How To Connect A Smart Bracelet To A Smartphone

How to Connect a Smart Bracelet to a Smartphone

Like mobile phones, smart watches today are rapidly entering our lives. For those who maintain vitality and exercise regularly, it is a must. This article will show you how to connect and configure the M3 fitness bracelet to your phone. And also what functions it provides and how to use it.

What you need to know about M3 before connecting to a smartphone?

The equipment is simple, in a cardboard box there is nothing but the fitness tracker itself with a pair of removable straps. It is possible to purchase it in one of three colors: blue, black and red.

A protective disposable film is glued on the M3 touch screen, which will more likely interfere than protect it from scratches and bumps. It should be removed immediately. The touch panel does not respond to touch, there is only one button at the bottom of the screen. It is multifunctional and able to serve as a choice for bracelet modes.

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The strap is created on the basis of special compositions of rubber and plastic. It is quite pleasant to the touch. To charge the fitness bracelet, you need to remove the capsule and connect it to the USB port on a computer or laptop.

Detach the strap from the M3 capsule

To do this, you need to try to bend the bracelet at the junction of the strap and capsule. Quite simply, she comes out without extra effort.

How to connect the M3 tracker to the phone

For the bracelet to work fully, you need to connect it to your smartphone. On which appropriate software must be installed. It can be found by the name Lefun Health on Google Play.

Lefun Health app in Google Play

You can download it without a manual search. If a QR code recognition application is installed on your smartphone, launch it and point the camera at the code from the instructions.

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The download page will automatically open on your smartphone.

After starting the application will require certain permissions on the mobile device:

    Allow the application to turn on bluetooth on your phone, use the gallery, contacts book, and more;

Give permission to the application in the phone Go to the window with Bluetooth technology and start searching for new devices;

Start searching for new devices on your phone

  • If your phone finds several different devices with activated bluetooth within range, see the exact name in the menu of the M3 bracelet. Switch items by pressing the touch button. Find the item called About and select it with a long press;
  • When the smart bracelet is paired with the phone, on the screen you can find information about your health status: blood pressure, palpitations and other data.
  • Lefun Health Home Screen

    The main screen of the connected M3 tracker also displays other parameters. We have the ability to configure some functions of the device without a smartphone.

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    Settings of the Chinese smart bracelet M3

    The M3 has 3 different dials that you can choose from.

    M3 default bracelet screensaver

    To change it or see other options, tap on the start screen (with watch dial) on the button and hold it for a long time.