How To Connect A Windows 10 Microphone

How To Connect A Windows 10 Microphone

In the: How to connect, there is nothing difficult in Windows 8 and Windows 10. On the microphone wire, the color of the connector is the same as on the computer. Insert the plug into the connector. Point the mouse to the speaker icon. Click the right mouse button. Go to the recording devices tab. If the microphone is detected. Its icon will be green. Click on the properties or the microphone. Next is the levels tab. The second setting is better not to touch. But if the recorded sound, or the sound of playback from the microphone in Windows 10 is weak, you can move the slider in the lower setting. If the microphone is not detected, restart the computer.

On Windows 7, Windows 10, everything is the same.

It may turn out that during recording the sound was recorded like with an echo. In this case, you need to disable, uncheck the listen from this device.

We click on the sound icon, at the bottom of the screen, right-click.

Go to the tab and click “Recording Devices (menu item)” left click

Active device clicked “Default device (text)” left click in “Sound”.

Next, what I do:

I clicked “Properties (button)” left click in “Sound”

I clicked “Listen (tab item)” left click in “Properties: Microphone

I clicked “Listen from this device (the N must be unchecked box)” left click in “Properties: Microphone

I clicked “Apply (button)” left click in “Properties: Microphone

I clicked “OK (button)” left click in “Properties: Microphone”

I clicked “OK (button)” left click in “Sound”

Uncheck the box and there is no echo.

Google Chrome has a voice search feature. You can also translate the voice into text on the page.

Chrome asks whether to connect a microphone or not. details on the page at the link above. If you clicked on to ban on the site (ours is no exception), the microphone will not work. In order to fix this, you need:

In the upper right corner of the Google Chrome browser, click “Settings”-shift the window below (if we don’t see “settings”) Show additional settings. we find personal data and press the button for setting content, camera and microphone (your microphone should be in this window, you can select). put a check mark on the item to ask-click the exception management button-in the sites window we see enable or disable. Just delete the site from this field, (a cross to the right of the site, if it is forbidden). Click Finish. And on this site a microphone will work in Windows.

microphone connection in Windows 8

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