How to connect Apple watch to another iPhone

How to connect Airpods to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and Apple TV

Airpods are currently the most beloved wireless earbuds for an unparalleled experience. With iCloud integration, Airpods are easy to connect to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and Apple TV, making them the best choice if you have iDevices. But, if you’re not part of the Apple ecosystem, these wireless earbuds are known to provide a seamless connection to Windows and Android devices.

Note. Before you learn how to connect Airpods to your Apple device, make sure you have an Airpods compatible gadget. This list includes Apple Devices running iOS 10, iPadOS 13, macOS 10.12, watchOS 3, TVOS 10.2 or later, and Devices with Bluetooth audio from other manufacturers (such as Android and Windows).

Now that everything is ready, follow this simple guide to get started.!

How to connect Airpods to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Apple TV and other devices

If this is your first time connecting Airpods to iPhone, follow these steps;

From Mac

  • First go to System Preferences → click the Bluetooth icon.
  • Now you need to right click your Airpods under Bluetooth devices.
  • Select Delete.
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  • You will need to click “Forget device” again to confirm.

With Apple TV

  • Open Airpods Charging Case.
    Then you need to press and hold the pairing button located on the back of the case until the indicator flashes.
  • Then you need to launch Settings on your Apple TV.
  • Click Remotes and Devices → Bluetooth.
  • Finally, select Airpods from the list.

IPhone and iPad

  • Open the Settings app on your iOS device.
  • Tap Bluetooth.
  • Tap the i icon next to your Airpods.
  • Scroll down and tap “Forget this device” → tap “Forget this device” again to confirm.
    Note: To unpair with other devices that have been paired via iCloud, tap Forget Device again to confirm.

From a Windows PC or Android device

You can connect wireless headphones to third-party devices in the same way as any other Bluetooth device. Just put Airpods into pairing mode (check method above) → go to Bluetooth settings on your device and select headphones.

With Apple Watch

The steps are the same as for iPhone. Plus, as soon as you disconnect Airpods from iPhone, they will automatically disconnect from Apple Watch.

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap Bluetooth.
  • Then click the i icon next to your Airpods.
  • Click “Forget Device”.
  • Click “Forget Device” again to remove Airpods from all devices in your iCloud account.

How to find the i icon on Apple watch?

The i icon is located in the lower-right corner of an unpaired Apple Watch. To see the watch name and manually create a pair, click the “i” icon.

How to unpair Apple Watch without a phone?

How to untie (unpair) Apple Watch without iPhone. method 2

To do this, go to the “Settings” application on the Apple Watch (the gear icon), go from there to the “General” section, select the “Reset” menu and click on the “Erase all content” item.

How to connect Apple watch to iphone?

How to unlink Apple Watch from account?

On your computer, go to the Find My iPhone page on and sign in with your Apple ID. Click All Devices and select your Apple Watch. Click Erase Apple Watch. Press “Next” until all data is erased.

How to remove an account from Apple watch?

  • On your computer, go to and sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Open Find My iPhone.
  • Click All Devices and select your Apple Watch.
  • Click Erase Apple Watch.
  • Click the delete button next to your Apple Watch.

Can I use Apple Watch without my phone?

Does Apple Watch work without an iPhone? Initially, Apple conceived a smart watch as an addition to a smartphone. Modern models can be considered an independent gadget. Apple iWatch and without iPhone can function.

How to unpair with a watch without a phone?

In the absence of an iPhone and the ability to unpair, you can erase content and settings on your Apple Watch as follows:

Pair Existing Apple Watch to new iPhone | Reset Apple Watch from Old iPhone

  • On your Apple Watch, go to Settings General Reset Erase Content & Settings.
  • For GPS Cellular models, you can save or delete your cellular data plan.

Is it possible to untie Apple Watch without a phone?

To decouple the Apple Watch from the iPhone without the smartphone itself, you need to do the following:

  • Go to and log in with your Apple ID.
  • In the Settings section, find the clock and click on it.
  • In the menu that opens, click the cross next to the clock and confirm the removal of the device.

How to connect Apple Watch to a new iPhone?

  • Erase data from Apple Watch.
  • Set up your new iPhone and sign in to iCloud.
  • Open the Apple Watch app on your new iPhone and pair your watch with your new iPhone.
  • Try restoring from a backup.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the setup.

Is it possible to connect one watch to two phones?

You cannot connect the watch to multiple phones at the same time. To establish a connection with another phone, you must first reset your watch. After that, you will be able to connect the watch to the new device.

How to connect Apple watch to another iPhone?

Can I use Apple Watch without my phone?

If the watch is connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network

When iPhone is turned off or out of range, Apple Watch can receive or receive data over Wi-Fi. If your watch is cellular, you can connect it to a cellular network.

How to update Apple Watch without iPhone?

By updating the OS on Apple Watch to watchOS 6, you can install future updates without an iPhone.

  • Make sure your watch is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the Settings app on your watch.
  • Go to the “General” menu “Software update”.

How to pair Apple Watch with Android?

Instructions for connecting Apple watch to Android

  • Using the Google Play service, install the Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS program on your smartphone.
  • Install the free BLE Utility application on the Apple Watch through the App Store service.
  • Launch the Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS app and activate the iOS Service in it.

Recovering data on a new iPhone and connecting Apple Watch

We have a local copy, now we need to connect the new iPhone to the Mac to transfer the information. After connecting the gadget to iTunes, you will be prompted to restore it from the latest backup, which we do.

When the process is complete, Apple Watch can be connected. Instructions:

    Launch the Watch application on the iPhone. In Apple Watch, select the desired language. Then we follow the prompts displayed on the screen.

In this step, select the “Restore from backup” section. We indicate the most current version of the copy and wait for the process to complete.

Now Smart-watch is tied to the new iPhone, all information is restored.

If you don’t have an old iPhone or have all data erased from it

In this situation, the Smart-watch can still be paired with the old device. To break a couple, we perform the following actions:

  • Erasing information from Apple Watch.
  • Setting up a new iPhone, signing in to iCloud. If the device is already configured and logged in, then skip this step.
  • We open the Apple Watch program on a new device and create a pair between the watch and the new gadget.
  • Try to restore from a backup. Make sure your gadgets are up to date, otherwise the backup may not appear in the list. In iOS 11 and later versions of the system, the “Activity” and “Health” information in iCloud is automatically synchronized with all devices where the account is signed in with the same Apple ID identifier. If there is no backup copy, then the Smart watch is set up as new.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup.
  • We start using Apple Watch with the new iPhone. It may take a few days for all of your data to be displayed in iCloud.

Saving an iPhone backup

If you choose to back up information to iCloud, then there are no nuances here:

  • Go to “Settings”, select “iCloud” and “Backup”.
  • Force updating the current copy.

You can also create a local backup copy of the data on the Mac, because you can recover from it many times faster than using a cloud server. Instructions:

  • Launch iTunes.
  • Connect iPhone.
  • Go to the “Overview” menu.

There is a rather important nuance here. The backup must be encrypted.

You can use any password, but you need to add encryption, since the data will not be saved in the copy from the Apple Watch. all information from the Activity and Health applications will disappear.

How to delete unneeded iPhone backups from iTunes

How to connect Apple Watch to new iPhone transfer settings

Now we will figure out how to connect your Apple Watch to an iPhone for the first time or if you have changed your iPhone to another. We will analyze all the nuances and connection options.

This article is suitable for all iPhone XS / XR / X / 8/7/6/5 and Plus models on iOS 12. Older versions may have different or missing menu items and hardware support specified in the article.

Preparing Apple Watch to connect to a new iPhone

In iOS, to connect Apple Watch to a new gadget, you need to save all your personal data using a simple and functional backup system in iTunes. First, we break a pair between the old iPhone and the Smartwatch.

In the course of this process, information from the Apple Watch will be backed up to the device’s memory. To do this, follow the steps:

  • Opening the Watch app on the iPhone.
  • Then select “Apple Watch” and “Unpair Apple Watch”. We confirm our decision.
  • You may also be prompted to enter your Apple ID.

These actions are performed quickly, it will take less than a minute. After breaking the pair, the clock is cleared of all content. a full reset is performed. All content from Apple Watch will be preserved on iPhone.

IPhone doesn’t prompt to use Apple Watch during setup

If you encounter this problem, then break the pair between the old iPhone and the Smartwatch. Then you need to pair with a new iPhone.
When a prompt is displayed, you should restore your Smartwatch from a backup. Check that your gadgets are up to date, otherwise the backup may not appear in the list of available ones.

How to connect Apple Watch to new iPhone # 8212, transferring settings5

How to find your device

If smart watches, for example, MNNL2FS / A are lost or stolen by intruders, you can use 2 methods to find them.

Through the “Find iPhone” application

The user has to do:

  • Download from the Apple Store and install the utility on the smart.
  • Open the program.
  • Log in with Apple ID and password.
  • Click on Apple Watch.
  • Track the location of the clock on the map.

For a quick search, it is possible to activate an audible signal on the chronometer. But the sound can only be heard if the wrist device is nearby.

Nuance: Whichever method the user chooses, the watch will be reflected on the map only if it is connected to Wi-Fi, a cellular network or a paired iPhone.

Sync Apple Watch and iPad

If there is no smart at hand, can iWatch be tied to another gadget of the Apple family. iPad? No, you can only sync smartwatches with an iPhone running the latest version of iOS. Apple Watch is designed to be paired with an iPhone and is in no way compatible with an iPad.

How to connect and set up Apple Watch correctly. pairing with 3 types of devices

“Apple” watch is a miniature computer on the hand. But to start using this wonderful device, you need to pair it with a suitable gadget. How to connect Apple Watch to iPhone, iPad or PC? How to set up your device correctly? Is it possible to break the pair and connect Apple Watch to another gadget? All about the nuances of synchronization and settings for a wrist accessory from Apple can be found in this article.

What to do if you need to disconnect iWatch from iPhone or iPad

Before connecting Apple Watch to another iPhone XR, XS, etc., or vice versa synchronizing iPhone with other watches, you need to break the pair between 2 gadgets.

How to do it right:

Nuance: when restoring from a backup, all the settings and parameters of the watch phone are saved in iCloud, so at any time you can recreate the old pair of 2 gadgets.

How to connect Apple Watch to WI-FI

Next, in order, what to do:

  • go to the settings of Apple Watch Series 4 or other;
  • click on Wi-Fi;
  • wait until the device finds available networks;
  • select a network (available in watchOS from version 5);
  • enter a password if necessary;
  • click on “Connect”.

It is important to know: 1. Chasophone is only able to connect to a Wi-Fi network at 2.4 GHz; 2. You can select a Wi-Fi network to which the iPhone was previously connected, synchronized with this chronometer.

How to connect watch to computer

Using Apple Watch in conjunction with a PC, as with an iPhone or iPad, will not work. But Apple developers have provided the ability to unlock the Mac using a watch phone. Why does the user need it? Auto unlock allows you to access your PC without entering passwords. Unlocked Apple Watch on your wrist. everything you need to get started with Mac.

  • on Mac, activate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi;
  • sign in to iCloud with the same Apple ID for Mac and Apple Watch;
  • set a password on the watch;
  • in laptop settings allow Apple Watch to unlock PC.

A nuance: this works on watchOS from version 3, and on Macs with Sierra OS and later.

How to set up Apple Watch correctly

What settings are available in the Apple Watch from Series 3 or other “Apple” watches:

Detailed setting of the watch is carried out in a proprietary program from Apple installed on an iPhone or iPad Air or another series. Here you can select a watch face, filter notifications, etc.

Instructions on how to properly connect Apple Watch to Android device

Owners of Apple Watch for the initial personalization still need to get a smartphone on Android for a while, from which it is necessary to:

  • install the Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS app from Google Play on your smartwatch;
  • while the application is being installed, it’s time to install BLE Utility on iOS.
  • Aerlink must be launched, iOS Service must be activated, and the alert disabled message must be ignored.
  • In the installed BLE Utility program, you will need to open the Peripheral tab and leave the application alone.
  • Open the Aerlink alert on your watch, if it is lost, you must repeat the first paragraph.
  • If successful, the watch will notify you with the appropriate message, otherwise it is worth repeating the procedure again.

Follow the steps that apply to your situation.

Music player

Apple Watch Series 5 received 32 GB of memory. You can use them for music. The watch can work with Airpods or other Bluetooth headphones, which means you can go for a run with your favorite playlist without a smartphone.

Smart watch IWO 8. description

Smart watches IWO 8 are distinguished by their impeccable appearance. The gadget is not only stylish but also useful. With this smart watch, you will have information about the number of steps taken, calories burned, you can always measure your heart rate.

By synchronizing IWO8 with an iPhone or Android smartphone, you will always be in touch: you can answer a call directly from your watch, receive notifications from any smartphone applications and SMS. For iPhone users, the Siri button is available. it activates the search for the information you need on your iPhone.

The case of the smartwatch is made of lightweight aluminum with a durable protective coating. Model IWO 8, as some call it, has not glossy, but matte finish of the watch case. like modern “Apple” models.

The display has a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels, like an Apple watch. The display has an IPS matrix, is protected by tempered glass with an oleophobic coating.

IWO smart watches have two types of displaying menu items: in the proprietary iPhone style or with a breakdown of four icons.

The gadget does not have a camera and the ability to install a SIM card, by analogy with Apple watch.

How to set up Airpods on Android

In addition to iOS devices, Airpods are compatible with other mobile platforms. To connect them to Android, you need to follow these instructions:

  • Place the accessory in the case.
  • Go to the settings of the gadget running Android.
  • Open the section “Bluetooth.
  • Open the lid of the case with headphones.
  • Press the key on the case and wait for the white indication.
  • Wait until the “Pairing” item appears in the “Bluetooth” section.
  • Close “Settings”

That said, Android users should take into account that a number of Airpods features are only available for Apple products. First of all, it is the Siri voice assistant. The automatic pause option is also disabled.

If you don’t have an old iPhone or have data erased from it

If so, your Apple Watch may still be paired with your old iPhone. To break a pair, follow these steps.

  • Erase data from Apple Watch.
  • Set up your new iPhone and sign in to iCloud. If your device is already configured and signed in, skip this step.
  • Open the Apple Watch app on your new iPhone and pair your watch with your new iPhone.
  • Try restoring from a backup. Make sure your iPhone and Apple Watch are up to date or the backup may not appear in the list. Data from the Activity app, Workout app, or settings on the watch that have changed since the last backup will be lost. If you are using iCloud with iOS 11 and later, your Health and Activity app data is stored in iCloud and automatically syncs across devices signed in with the same Apple ID.
  • If you are prompted to restore from a watch backup, select the most recent copy.
  • If you don’t have one, you’ll need to set up your Apple Watch as new.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the setup.
  • Start using your Apple Watch with your new iPhone. It may take a few days for all of your iCloud data to be displayed.


Calculator or voice recorder

WatchOS 6 has full calculator and voice recorder apps on the watch screen. In addition, the new version of the operating system has its own App Store for the Apple Watch, which means that you do not need to store duplicate applications on the iPhone.

Apple Watch shows the time. Roman and Arabic numerals of all sizes and on a wide variety of dials.

How to connect Apple Watch to Android smartphone

iPhone 11 will do the job too

❶ Activate Apple Watch via iPhone. To use a smartwatch with Android, you can’t do 100% without an Apple smartphone. It is needed for the initial setup of smart watches, their updates, uploading music to them for listening offline through wireless headphones.

Any Apple smartphone running iOS 13 will work. This version of the operating system is available on iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and newer devices. You don’t have to carry it with you, so it can even be a gadget in an absolutely dead state.

It’s a pity, but the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 on iOS 12 will work with the Apple Watch only on watchOS 5 at the most. It is noticeably less independent, so our venture will fail along with it.

iPhone becomes a server for Apple Watch

Connect iPhone to the network and leave at home. Experiencingly, we managed to find out that you can receive Push notifications on the watch from most applications, even if the iPhone is not nearby. For example, this definitely works with Telegram.

The iPhone to which the Apple Watch is tied, in this case, acts as a server for notifications. Therefore, it must be connected to the Internet, but it can be hundreds of kilometers away from the smartwatch.

It can be connected to a power supply and wireless network and dropped into a desktop drawer. There is almost no need to get it out of there.

Apple Watch connects seamlessly to any Wi-Fi

❸ Connect watch to Android tethering mode. Apple started making its smartwatches as self-contained as possible when it added an eSIM to it. It happened on Apple Watch Series 3 in 2017.

According to the company’s logic, the watch, along with the electronic version of the SIM-card, can be taken with you where the iPhone cannot. For example, you can safely go to the water park with them, call and correspond without a smartphone.

It is a pity that eSIM in Apple Watch is still not available with us. Therefore, if the watch is near the iPhone, it uses its mobile data or wireless network connection. If not, connect to Wi-Fi.

Sharing Internet on Apple Watch. a matter of a couple of seconds

If you use Apple Watch with Android, no one bothers you to activate the tethering mode on your smartphone and connect your smart watch to it.

In this case, you will be able to fully use all applications with access to the Internet, even outside the Wi-Fi network. It will turn out, for example, to listen to music in Apple Music through Airpods.

Stop! And you can’t officially connect Apple Watch to Android?

No official connectivity

It will not work officially. But if you can’t and really want to, then you can. albeit in a roundabout way.

Officially, Apple smartwatches are only compatible with the iPhone. There is no Google Play and it is unlikely that there will be an application for connecting the coveted gadget to the operating system of the main competitor.

Apple Watch cannot be connected to an Android smartphone via Bluetooth to receive call and notification notifications, as it does with other smartwatches.

But how can all this stop you?

How to use Apple Watch with Android. It’s hard

There are plenty of discussions on the web about connecting Apple Watch to Android smartphones. It is the most popular smartwatch on the market with a quick interface and a convenient strap replacement system. It’s no surprise that iPhone owners aren’t the only ones who want to wear them.

But is it possible? Previously, this question could be answered unequivocally. no. Today the situation has changed, and we will give some advice on this matter.

What features of the Apple Watch will not be available anyway

Call and write messages from Apple Watch without eSIM and iPhone will not work

We were unable to access the Apple Watch capabilities that use the usual cellular networks. these are standard calls and SMS.

Nevertheless, today these are not the most demanded features even in smartphones, and there is no need to talk about smartwatches. This nuance can be neglected.

Choose the latest watchOS 6 watch: Series 3, 4, or 5

New Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch Series 3, which are still on sale

Yes, with the release of watchOS 6, the Apple Watch has become a fairly independent device. After installing the update, it is not necessary to have an iPhone in your during regular use.

One of the features of the new version of the operating system is the built-in App Store, which can be used directly from the smartwatch screen. Any software with its help can be installed on them without the help of an Apple smartphone.

“Dictaphone”, “Calculator”, “Podcasts”. all these new applications, together with the update, can be tried even on Apple Watch Series 1 or Series 2. But today their power for this is frankly not enough.

It’s best to stick with Series 3, Series 4 or the new Series 5. you can unleash almost all of their capabilities on watchOS 6 even with a smartphone based on the Android operating system.

Summing up: what you need to connect Apple Watch to Android

Apple Watch can connect to Android

For our venture, we can’t do without an Apple smartphone. IPhone SE, iPhone 6s based on iOS 13, or something newer will do. It is needed for the initial setting of the clock and will become a server for receiving notifications. However, you can leave it at home.

From Android to Apple Watch without eSIM, calls over cellular networks and SMS will not work. The rest will start without any problems. For applications that need an internet connection, a modem mode from any smartphone is suitable.

As a result, today the Apple Watch Android bundle becomes one step more possible. It is especially relevant if you just have two smartphones on different systems. Then they will show themselves perfectly together with smart watches.

How to Factory Reset Apple Watch without iPhone

It may happen that the user’s iPhone is lost, sold or damaged, and the watch needs to be reset in order to connect to another iPhone. Then, due to the lack of a smartphone, the reset can be performed on the watch itself, but it will not be possible to completely unlink it from the iCloud account (Apple ID) and disable Activation Lock. How to act in this situation, we will tell you at the end of the article.

To reset Apple Watch to factory settings without an iPhone, you need to press the Digital Crown on the unlocked watch and select “Settings” in applications. And in the “Settings” select “General” → “Reset” → “Erase content and settings”.

In the Apple Watch settings, select “General” → “Reset” → “Erase content and settings”

The watch will require you to enter a four-digit unlock password and confirm your intention by tapping on the “Erase everything” message. The above animation appears and the reset process begins.

How to unlink Apple Watch from iCloud account (Apple ID)

In the last two cases discussed above, when the watch is reset without an iPhone, when trying to link the watch to a new iPhone, you will need to enter the iCloud account (Apple ID) associated with the iPhone to which the watch was linked before the reset. This is the so-called activation lock. If a person does not know the details of the iCloud account used on the iPhone to which the watch was linked, he will not be able to activate and link it to any other iPhone.

But if you know your account information, then you can turn off Activation Lock even if you reset your watch without an iPhone. To do this, you need to go to the website and log in with the desired account. Next, in the upper right corner of the site, click on the username and select “Account Settings”.

Delete Apple Watch in the list of devices on

On the page that opens, in the “My devices” section, click on any of the above, and in the window that opens, select the Apple Watch specifically and click on the cross in front of them to delete from your account.

I hope this instruction will help Apple Watch users, and there are a lot of articles about all the nuances of using smartwatches in our Yandex Zen, where sometimes exclusive materials are published that are definitely worth a look.

How to Factory Reset Apple Watch without iPhone if Forgot Password

If you do not know the password to unlock your watch, and the iPhone with which it is paired is not available, you must turn on the watch and place it on the charger. Without connecting to a charger, the procedure will not work. Further, when the numeric keypad appears to enter a four-digit password code, press and hold the side button until the screen for turning off the watch and calling an emergency appears. Using the Force Touch technology, press the “Off” slider with effort. and release your finger. On the screen that appears, tap “Erase content and settings”.

Hold down the side button, and then forcefully press the “Off” slider. and release your finger. Tap on “Erase content and settings”

A warning screen pops up, on which at the bottom right you need to click on the green checkmark. The process of resetting the device to factory settings will begin.

How to factory reset Apple Watch using iPhone

I will say right away. this is the most correct of the three possible methods, since in this case the watch is completely unlinked from the iPhone with which it is paired, and also unlinked from the user’s iCloud account (Apple ID). Thus, only this method does not require further additional steps to remove the Activation Lock and, thereby, return the watch to its original state “out of the box”. To reset Apple Watch to factory settings and completely unlink them from the user’s iCloud account (Apple ID), place the iPhone to which they are linked next to them and check if Bluetooth is enabled on it.

  • On the iPhone, open the Watch program and go to the “My Watch” tab;
  • At the top of the screen, select our watch and tap the letter i in a circle;
  • On the screen that opens, click “Unpair Apple Watch“.

So you can unpair your Apple Watch in one click

After that, stainless steel models, as well as the Watch Edition, may ask a question about maintaining the tariff plan of the mobile operator, but since neither in Russia nor in the CIS Smart watches from Apple can work with ESIM, and only aluminum watches are officially sold here. without a GSM (cellular) module, our user will not see this question. But everyone, without exception, will have to enter the password from the iCloud account (Apple ID).

This is required in order to disable the Activation Lock function and completely unlink the gadget from the user account. Enter the password and click “Break pair”. Further, in the center of the dark screen of the clock, a white “daisy” will spin, and then a thin circle will appear on the clock, over which divisions will be superimposed clockwise. The process will take some time, and when the circle is completely filled, an image will appear indicating that it is possible to start pairing with the new iPhone.

How to properly reset Apple Watch to factory settings

Smart watches from the Apple corporation have literally conquered the wearable electronics market. It so happened historically that Apple was not the first among brands producing fitness bracelets and smartwatches, but it was she who managed to compete with Garmin and Samsung and leave almost everything that runs on Android Wear far behind. Today, Apple Watch is actively used by athletes during workouts, they allow business people not to miss important notifications, and, for example, they helped me lose weight, as they regularly stimulated me to close the “activity rings”.

Apple Watch is the most popular smartwatch in the world

Users can already take an electrocardiogram using the watch without visiting medical centers, and the new version of the gadget also received the function of determining the level of oxygen in the blood. For those who are already thinking about purchasing a new model, and how to “attach” the old one to good hands, this article will come in handy.

Why reset Apple Watch to factory settings

Usually Apple Watch works quite stable, but, as with any technique, they sometimes have problems and failures, which, if it is impossible to fix it with a regular reboot, is easier to solve with a full reset and then restore from a backup. There are absurd accidents when a user can forget a four-digit password to unlock a gadget, or a child can change it with his playful hands. And in this case, resetting the clock is the only way to access it.

Longreads for you

Despite the fact that Apple has long been known as one of the most tolerant companies in the world, this does not prevent it from dividing the countries where it conducts its business into co.

How to Pair Apple watch to a NEW iPhone after new iphone upgrade

Apple requires developers to ask users for permission to collect data and explain why they need it. This is a real war and redistribution of the advertising market on the Internet.

Everyone is used to working with PDF on a computer, but can you do the same on iPhone and iPad? We checked and it turned out that it is possible. And you don’t have to pay a lot of money for this and buy Adobe Acrobat.

It does not work with force touch, you must instead hold down the digital crown until the signature appears