How To Connect An Analog Camera To A Computer

Modern analog CCTV cameras do not differ in image quality from their digital counterparts. But still, there are differences between them. their pros and cons.


  1. Analog CCTV cameras are cheaper than digital ones.
  2. The analog signal from the camcorder to the drive can be transmitted up to 300 m., Which is three times more than when transmitting a digital signal. This is true when not using amplifiers and additional power supplies.
  3. Analog camcorders have a higher photosensitivity than digital ones.
  4. Analog camcorders with a small electronic circuit can be smaller than digital ones.


  1. When connecting non-digital cameras to a computer or the Internet, you need to use additional equipment to convert the analog signal to digital.
  2. To control the rotary mechanism of non-digital cameras, an additional cable must be laid.

So, for the operation of any analog camera, it is necessary to supply a supply voltage of 12 V, and pick up the signal from it.

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Therefore, to connect an analog camera, you need at least two two-wire cables. The power supply voltage is supplied through one cable, and the signal from the camera goes through the other.

Cables with connectors are usually used to power the camcorder. If three wiring without connectors come out of the camcorder, then as usual the red wire is “”, the black wire is “-” or “common”, yellow is the output.

It should be reported that miniature surveillance cameras are sold without a power supply. In this case, you can use the voltage of 12 V from the computer’s power supply to power the camcorder.

To transmit, you can use cables with RCA connectors. A yellow “tulip” is usually used to transmit a signal, a white “tulip” is needed to transmit an audio signal.

Most often, BNC connectors are used to connect cameras to recorders or capture cards.

In this case, these BNC connectors must be crimped or soldered onto the ends of the cable used to transmit the signal.

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An ordinary cable cannot transmit a high-frequency signal at distances of more than 2-3 meters. Therefore, to transmit a signal over long distances, you need a coaxial cable through which you can broadcast the signal at a distance of 200-300 m. Usually, a television coaxial cable with a wave impedance of 75 Ohms is used.

As a receiver or storage device for a signal from an analog camera, you can use:

  • television;
  • recorder;
  • DVR
  • computer.

You cannot connect an analog camera to a computer without a capture card.

You do not need to buy anything else to connect an analog camera to a TV, VCR, DVR.

To connect the mechanism of rotary analog cameras, you need two more wiring.

It is advisable that these wiring be shielded twisted pair, because it controls the rotary mechanism built into the DVR or a separate controller via a standard RS485 communication line.

How to Connect an Analog Camera to a Computer

In wireless cameras, the signal is transmitted by high-frequency Wi-Fi radio transmission, to a maximum distance of up to 100 m in an open area.

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9V batteries are used to power small wireless camcorders. Also, such devices often have a wire with a connector for connecting to a separate power supply. Of course, you also need to supply power to the recorder of the wireless camera, and connect its output to the monitor.

Thermal housing of outdoor surveillance cameras can be connected via separate wires or the power cable of the camcorder itself.

Powering the camcorder or the thermal cover can be done:

  • from the mains power supply;
  • from uninterruptible power supply;
  • using the battery.