How to connect a web camera to your tablet

Connecting a webcam for video surveillance to a tablet, router or TV

As a rule, the owners of tablets do not need an additional (external removable) camera, because the tablet already has its own built-in video, and webcam. But your device is not immune to failures, and one of the most common faults in tablets is precisely the failure of the main camera.

If there is a need to connect an external camera to the tablet, you should know that there are nuances. Many people don’t understand how to connect a webcam to a tablet. Let’s look into it.

Connecting an IP video camera

Many users wonder how to connect a webcam to a tablet or phone, if the gadget does not support the OTG protocol. You can solve this problem by using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth wireless connection. Phones and tablets have these types of communication, the main thing is that the camera is also equipped with them. It is very easy to connect. just search for devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on your phone or tablet, find the camera in the list and perform the pairing. If you have questions. Please comment or write to our group VK.

Often mobile device owners do not have the need to connect the camera to your Android smartphone. Since the gadget is already equipped with its own means of shooting video. However, the device can break down at some point. The most common problem with such devices is problems with the main camera.

If you have decided to connect the camera to the Android, remember that you need to be aware of some of the nuances of this process. Let’s break it down.

The camera connects to your smartphone as a standard flash drive. If connected successfully, a new device should be detected. The system will recognize it as a data storage device. Check that the camera is turned on. Reboot the gadget. In case the camera is not detected by the system, use an Android application called Stick Mount. The program will automatically detect the device you want to connect and display all possible connections. As a result, you can synchronize the tablet with various video devices.

You can download the app from Google Play for free. Using a camera, it’s easy to take photos. If you have problems with the display of information shot on the camera, check the format in which the shooting takes place. Must be in mpeg4 or aac mode.

Connecting a wired camcorder

Done, the video will appear on the screen. You can set up cloud recording.

Connecting to watch content

Hardware that connects using a USB port will be very easy to connect to a gadget that has that port. To make the video or photo camera appear as a drive, in most cases you don’t even need to download additional software. We just connect the connectors with a USB cable.

The correct ports are available on most Windows tablets. They are much less common with Android tablets. You can try to connect your camera, using a special adapter (adapter from micro USB to USB). Most likely, you will be able to view the content you have taken.

connect, camera, your, tablet

Connecting a video device to your gadget via USB is pretty easy and does not require any special knowledge

OTG cable

Connecting hardware can be done using an OTG cable, if the device has the appropriate connector. This cable connects to the micro USB port at one end and to the OTG port at the other end. To view photos and videos you need a special program: RawDroid. Download it from Google Play.

Using an OTG cable, you can connect many different devices, including a video device

Connecting other devices with Apple gadgets is always more difficult, as they are often quite immune to each other. But it is still possible to watch content using a video camera with the help of special accessories. There is a cable called “Lightning to USB Camera Adapter”. It connects your iPad to any device that has a USB connector. You can buy it both in the original variant and in Chinese. Of course the original one will work much better.

The Lightning to USB Camera Adapter cable connects your gadget with all kinds of devices

Just a side note! Learn more about choosing and connecting video cameras for cars in this article.

Connecting an IP camcorder

Some devices are missing the function that allows the OTG protocol to work. But this does not mean that users who have such gadgets will not be able to connect a webcam to them. In such cases (and not only) you can successfully apply wireless technology.

For this smartphone/tablet and camera supporting Wi-Fi technology, a stable Internet connection (local or global) and an application converting the stream from the periphery.

Also it is necessary to equip your Android with a special video player, capable of streaming video files in flv format (for example, VPlayer).

Once you reach the settings menu after connecting, the first thing you should set the resolution and quality of images and activate the motion detector, which has a sensitivity from zero to 250 units. In addition, for your own convenience, remember the location of the archive recording.

IP Webcam is available in paid and free versions. The PRO version provides a lot of tools to configure the camera interface: display the recording button, volume control, choose the location, size, etc.

For more information on how to connect Android as a webcam see the video:

How to connect a camera to Android. You opened the page with this topic, so you are looking for an answer, how to connect a camera to Android. Let’s skip the long arguments about why you might need it and go straight to the heart of the matter.

Connecting a USB camera

For the most part, the device with the Android operating system (at least the gadgets, starting with version 3).1) are equipped with technology USB On-To-Go, the essence of which is the ability to provide power to external media that have been connected via micro USB.

To perform the connection of this type of camera special adapter with a full-fledged USB connector on one end and a mini-USB on the other end, which must go to the set of devices:

If its presence is not provided by the manufacturer, then the lack of such an adapter in our case is not a serious obstacle, as it is not difficult to buy it in communication stores, especially as it is useful for connecting joysticks, mouse, keyboard, card reader and other peripherals.

  • Connect your device using the OTG adapter to the USB camera.
  • After that our tablet/smartphone should detect the connected device as a mass storage device.
  • Now we just need to reset our gadget.

If the connection is established, then using any file manager, you can see the active connections in the appropriate folder.

This is the easiest way to connect your camera to Android, for example, to communicate via Skype. However, not always in this case everything turns out as it would be desirable. One of the most common reasons is the lack of necessary drivers, which, however, can be installed by downloading them from the official website of the manufacturer of the smartphone (tablet).

With special software

If the installation of drivers does not solve the problem, this can only mean one thing. This Android device does not support Connect third-party gadgets. In this case you can resort to a special application designed for connecting peripherals.

For example, the CameraFi app. A great tool to pair your Android mobile gadget with any USB camera. This is all the more true even when the smartphone is equipped with its own camera (or even two). And this is understandable, because the built-in camera capabilities are often largely lose to their digital counterpart of the budget class.

For more information about the functionality of the utility and compatibility of connected devices, please visit the manufacturer’s website or Google Play. we will now tell you how to work with the program.

For CameraFi, we need the OTG adapter (see the “OTG Adapter” on the CD-ROM).To install the application you need to download and install it from any of the following sources.

So, after installing the application, connect the Android device and the camera

Now run the utility and give the necessary permissions for its correct operation (the “OK” button). In the “Settings” section you can select the quality and resolution parameters of both photo and video (they depend on the capabilities of the camera). The application interface is simple and intuitive so there should be no problems.

The utility also allows you to record audio and video stream, set the desired prefix in the name of any file, and then view the finished photos or videos.

In addition, CameraFi will be a great helper for connecting an action camera, microscope or endoscope, video recorder, etc.д.

Another tool I want to tell you about is StickMount, an application that detects external video cameras (thumb drive, mouse, etc.) via a USB connection.д.) in automatic mode and then gives you a list of all available connections. Also the utility allows you to connect several video devices.

After installing the software, plug your camera in and start Root-access. Now you need to agree with the proposed conditions after which the camera should be detected and ready to work.

  • For correct work the program may need Root access.
  • StickMount is available both for free and for a fee (the PRO version is better to use).
  • If you have problems with playback of files shot with the camera, you need to change the format of the recording (AAC or MPEG4).

Connect IP camcorder

Some devices do not have a function that allows the OTG protocol. But this does not mean that users who have such gadgets will not be able to connect their webcam. In such cases (and not only) you can successfully apply wireless technology.

How to connect a camera to the tablet

To connect the camera is not so simple. When the user connects it to the gadget, it gets zero results. What’s the problem?? The thing is in the drivers. Virtually 95% of cameras require software to be installed. How to get around it? When you connect the camera, the latter must be in active mode. If the tablet will try to recognize it, that’s already better. If not, download StickMount, which will help you connect your webcam to your tablet. The software itself will recognize your camera and offer connection options. There are two versions of the application. paid and free. In the first. great functionality, but for familiarization will be enough the second. Pay attention to the settings where you can select video recording formats.

Connecting an IP camera

The way how to connect an external camera to your tablet is a little different. Before connecting an IP camera to your gadget, you must already have a player that supports streaming the flv format pre-installed. This is flowplayer or variations of other FLV players. That is, we need players which are able to broadcast in HTML pages. Next, download TinyCam Monitor on the device. The program can convert the stream from almost any camera, including your device.ч. IP and regular video recorders. There is one disadvantage. it requires a constant connection to the network.

How to Connect a Rearview Camera to a Tablet

Here it is more difficult, if we do not speak about a direct connection, as it was told above. Ideally, such a camera is placed to monitor and film the situation when the car begins to move backwards. This is where a lot of the difficulties come in. It is very difficult to implement on the tablet, although there are some solutions. They use video servers and the software itself works with a gyroscope or GPS. This requires a strong device, and working with video servers is fraught with delays up to 15 seconds, which is not acceptable for this task.

There is an option, but only for Windows tablets. The device below converts the signal from any analog camera to digital and transmits it via USB.

Ways to connect the camera

Depending on the functionality of the selected device, the rear view video camera can be connected to your tablet or phone in several ways:

  • Webcams with a USB connector can be connected using an OTG adapter. All elements of the system are connected by a cable that runs through the interior of the car. To control the camera you need to download the appropriate applications on Google Play.
  • Conventional car rear view cameras require a special TV tuner supporting video input and operation of Android devices. On one side of the tuner has a tunnel to connect to the camcorder, on the other side is a USB output for connecting mobile devices. Gadgets without a USB connector can be connected using an OTG adapter.
  • The fastest and easiest wireless connection method. via Wi-Fi without cables. The disadvantages of this system include the high cost of the equipment, a slight delay in the signal, and possible interference. In order to get an image from the Wi-Fi camera, the mobile gadget must detect and connect to the access point.

Peculiarities of connection of devices depend on the brand of car, model of rear view camera, tablet or phone. For ease of use of the mobile gadget must find a good place to place it in the cabin near the driver. Usually a recess under the car radio, the top of the dashboard, the torpedo or the windshield is used for installation. Special car accessories and holders are used for fixation and reliable fixation of equipment.

Connecting the USB camera

Most modern tablets have a USB output. This greatly simplifies the additional USB camera to it. To perform this procedure, simply align the outlet of the tablet with the output of the device.

The only hindrance may be the need to install an additional driver for the external camera. If no drivers are available, they can be found on the official website of the tablet manufacturers or searched thoroughly on the Internet at other portals.

This situation is practically not used, since the primary means is enough to recognize the device. But, a warning is necessary.

Connecting the camera is no more complicated than a normal flash card. After the connection procedure, it is necessary to leave the camera on. The device will start the initialization process. If necessary will ask to install additional software. After completing all the operations, the tablet must be restarted.

Connecting an IP video camera

Slightly different procedure for connecting the IP video camera. Here it is necessary to install special programs which allow you to use the device freely.

For this procedure we need a special program for playing video in flv format, which must be installed on the tablet.

In addition to installing the video player, you also need to configure the settings to get video from the html page. A great option would be to use the program TinyCam Monitor.

After the installation and setup process, you can use the camera. The only necessary condition is the use of permanent connection to the Internet.

Some of the existing models of tablets cannot use additional connections of external resources.