How To Connect Apple Watch To Android Device Correctly

How To Connect Apple Watch To Android Device Correctly

Today, wearable electronics tend to decrease in size, while naturally losing power but winning mobility and convenience.

Once upon a time, an electronic watch with a backlit time and an electronic dial seemed like a breakthrough, but today a smartphone on your wrist is no longer perceived as something supernatural.

Actually, the consumer dictates the conditions, and the developers follow the lead, so the world is presented with many different models of smart watches from the most famous companies. Wearable electronics from Apple and Google are developed exclusively for consumers using smartphones of these companies, but to the question “Can I connect the Apple Watch to Android? ” Until today, no one has given a clear answer.

You can safely say that making Android Wear a watch with an iWatch device has become possible thanks to third-party developers.

Connect the device?

The Android Wear platform has a large number of smart watches from iWatch competitors, but all of them are different in one way or another, and a pairing guarantee can be given to such models as:

  • Moto 360;
  • Sony Smart Watch 3.

But in any case, the loss of some functions of the watch, for example, Through Time, is simply inevitable. But this does not prohibit talking about Does Apple Watch work with Android, and what steps you need to go through to connect them.

Instructions on how to properly connect your Apple Watch to your Android device

Owners of the Apple Watch for primary personalization still need to acquire for a while a smartphone on Android, from which it is necessary:

  • install the Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS application from Google Play on a smart watch;
  • while the application is being installed, it’s time for iOS to install BLE Utility.

After installing all the applications, the Apple Watch starts to configure and synchronize with Android. Further connection by points:

Install Aerlink app on smart watches

  1. You need to start Aerlink, activate the iOS Service and ignore the message about disabling alerts.
  2. In the installed BLE Utility program, you will need to open the Peripheral tab and leave the application alone.
  3. Open the Aerlink notification on the watch, in case of its loss, you must repeat the first item.
  4. If successful, the watch will be notified with a corresponding message, otherwise it is worth repeating the procedure again.

BLE Utility


The functionality is partly limited after such pairing, but the watch will retain its basic functions, such as:

  • call alerts
  • SMS
  • all current incoming calls that cannot yet be answered;
  • charge of the smartphone itself.

In any case, the issue of how to connect Apple Watch to Android, and this will be the right signal for developers.

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