How to Connect a Router to the Internet Via Phone

Wireless networks have given us the opportunity to have access to unlimited and high-speed Internet using mobile devices. That is why today we decided to talk about how to connect the phone to a Wi-Fi router and describe what incidents can await us. We will also consider the possibility of remote access to the phone through a laptop or desktop computer, if the devices are on the same network.


First of all, of course, we will discuss directly the connection itself. At the moment, everyone, even the cheapest phone has a wireless adapter. Basically, it is now phones with the Android operating system that are in use, on the example of which we will show how to connect a smartphone to a Wi-Fi router.

How to Connect a Router to the Internet Via Phone
  • Before you try to connect, of course, you need to connect the distribution point and configure it if necessary. If all this has already been done once, now it just remains to turn on the router and wait until the download is complete. Next, we will conduct the connection to the phone’s router itself.
  • Unlock and on the main screen we find the settings icon or menu, and there are already settings in it: everyone can have different things, since now there are many shells from various companies. The screenshot shows the sequence on pure Android 5th version.
  • Inside, we are interested in the item labeled Wi-Fi. There we can find a switch that activates the adapter on the phone.
  • After clicking on this switch, you will see a list of networks with which you can connect your smartphone to the Internet via a Wi-Fi router.
  • Having chosen one of the networks, you will have to enter a password that protects it. If you still do not know what your password is, then you can see it on the box from under the router or on the sticker of the device itself. Next, a notification appears that the connection was successful and now you can use the Internet.
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For some, turning on / off is by default on one of the switches in the so-called curtain, which is called up by a swipe from top to bottom on the main screen.

This is the only and correct way to connect the phone to a Wi-Fi router.

Wi-Fi Remote Access

Another interesting feature is connecting your smartphone to a computer via a Wi-Fi router. To do this, both devices must be on the same network, and a special program must be installed on the smartphone. This makes it possible to access the phone files without the help of extra wires. We will continue to provide examples based on the same Android OS version 5.

  • First you need to have ES Explorer on your phone, which can be downloaded from the market.
  • Now we connect the computer and the phone to the network. Open the explorer on the phone and swipe from left to right to open the menu. Here we are interested in the “Network” submenu.
  • In the list that opens, select “Remote Access.”
  • On the next page, we are interested in the “Enable” button. After clicking on it, a window with an address will appear. we will need this address already on the computer.
  • Going to the PC, open “My Computer” and on top, by analogy with the browser, we find the line for the address. there and enter the address values.
  • After entering, click on “Enter”. and before you open the contents of the phone. When you want to stop using this function, do not forget to press the “Off” button in the settings on the phone in the explorer menu.
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Now that we’ve looked at how to connect your phone to a router via Wi-Fi, and even learned how to access it remotely, we’ll look at what problems may arise during the connection.

Connection problems

So, let’s see why the phone does not connect to a Wi-Fi router. This may be some kind of malfunction in the software part on one side or another, which is treated by a banal reboot.

If nothing has changed after it, then it is entirely possible that you are not entering the password correctly or that you have incorrectly configured the distribution point. Always carefully enter the password, while keeping track of the register and the layout language.

Still can’t log in? There may be two options. either something is wrong with the phone, or with a router. You need to check the phone, trying to connect to any network and, if everything is fine, then the point is in the router: we check the distribution point, trying to connect from another device.

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If the problem is already on the phone, then perhaps you have to go to the service center or reset to the factory settings, and if in the router, then the same reset or purchase a new distribution point.

An exception may be that rare case when the distribution point of the old model works with the phone at different frequencies, but here it’s clear how to proceed.

We hope that we have told you in sufficient detail how to connect your smartphone to the router via Wi-Fi, and now you will never again have any problems with this procedure.

How to distribute Wi-Fi from Android:

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