How To Connect Airpods To Iphone, Ipad, Apple Watch, Mac Or Android

How To Connect Airpods To Iphone, Ipad, Apple Watch, Mac Or Android

To connect (recall, wireless) Apple headphones to a smartphone, you no longer need to carry out the traditional procedure for pairing via Bluetooth.

How to connect AirPods wireless headphones to iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch

In the case of AirPods, it’s enough to open the charging case with the “drops” in it in front of the unlocked device.

Compatible devices:

  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 10.1 or later installed;
  • Apple Watch with watchOS 3 or later installed;
  • Mac with macOS Sierra or later installed.

The setup interface will appear on the device screen. Choose “To plug” and press “Done”. If the device is logged into iCloud, the AirPods will automatically configure using any of the compatible devices connected to iCloud using the same Apple ID account.

How to choose a music source

Apple AirPods Wireless Headphones can simultaneously connect to iPhone and Apple Watch. In this case, the sound will switch between devices automatically.

You can select the source as the playback for music (for example, AirPods, iPhone or Apple TV built-in speakers) by following these steps.

On iPhone or iPad

  • Open the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom edge of the device screen.
  • Go to the player screen with a swipe from right to left.
  • Click on the icon and select the desired device from the list of available.

On mac

  • Click the icon in the menu bar and select AirPods or other speakers in the “Output device” section.

NOTE. The AirPods will only appear in the Control Center and the Mac menu if they are ready to use and within reach.

How to connect AirPods wireless headphones to an Android device

After the release of AirPods, many for some reason decided that they should not be used on non-Apple devices. This, of course, is nonsense: at its core, AirPods are albeit advanced, but still Bluetooth headphones. The official Apple manual, in which there was a place and instructions for using headphones with smartphones and tablets from other manufacturers, dispelled recent doubts:

one. Put your AirPods in a charging case.
2. Open the cover.
3. Press and hold the setting button until the status indicator lights up in white.
four. Pair with your device.

AirPods earphones not connected, what to do

If, when you try to connect AirPods with an iOS device, the setup interface does not appear:

one. Make sure the AirPods are near the device and are charged.
2. Close the headphone case, wait 10-15 seconds, and then open it again. The indicator on the charging case should start blinking white.
3. If the indicator does not blink, try to press and hold the setup button on the back of the case for several seconds until the indicator starts to blink.

four. If you were unable to configure your AirPods headphones during the above steps, press and hold the setting button for 20 seconds until a blinking yellow light appears on the indicator and repeat the steps above.