How to connect Android TV set-top box to TV

Setting up an Android set-top box. Video instruction

If your device started playing video content poorly, it may be out of date.

Hello all, in this article we will tell you how to set the set-top box.

If you bought a set-top box and it wasn’t set up before sale, or you reset your device to factory settings and now need to restore everything this video is for you.

I make a small remark, if you see a different Launcher when you turn on the device, that is, the desktop, and you want to change it to a more familiar, you must either change it in the settings, or if it is not in the settings, you can download it from Play Market, a step-by-step instruction how to do it all you can find here

The first thing to do is to change the language. Most often the default settings are in English. Go to the settings. “Language and input”, then look in the list and choose the right one.

Next, it is desirable to change the time and date, sometimes with an incorrect date may not work. Go to the time and date settings and put the correct numbers.

After that you can connect the Internet: if you plan to connect the network connection via Wi-Fi. Then in the corresponding section look for your network and enter the password. If you want to connect the Internet via EZERNET, or as it is also called “twisted pair”, then connect the cable to the console, and see that the settings item EZERNET was included.

If you are successful at this stage, you can move on, if not. You can describe your problem in Комментарии и мнения владельцев we will try to help you.

Next, go to Play Market with your account, if you do not have one you can immediately register it.

Go to My apps and you should see a list of already installed applications, if they need to be updated. It is desirable to update them.

connect, android, set-top

In the search market you need to enter all the applications you use, from the standard I think it’s MX Player, YouTube, for example Megogo and so on.

If you don’t remember most of the applications go to our website and in the section useful you open the list of applications for Android console. Click on the icon of the application and if it is on Play Market, its page will open with the install button. If you can not find the application in Play market then download zipped APK installation file to your device, it will need to unzip and install, the archiver can be downloaded from the same Play MArket.

Such applications as FS VIDEOBOX, Torrent stream controller can be downloaded either from our website or from the official site.

Once you install the required apps. The set-top box is ready to work. If throughout the setup encountered problems, or you just have a question. Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we will help you.

We also have a service for setting up the set-top boxes, if you need help please contact us by phone or leave your contacts on the website.

How to connect?

Xiaomi Mi Box S connects to your TV using an HDMI cable. This means that your TV must have an HDMI input. It’s even available on relatively old TVs. All we need to do is plug the cable (it’s included) into the HDMI output on the Mi Box and into the HDMI input on the TV. As a rule, if the TV has multiple inputs, they are numbered. Remember the port number in which you plugged the cable. We also connect the power adapter to the set-top box and plug it into the outlet.

If necessary, the set-top box can be placed behind the TV. You do not need to leave it in a prominent place. Many people ask whether the remote control will work if there is no line of sight. The remote control connects with Xiaomi Mi Box S via Bluetooth.

If there is no image on the TV screen, then you probably need to select HDMI-input, where we connected our Xiaomi Smart Box, as a signal source in the TV settings. Usually it is done as follows: Press “INPUT” or “SOURCES” button on the TV remote control. In the menu select the HDMI port in which the set-top box is connected (in my case it is HDMI 4).

If the box is connected to the power, the TV screen should display a box with the loading console, or with a proposal to connect the remote control (if your Mi Box has not yet been set up).

How to connect Xiaomi Mi Box S to an old TV?

In this case, an “old TV” is a TV without an HDMI input. If there is no HDMI, then there must be an RCA (Tulip) connector. And here you can’t do without the adapter.

Can it be connected to the monitor?

Can! If you have HDMI-input on your monitor (and almost all monitors have one). Mi Box can be easily connected to it.

Only there is a question with the sound. Since not all monitors have built-in speakers, you may need to connect external speakers to the Xiaomi Mi Box S. By cable (the set-top box has an audio output 3.5 mm jack). Or you can connect any headphones, a loudspeaker, a soundbar without any problems via Bluetooth.

How to connect and tune up the TV box? Full manual in Russian.

Administration support Published: October 27, 2017

If you are a happy owner of a device called a Smart Box. You probably have a lot of questions about. This tutorial will make it much easier to use it. We will try to consider in detail from the most basic steps with the connection to the Internet to more complex issues. In order for the guide to be supplemented and increased, ask us questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we will be happy to answer.

Before using the set-top box is better to make a factory reset, it will help get rid of bugs, which may occur after the factory firmware. In 10% of cases it happens and usually the user notices wrong only after a full setup, installing programs, accounts, etc. What a disappointment it will be if you have to delete and re-do everything. If you bought it in our store you don’t need to do the resetting because we check all the devices before selling them.

Use only the original power supply that is included, do not try to connect third-party, this can cause damage to the device and will not be repaired under warranty. The home Wi-Fi router has exactly the same power connector as most set-top boxes, but instead of the necessary voltage of 5V, 12V is supplied, after such a connection the power controller of the Android TV box fails.

  • Connect the set-top box to your TV with AV cable or HDMI cable, the second is preferable, plug everything in. On your TV, select the appropriate mode. AV or HDMI. It is also worth noting that the cables that come with, as a rule, are not of high quality, and in order to reveal the full potential of your Smart STB, we recommend you to use high-quality Cables with gold plating.
  • To connect the receiver, we recommend using the following scheme: to connect to use HDMI, media player. Receiver. TV.
  • Do not skimp on the Air Mouse, Buy it together with the device, this control will be much more convenient. If you have an aeromouse, plug the USB transmitter into a free slot.

Connect to the Internet. To do this, go to settings, select Wi-Fi or Ethernet. In the first case, you need to find your home network and enter the password to it, which you must have somewhere to be written down. Ethernet means wired connection, if the cable goes directly from the router, then in the settings of the device activate the checkbox or switch position “On” and everything will work itself. If you are plugging in the Internet cable that comes directly into your house, you may need to call your ISP to let them know that you have a new device which needs the Internet. It all depends on how the provider’s services are provided. In the simplest version, you can just call. In others, you may need to manually enter the IP address and other parameters. But since you bought a set-top box, you probably use another computer, smartphone, etc. It will not be convenient to constantly switch the cable to each device, without buying a router you can not do. Connection method is still important to choose based on your needs, if you plan to watch movies in maximum quality, the size of 10-15 Gb, it is better to connect the cable from the router. On the Ethernet cable Rj-45 also depends a lot, they come in different categories, and each of them has its own limitations on speed. The best option is Category 6 cable, It doesn’t cost much and supports 1000 mbps.

  • Now go to the full list of applications (apps) and find the program Speedtest, if you did not find it then the console did not buy from us, download from Play Market and start testing the speed of the Internet. If the result is more than 25 Mbit, the speed is satisfactory, but of course higher. Better. If the provider still claims 100 Mbit, but the set-top box doesn’t get it, the problem may be hidden in a weak Wi-Fi router signal. You will say that the computer works fine, the phone too, but the console lags. Yes, if your box costs about 50 and your computer and phone costs more than 200, hence the answer, in the not expensive set-top boxes are less strong wifi receiver. It is better to connect them by cable, use a stronger router or buy a more expensive gadget at once.
  • An important point, if the time on the screen is not shown correctly, to correct it, go to the settings. Date and time, if you checked “network time zone” uncheck it and set to 3 (Ukrainian summer time) or 2 (winter time) of any country. Do not try to uncheck the “date and time network” will lead to the fact that the console will not work all the programs and the Internet.
  • If you bought the STB from us, the system language will be Russian, if in other stores. English. To change the settings, go to settings, languages input. Languages. Russian.
  • First of all check for updates. To do this, go to settings. About the device. System update. In some models, this item can be organized in the form of an application. Go back to the desktop, press “home” and go to the applications (Apps) and look for something like “Update” or “OTA”.
  • In any of these cases you will find a button to check for updates (check, check update). The system will tell you that you have the latest version or offer to install a new one. Some set-top boxes, usually the cheaper ones, can print an error, this means that the manufacturer has not provided an update for that model. The best Smart Set-top boxes, in terms of firmware quality and frequency of updates, are the products of Minix and Zidoo, because they are constantly releasing updates that come “over the air”.
  • Sign in or sign up for a Google Account. Apps. Play Market. Follow the instructions on the screen. Google account means email with the ending @gmail.Com. If you already own gmail, perhaps it is used in your Android smartphone or PC, feel free to enter it on the console, here you will have to remember or recover your password. If you have the same acanut installed on all gadgets, all your interests, mail, browser bookmarks will be synchronized. It’s convenient. If it happens that at the stage of registration you can not enter the day/month/year of birth, the best way is to register via computer first, then enter the ready one on the STB. Adding additional mailboxes is done through the settings, the item “accounts.
  • After successful registration, Play Market will open on the screen. Immediately recommend to install the browser Google Chrome. Through it we will update Google Play Services, without which half of the applications do not work. Of course in time the service itself will request an update, but why wait =). Go to the browser in the search bar, type Google Play Services, the search results will show a series of colored squares (images), one of which will be Google Play Services, click on it, if the system offers to choose what to open, click on Play Market, then “update”. If you did not see the colored squares, close the browser, reopen, write again.
  • If you see a notification about a new version when you start a program, update immediately, follow the instructions on the screen. It is required for the stable operation of the application, has nothing to do with the firmware.

AV connection

Rcas are usually used for older televisions that predate the HDMI connector. I must tell you right away that the quality of the picture at this connection leaves much to be desired, on some TVs it is even difficult to make out the text which is displayed on the TV. In such cases, it is recommended in the settings of the set-top box to increase the font to the maximum. Connecting: This is a bit more complicated because there will be a 3 socket on one side.5 (AUX), and with the other 3 tulip pins yellow, red and white. If your TV has connectors in the same colors. So, if you have only two tulip sockets on your TV, you will have to try it by “scientific method” until the image and sound appear.

Internet TV (IPTV) setup

To watch Internet TV or IPTV you need a player and a playlist. Players and playlists come in both paid and free, and now I’ll tell you which is better to put.

IPTV player

There are a lot of players for all tastes and colors, but since this post is written for beginners, I recommend installing the most simple and convenient player “Televizo”:

You are not required to configure anything, just enter the link to the playlist (about this below) and start watching TV.

IPTV playlist

As I said above, playlists come in both paid and free. First, you can try to install one of the free playlists and check how it all works: https://webhalpme.Ru/samoobnovljaemye-plejlisty-IPTV-2019/

Free playlists are good, but they are not stable, for example, when watching an interesting program, the link to the channel may stop working. If you like the technology of watching TV over the Internet, then I recommend connecting a pay provider (it’s not expensive, up to 70p). Per month.): https://webhalpme.Ru/platnoe-IPTV-vybiraem-luchshee/

Language on the Keyboard

At the end of our article, let’s see how to add a language on the keyboard Android TV set-top box. Go to settings and select “Keyboard”:

Selecting “Language”. Disable “System language” and enable the languages that you want to add to the keyboard:

connect, android, set-top

This completes the set-up of your Android TV set-top box.

Done? It worked? Read other articles from the “Getting to know you for the first time” section here.

How does the Smart set-top box for TV work

At first we will tell you what the media player is and what it is actually needed for. Smart TV set-top box provides TV in digital quality, and also offers a number of other interesting features. Why do you need it if you have an old receiver, which is not planned to change in the near future, is so clear. And what is the device for, if you already have a modern model of TV, and already supports Smart TV, the question is more relevant. Smart TV set-top box not only performs the basic task, which is to provide TV broadcasts in modern high-quality formats HDTV, Full-HD and 4K, the fact is that it gives the user much more.

Starhub Android TV IPTV/OTT Set-Top Box

Media players provide access to the Internet, support applications and services, have their own operating system, CPU, RAM and built-in memory. They are like computers, but are designed to work in conjunction with a TV. Depending on the power of the device and its set of functions, you can enjoy unlimited amounts of movies, TV shows and other content from the network, record information into the memory, broadcast live, play computer games, including resource-intensive, work with various applications and even communicate in social networks or messengers (Social-TV). So, a Smart TV set-top box replaces several devices and can be used as a home theater when you connect speakers, a game console, and a means of working with Internet resources. The capabilities of the receiver directly depend on the hardware and functionality of the device.

Now let’s talk about how a smart TV set-top box works. The media player decodes a digital signal and displays the picture on the TV screen. Setup and operation of programs is carried out on the console, and the receiver is used only for picture feeding, similar to the computer monitor. The device can be connected not only to a TV, but also to a PC or laptop computer. The difference between the smart STBs as the system, hardware capabilities, and the principle of operation. The design of the media player can also be different. This is a miniature TV-sticks or TV boxes, which differ not only in appearance but also in functionality:

    Mini set-top box as a dongle (TV-stick). Is a simple miniature, resembling a USB-flash drive, a device with a USB or HDMI connector. Supporting the technology of connecting a Smartphone to the receiver (Miracast, DLNA or AirPlay), such a receiver broadcasts content from a mobile device to the screen. The process is done through the program or by duplicating the screen.

The Android Box does not show

Do the test sequentially, as described here.

TCL C715 Android TV. Connect Analog Device (RCA) to TV

I will continue this page, if there are any problems on the first and perhaps the most important step. Please write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Thank you.