “Support” section. If there is no such item, then just find out the model of the adapter and download from the website of its developer.

In the case of a stationary PC: download from a disk or website, which is the official page of the dealer on the network.

Also, the problem may be, as a result of the lack of broadcast sound from the settings in the Realtek driver or a disconnected device.

  1. RMB click on the speaker icon in the lower right corner, then “Playback devices”;
  1. There should be a green tick next to the headphones. The problem of the lack of sound is observed if there is an inscription disconnected, the connection is interrupted or not connected;
  1. RMB by item and select “Enable.”

In other cases, it helps to reconnect the device in a new way; a connection failure has probably occurred, which cannot be fixed on its own.

Additionally, you can use a third-party program that has more features. Bluesoleil. The application allows you to establish a more stable, uninterrupted connection, and also helps to configure several connections at once. The application serves as an alternative to the standard Windows solution for technology and is more affordable to use.

Obviously, there are no big difficulties with connecting a wireless headset. Everything can be eliminated in just a few clicks, and at the same time it will turn out to abandon annoying and constantly confusing wires.

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