How to Connect Asus Transformer Prime to Computer

You will learn how to configure the Internet on the tablet, as well as how to connect the tablet to the Internet from this article. It describes the most popular ways to connect to the Internet. With links to detailed instructions. Do not hesitate to ask questions if something is not clear, than I can. I will help.

Wi-Fi connection

Let’s get started. Let’s start with the easiest way. Wi-Fi. It’s simple, find your network in the list after turning on Wi-Fi on your Android tablet. Enter the password that you asked and everything is done. With subsequent connections, you will not need to re-enter the password, Android will automatically remember them. If you still can’t connect, make sure that you do not have a lock on the MAC address. Suddenly set once and forgot. In this case, just add the tablet MAC address to the list of exceptions in the modem settings. A on how to set up Wi-Fi in a router / modem, and another on how to connect to a Wi-Fi network on a tablet. I also recommend reading my article on how to set up Wi-Fi on a tablet.

How to Connect Asus Transformer Prime to Computer

3G connection

Simple too. The same principle works as in phones. Insert the SIM card into the tablet, and he will figure out what to do with it (in some cases, you need to activate the SIM card, activate the Megafon SIM card on the tablet). Turn on Data transfer in the settings and the Internet to pick up. Some mobile operators send SMS with Internet settings. Problems are solved with the operator himself. And as a rule, all settings and instructions can be found on the website of your operator, and they all come down to one thing. you need to register an access point. For example, like this:

  • APN (access point):
  • Name: empty
  • Password: blank

This is done for Android 4. in the settings, the settings block WIRELESS NETWORKS, tab Yet.

Settings. “” tab

There you select the item Mobile network.

“Mobile network” item in the tablet settings

Further. Access Points (APN). And there you can create a new point with the parameters of your operator by calling an additional menu by pressing the button with three points.

Access Point Settings (APN) on Android Tablet

Connect using a 3G modem

In view of the sufficiently large instructions for this method of connection, I transferred it to a separate article on how to connect a modem to a tablet on Android.

In short, you have to put the modem into modem only mode, disable the PIN code entry on the modem and create an access point with the parameters of your mobile operator. And it may be necessary to obtain ROOT rights.

Connecting to the Internet using a computer via USB

In view of the sufficiently large material on this method of connection, I decided to transfer it to a separate article on the site, which is called connection of the tablet to the Internet through a computer. I warn you that the method is quite complicated, especially for beginners. And it requires the installation of additional programs on the tablet and on the computer. It also requires root privileges.

Ethernet Internet Connection

Exotic way. Used if you need the fastest internet on your tablet. To make such a connection, you will need a USB. RJ45 adapter and drivers. You will have to find the drivers for your tablet yourself, I can only tell you where you can download USB to Ethernet drivers for Asus Eee Pad Transformer. Copy the zip archive to the device’s memory and install it in Recovery mode. In the terminal emulator, enter the commands

Connect the adapter and Ethernet cable to the tablet. Since Android itself does not have support for this type of connection, turn on Wi-Fi.

A about all the ways to connect the tablet to the Internet.