How to Connect a Samsung Smartphone to a Computer

How to connect Samsung to a computer? To cope with this task is easy, just spend a couple of minutes on the whole procedure. Let’s look at ways to connect a mobile device to a PC, provide help and instructions to users.

How to Connect a Samsung Smartphone to a Computer

How to connect Samsung to a computer via a USB cable?

Why might you need to connect your smartphone to a PC?

  • You need to backup data from Galaxy.
  • You need to transfer files between devices.
  • You want to use your phone as a flash drive.
  • Manually update the firmware.

Important! In order for the laptop to see your device, drivers for the smartphone may be required. You can download them to your PC from the official Samsung website, initially specifying the phone model.

How to connect Galaxy to computer?

  • Take the cord, through it connect the device to the USB port.
  • An icon should appear in the panel on the device. Expand it, tap on the appropriate notification.
  • Click on the item to connect as a USB drive.
  • Confirm the action.
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You can perform the same operation through the phone menu:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Select the Wireless Networks section.
  3. Find “USB Tools”.
  4. Click on “Connect Drive to PC.”
  5. Then click on “Connect USB drive” and confirm.

Through the program

Additionally, you can download the Samsung Kies program to your computer. It provides Samsung smartphone owners with additional features. Install the application, connect the phone via cable to the PC.

The program will automatically detect the device. After connecting, you can use all the features of the application, including backing up through it.

Connecting a smartphone to a computer via Wi-Fi

Connecting a smartphone to a PC via Wi-Fi can be done through a third-party application. One suitable program is AirDroid. Using it is as easy as possible:

Important! To connect via Wi-Fi, both devices must be connected to the same modem. Via a wireless network, you can exchange files at high speed, quickly transfer information.

Possible problems

When connecting a smartphone, the computer does not see it? There may be several reasons:

  1. Additional drivers are needed to connect the phone.
  2. You are a poppy grower. To connect, you need to download an additional program on Mac. Android File Transfer.
  3. Cable problems. Try using a different cord.
  4. Problems with ports. Try connecting to another connector on the PC.
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Connecting a smartphone to a PC and transferring information is very simple. But on the Mac, this will require a special application, since the operating system does not support “alien” devices on Android.

Additional software allows you to transfer files up to 4 GB, this restriction can cause problems for users. You can use cloud storage to move significant amounts of information, although the whole procedure will take a lot of time due to long synchronization.