How To Connect A Usb Modem To A Tv

To watch content from the network on a large screen of the TV receiver, the device must be connected to the Internet. If there is no wired Internet in the apartment or house, the user may have an idea to use a USB modem for this purpose. At the same time, many try to connect the modem directly to the TV and configure its operation. This procedure is incorrect.

Is it possible to connect a USB modem to a TV directly

Modem. information transceiver, working through a mobile network. To do this, a SIM card of a mobile operator is inserted into the device. Such devices are used to access the network wherever there is coverage of the selected cellular network. Most often they are used for laptops, netbooks, tablets, i.e. mobile technology.

Modern TVs from Samsung, LG or BBK with Smart TV feature a USB port in the chassis. But the software of the TV receiver allows you to use this input only for interfacing with a flash drive. Receive Signal 3G and 4G mobile networks from an external modem to USB TV connector is not provided.

Some specialists change the TV firmware and extend the functionality of the universal serial bus. But most use other features to connect TV to the network.

What you need to connect a TV to a modem

You can connect the modem to the TV using wires. The connection will turn out reliable, high-speed with minimal interference and interference. The disadvantage is excess wires in the apartment or house.

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To do this, you will need:

  • Ethernet cable with LAN output;
  • router of any brand. Tenda, Zyxel, Asus, D-Link, TP-Link;
  • USB modem;
  • computer to configure the router.

In order not to increase the number of cables in the room, to get rid of the need to hide or close them, smart tv connect to the router through Wi-Fi.

Equipment that is capable of working with each other should be selected. Modems and routers from different manufacturers are not always designed for joint operation. Therefore, before buying devices, it is necessary to check with the seller the possibilities of interaction.

Connection speed must ensure uninterrupted transmission of information by equipment. You should choose the bandwidth of the equipment, mobile data operator and the appropriate tariff.

Wired connection

The data transfer speed through the Wi-Fi radio channel is lower than with a cable connection. To connect a USB modem to the TV, you need:

  • connect the router to the TV receiver using an Ethernet cable;
  • insert the modem into the router;
  • make equipment settings.

The output channels of the router are most often colored yellow. Blue indicates the wired input from the provider (if available). WAN port. Some TV receivers only support wireless connection. If there is no free LAN port in the router You can purchase a hub.

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To set the parameters of the TV with the Android OS, you need to perform the following steps.

  1. Log in using the HOME button.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Open the Network and its parameters.
  4. Go to the Simple tab.
  5. Click Wired LAN. Wired LAN.

Wi-Fi connection

The USB modem should be inserted into the router connector. If you need to configure a router, then you need a computer. Internet connection parameters are opened in the WEB interface through a browser.

Configuring a router with a USB modem

Most often, the address of the router is Different manufacturers use different IPs (,, etc.). If you cannot enter the router’s interface, you must return to its factory settings using the reset button.

How to Connect a Usb Modem to a TV

Setting procedure using TP as an example Link given below.

  1. In the parameters of the router, they set 3G: 4G.
  2. On the Network tab. 3G / 4G modem should be defined. Identified is written opposite 3G / 4G USB Modem.
  3. We select the region and provider.
  4. Click Enable.
  5. In Advanced Settings enter the password, username, phone number. You can change the name of the wireless connection. All changes should be saved by clicking Save.
  6. In the Wireless Security section, you need to create a password to protect your network.

Upon completion of the process router overload: Reboot button in System Tools. Reboot. After a reboot, the device will automatically distribute the Internet “over the air” and connect to a USB modem.

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TV setup

Having achieved the presence of a network in the computer, they set up Wi-Fi in the TV. To connect a TV receiver to the Internet you need:

  • go to settings;
  • in the Network section, select Wireless connection;
  • indicate the name of the home network in the list;
  • enter password by pressing PIN;
  • the device will connect to the network.

Advice! You can use automatic connection. For example, on an LG TV, you need to press the WPS button, and then make IP settings.

Problems and Solutions

If the router does not connect to the Internet, you should check the signal strength. You may need to move the device, purchase a finished one, or make your own antenna. In some cases, you can take advantage USB extension cord, to position the modem in a suitable place. Sometimes it turns out to restore the connection by rebooting the device.

With a weak signal level, the influence of various kinds of interference is amplified. Image may hang. Radio signal power in 3G / 4G networks load dependent. During peak hours, the level may fall due to the increasing number of users. Therefore, the final setup of the TV is best done at a problematic time in order to ensure good picture and sound quality.

Advice! Most of the settings are more convenient to make by connecting to the router through a computer or smartphone. After a stable network appears, go to the TV settings.