How To Connect An Xbox One Gamepad To Your Phone

If you own an android device, whether it’s a phone, tablet or even an HDMI stick, then you know that managing games on the touch screen is not very convenient. Therefore, the question arises, is it possible to connect a gamepad / joystick to a tablet or phone

, how to connect a gamepad / joystick to a phone or tablet on an android. The answer to these questions is possible. But, there is a small nuance, at the moment not only a large number of games support control from the gamepad, but not everything is so sad, large (and small too) game manufacturers see big prospects in android, as in a game platform, and release more and more and more successful toys with controller support. A good example of this is the prefix for Android Ouya, or Moga.

Let’s figure out how to connect a gamepad / joystick to an android phone or tablet.

MOGA is a gamepad specially released for android, because it is the best and easiest way.
And so you acquired the MOGA Pro controller (at the time of writing article 50). Connecting it to your phone is as easy as shelling pears:
Download the MoGa tools application from the market, use it to connect the joystick to your phone via bluetooth. The program itself scans your phone for games that support joystick control (GTA3, Nova, GTA VS.), and you can run them directly from the application.

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Joystick from PlayStation 3

There are 2 different ways to connect a PlayStation 3 gamepad: using Bluetooth or microUSB.

Option number 1 is via Bluetooth.

Sixaxis Controller requires root privileges. The program requires only the original Dualshock 3 and Sixaxis.

Download and install the program on the computer. Now, using the USB cable, we connect the joystick to the PC and run the previously installed program in which in the following format: xx: xx: xx: xx: xx: xx will be the MAC address.

Next, install Sixaxis Controller on our device. Let’s run it. Press the “start” button, the program will ask for Root rights, allow. A pop-up window should appear with the inscription in the form xx: xx: xx: xx: xx: xx Local Bluetooth Address.
On the PC, enter the address seen on the Change Master phone in SixaxisPairTool, click the Update button.

Now you can disconnect the joystick from the computer, then turn it on using the PS button. So check it out. If one light is on, we managed. If Connection Failed appears, unfortunately, the device is not supported.

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After the device is connected, click on the Change Input Method in the android settings, select the joystick.

The simpler method is to connect using microUSB. This method has one drawback. the limited use of the joystick. It can only be used in game console emulators.

The device must be supported by Host Mode.
Download and install the emulator of the desired set-top box.

Connect the joystick to the microUSB of our device and run the emulator installed earlier. Now let’s go into the settings, assign the necessary actions to the joystick buttons.

If the buttons do not work, you need to find the item Use Input Method in the settings.

Xbox 360 Joystick

You can connect it in the same way as the wireless joystick from the PlayStation 3. However, one thing to consider.

Wirelessly connecting the Xbox 360 controller there is no special application. To save yourself from the wires, you have to purchase a special receiver.

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As for the rest. it’s like connecting a wired PlayStation 3 controller.

Wii Joystick

How to Connect an Xbox One Gamepad to Your Phone

To connect Wiimote, download and install the special Wiimote Controller program.

Then turn on Bluetooth and run the application.

In the application, press the 1.Init and Connect button. Now, on Wiimote, simultaneously hold down buttons 1 and 2. After the application detects the controller, press 2.Select WiiControllerIME. Opposite WiiControllerIME put a tick. Everything, you can play.