How To Connect Apple Watch With Iphone

How To Connect Apple Watch With Iphone

In this guide, you will learn how to pair the Apple Watch with an iPhone smartphone, as well as how to perform basic steps related to personalizing your watch. The methods are very simple to implement, but it is worth preparing them. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our guide.

The Apple Watch debuted some time ago, the second version (the so-called Apple Watch 2 series) was released, but the pairing method. in other words, the connection. the clock with the phone has not changed. All this time it is very simple and convenient even for a novice user. However, before you start pairing devices, you must, of course, enable Bluetooth in your phone. for example, from the level of the Control Center.

After purchase, the Apple Watch must be connected to the iPhone because of the features available for the etgo device. It is impossible to use even basic solutions if our watches do not work with iPhone. For this reason, of course, you should not buy an Apple Watch if we do not have the same Apple smartphone. Interestingly, we can connect many Apple Watch to our iPhone. this number is not limited to Apple. On the other hand, in order to work properly, the Apple Watch has always been in touch with the phone.

Let’s go to the guide itself, from which we will learn how to make the first launch of the Apple Watch.

How to pair Apple Watch with iPhone

Let’s start with the pairing devices. At the very beginning, of course, start the Apple Watch by pressing the start button located next to the “digital crown” or watch dials.

After that, we will see a welcome screen informing us about the need to connect the device with a smartphone. To this end, we are opening the Apple Watch app on the iPhone. It is available with iOS 8, so we will not use it on older devices. Then click “Add Apple Watch”, and the camera will be launched on our smartphone.

Now all you have to do is point the iPhone camera to the Apple Watch. Pairing will only take a few seconds. After this, the devices were connected, and now they will work together. Of course, we can disable the pair. for this you only need to select the watch from the level of the Apple Watch application on your phone and select the “Unlink Apple Watch” option.

However, it is worth noting that if we want to properly disconnect the Apple Watch from the iPhone, you still need to perform an additional step. This is to erase data from our watches. We can also do this from the “Surveillance” application on your smartphone by selecting the “Delete data” option on the “Clock” tab.

How to set up Apple Watch with iPhone

The first thing to do after connecting the Apple Watch is to set the watch’s security code. This is not necessary for a smartwatch, but on the other hand, it will provide it with basic security.

This feature is available immediately after pairing devices, so we will not discuss it here. After connecting the devices, we go to the Watch application on our iPhone and set the viewing level on the watch on our watch. 10 options are available. from the simplest to Mickey Mouse with an indication of the clock.

In addition, we can also choose solutions such as customizing the appearance of the watch. This is nothing more than a set of tools and applications whose widgets will be displayed on the Apple Watch motherboard. Thanks to this, we can, for example, decide to display a label on the dial for music, the percentage of batteries, or, for example, the weather for the current day.

So-called. Copies can be installed both from the level of the Apple Watch (by pressing the watch face tightly), and on the iPhone. The latter allows you to quickly and conveniently determine which specific functions should be displayed on the watch face.

Other useful features that the Watch app on the iPhone is equipped with include the ability to determine which external (as well as system) apps can display their widgets in Apple Watch‘s memory. If, for example, we do not care about the Market or Minutnik application, we can safely turn them off in the watch. We can do the same with notifications, which some applications would like to send to our watches.

Two other features offered by the Watch app on the iPhone are worth mentioning. These are sounds and galaxy and screen brightness. From the level of these tabs, we can personalize which specific sounds and vibrations should be released by our watch. In turn, the brightness of the screen is very useful if, for example, we want to keep the battery in hours.

It is also important to note that the Apple Watch has something like a Dock, which is the most used application and tools. They can be constantly tied to the Dock, and which applications we decide on the Dock tab in the iPhone.

Finally, we recommend other Apple Watch related guides. If, however, you have problems with some functions on your Apple watch, or you don’t understand, comment. We will try to contact them as soon as possible.