How to Connect a Usb Modem to a Tablet

In previous articles, we already talked about how to connect a modem to a tablet. In this manual, we want to talk about a new universal solution that allows you to connect almost any 3G USB PeopleNet modems to any tablet running the Android operating system.

So, to connect the modem to the tablet, we need:

  1. Android tablet
  2. USB 3G modem CDMA or HDSPA
  3. PPP Widget 1.2.7 program (can be downloaded from our website in the driver section)

First you need to get root rights (administrator rights) on the tablet and install the downloaded PPP Widget 1.2.7 widget. Instructions for obtaining root rights should be on the manufacturer’s website.

Next, insert the 3G modem for the Lenovo tablet into the USB port of the tablet and run the previously installed PPP Widget program

How to Connect a Usb Modem to a Tablet

In the program settings in “Connection Parameters”, depending on the operator used, enter

    1. for Intertelecom:
      APN: null
      Username: IT
      Password: IT
      Dialer Number: # 777

      1. for PeopleNet:
        APN: null
        Username:, where XXXXXXXX is your phone number.
        Password: 000000
        Dialer Number: # 777

        1. for MTS Connect:
          APN: null
          Username: mobile
          Password: internet
          Dialer Number: # 777
        1. for CSO! Mobile (TriMOB):
          Username: null
          Password: blank
          Dialer Number: 99 #

        In the program settings in the “Operations and System” section, turn off “device auto-detection” and “manual port selection”.

        Close the settings and run PPP Widget again. The program will determine the installed modem. Click on the name of the modem.

        After choosing a modem, you need to click “Connect” on the widget. If everything is configured correctly and the connection is established, you will see a network icon.

        But you must admit, when a USB modem sticks out of a tablet, it doesn’t look very aesthetically pleasing, and the chance of damaging the modem and tablet greatly increases. To avoid mechanical damage, 3GStar recommends using portable Wi-Fi routers to connect the modem to the tablet.

        Pocket Wi-Fi routers have a large number of advantages over conventional USB modems. A mobile router for all operators is generally the most versatile equipment with its advantages. Among which are:

        1. support for any devices with Wi-Fi regardless of the operating system and form factor (tablets, laptops, mobile phones);
        2. no need to configure and connect (just find the network distributed by the device and enter the Wi-Fi password);
        3. the ability to use the Internet simultaneously on multiple devices;
        4. the possibility of battery life, this allows you to not discharge the tablet and stay longer in work without recharging;