How to connect a phone to a TV access point

How to connect a TV to a phone via wi-fi

Modern smartphones are almost no different from PC in functionality. As a result, everyone can use the capabilities of their own TV. To do this, the picture can be displayed on a large screen to watch photos, videos, play. The process can be wired, but it is more convenient to use the wireless method. He has his advantages and disadvantages.

All this is necessary to move functionality to a large screen. The phone will become a projector, providing image transmission.

What it gives?

Let me introduce you to 5 reasons that you want to connect TV and phone:

  • You can watch movies, videos and another from the Internet on the big screen. Even if there is no wi-fi on TV!
  • You know how conveniently and beautiful it is to watch photos from the mobile screen on the television receiver? Try it, you will like it!
  • You have a favorite game on your mobile phone? You can play it on the TV!
  • You can view the pages of sites, that is, use TV as a computer or mobile gadget, but with a large monitor.
  • On the screen of the television receiver you can make presentations. Demonstrate documents, photos and another from your smartphone.

Well, they decided to connect TV and phone? Then read on!

All options for connecting any TV to the phone are described here:

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Wi-Fi Direct

With the help of this technology, the equipment is connected, but you can only work with the data that is already in the phone memory. This method does not provide the Internet. For connection, you need to change the phone settings using a simple algorithm:

These actions launch a wireless process in a mobile phone. After that, you need to work directly with the TV. In many ways, the procedure depends on the model, manufacturer of equipment and year of release. The Philips algorithm will be as follows:

  • On the DU press the “Home” button;
  • Select the “Settings” item, and then click on “Wi-Fi Direct”;
  • The remote control select the “Parameters” menu;
  • Go to “Guide”, and then to “Other Methods”.

In the window that opens, there will be data on SSID and WPA, which are best recorded somewhere, they will be needed later to continue the activation process.

For televisions, the production of LG will be as follows:

After that, the LG TV will automatically look for a connection with a mobile phone.

Samsung needs the following algorithm to connect models from Samsung:

At the end of these procedures, you need to pick up a mobile phone again, find an access point and open “Available Connections”. At the same time, the device may require identification of the owner, for this you will need data previously recorded from the TV screen. To open the file on the TV screen, which is in the memory of a mobile device, you need to find this folder in the gadget and select the “Share” function. The menu opens where you need to select the name of the TV.

Wi-Fi Direct

This method helps to connect the devices, but with its help you can only view the data stored in the gadget. Getting on the Internet does not work.

To connect the smartphone to the TV, first set up the gadget. This requires the following actions:

Thanks to such actions, the technology is launched. After that, enter the TV menu.

After that, using the remote control, they enter the “parameters”. Then choose the subparagraph “Guide”. Click on the inscription “Other methods”. Here is information about SSID and WPA. These data are recorded on a piece of paper, since they are needed to perform a connection with a smartphone.

How to act to connect the phone to the LG TV:

  • Carry out the entrance to the main menu;
  • Redirected to the “Network” tab;
  • Choose a Wi-Fi Direct point, and LG TV starts a phone search.

To connect the Samsung TV:

  • On the remote control, the “menu” button is pressed;
  • Redirected to the subsection “Network”;
  • Click on the inscription “Progra. AR “and carry out the inclusion of the option.

When these actions are performed, take the phone and choose an access point. To do this, enter the “Available Connections” section. If required, information is introduced for identification.

To open any file from a smartphone on a TV, select the desired folder on the phone and click on the “Share” button. After that, the name of the receiver is chosen in the menu. No more action is required to be performed.

How to connect a phone with a TV

Essentially, users have two criteria for connecting a smartphone to a TV. The first. No wires, the second. The phone should be in an active state so that I can control it without problems. In principle, the request fully satisfies the Wi-Fi Direct function, which the author of Androidinsider previously talked about.Ru Artem Sutyan.

Connection of a smartphone to TV without wires.

Wi-Fi Direct. This is a protocol of data wirelessly, which allows you to exchange files, regardless of the availability of Internet connection.

To connect the phone to the TV, you need:

  • Open the settings on the TV.
  • Go to the network connection section (globe icon).
  • Next, go to the Wi-Fi Direct subsection and turn on the function.
  • Then go to the settings on the smartphone, wi-fi.
  • After that, go to Wi-Fi Direct and select your TV.

I must say right away, this is the easiest way to connect a phone to TV. The only thing that not all TVs are supported by this technology. Fortunately, there are several other ways that are no worse.

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Connection options

Our tips will help to make friends with each other how to connect the phone to the TV. And it doesn’t matter at all whether you have an iPhone or a smartphone based on Android at its disposal. We offer detailed step-by-step instructions for connecting via a USB cable, HDMI or using wireless networks and software conjugation.

Connection using a USB cable

So, you returned from vacation, at the table with goodies brought from the trip, best friends gathered and you would like to share their impressions and photos with them, and each of them needs to be shown in the smallest details. Here are just a photo. On the phone, and a TV with a large screen. On the wall. The easiest option is to connect the phone to the TV using a USB cable. In this case, the smartphone will turn into a flash drive, that is, it will be possible to launch files only through the USB-intensity of TV itself.

For such a connection, you will need: a mobile phone with the Android operating system, cord (for example, from charging), well, the TV with a working input of USB. Most modern models have it.

connect, phone, access, point

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Combine TV and smartphone with wire. Turn on the TV.

Select the item “Use as a USB) on the screen of the smartphone in the screen of the warning window (as USB)”.

From the TV-panel in the source list, select-USB (most often this allows the Source button).

Using the shooter on the remote control, select the desired folders and open the files. Thus, you can view images, as well as launch a movie downloaded to the flash drive.

What to do if the TV does not see a smartphone connected via USB?

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Check the serviceability of the cable. Also, wires that go with charging devices can be designed only for charging. Make sure you are using the cable that came with the phone and is designed to connect the device to the computer.

If the cable is working, check that you have chosen the desired point on the smartphone screen. Try to turn it off and attach it to the TV again, choosing the right point (not “only charging”).

What can be done?

Use a smartphone as a flash drive.

If these methods have not helped, perhaps the phone and TV are not compatible for connecting via USB. Try other options below.

Connection using HDMI cable

This method of connecting the phone to the TV allows you to turn a ligament smartphone-TV into a single computer and run all files from the phone on the big screen. Some gadgets immediately have a Mini-HDMI connector, but this is a rarity. If your smartphone is not there, you need to buy an adapter: it can be a USB Type-C-HDMI cable for more expensive smartphones, Lightning adapter-HDMI for iPhone and iPad, as well as Micro-USB-HDMI (with MHL integration).

It is not difficult to connect the phone to the TV: connect the devices with a cable, as a signal source, select the port to which the smartphone is connected. Enjoy the display of the phone screen on the TV display.

Via the USB Type. C USB Type

This adapter will help to connect new smartphones to TV, flagship models with a modern connector for fast charging. It is best to choose a universal adapter that can be connected to a TV with HDMI, VGA, DVI or Minidp.

Through Lightning

This adapter allows you to connect Apple (iPhone or iPad) to the TV set to TV. The device can also be universal and approach any TV. Cheaper to buy a simple adapter, it costs from 1500.

Through mhl

connect, phone, access, point

This is a way to connect an older or cheaper device to the TV. If the microUSB connector is in the smartphone, then the MHL adapter allows you to connect it to HDMI. Mobile High-Definition Link technology should at the same time support a smartphone and TV. To check whether your smartphone supports this function, download and run the MHL Checker application. The TV should have the MHL inscription next to the HDMI connector.

Through Slim port

This method is suitable if your smartphone does not support the previous method. This most often applies to older devices. They should also have an entrance to MicroUSB.

What can be done?

Use TV as an external display for games and watching a movie. On the TV screen, the smartphone screen is displayed completely.

Wi-Fi connection

This method is suitable for TVs equipped with Wi-Fi module. You can find out if you can eat on your TV by looking at the instructions or description on the Internet. It is also worth checking whether you have a modern smartphone enough: nothing will work with phones equipped with Android OS below the fourth version or iPhone below 4s. Everything will succeed if in the smartphone in the “Wireless Networks” section there is a paragraph “Wi-Fi Direct”. Usually, you can find it in the settings subparagraph (behind three points in the right corner). It needs to be done active.

Then on the TV to which you want to connect the phone on Wi-Fi, you need to find the “Network” section in the menu. Here we also choose Wi-Fi Direct. In the list that appears, choose your phone. Most likely it will be here alone. Request for connection will fly to the smartphone. Confirm it in the opening window that opens.

What can be done?

See the image from a smartphone. Information transmission speed is low.

DLNA connection

This method is suitable for Android smartphones and DLNA support TVs. To transfer files, you need to connect the phone and TV to the home Internet (you can in different ways), then turn on the DLNA function on the TV in the settings. After that, select a movie, picture or music, click on the file name and in the settings press: “Menu. Choose a player”. Find your TV in the list.

What can be done?

View files from smartphone. For advanced settings and viewing files, not only from the gallery you will need to put any DLNA DLNA application from Google Play.

How to set up Wi-Fi distribution on Android Samsung?

This is the easiest way to connect the Smart TV to the World Wide Web. In this case, the smartphone is used as a Wi-Fi router. Not one can be connected to it, but several devices at once. To connect, it is necessary that the smartphone has a mobile traffic with a sufficient number of paid gigabytes.

Samsung instructions with the Android series 7.0 and above):

  • Make an active point by setting a checkmark. If the smartphone is also connected to Wi-Fi, the system will propose to deactivate this connection-simultaneous use of functions is impossible;
  • The name of the new network and password mobile devices will generate automatically. If the owner wants to change this data, you must go to the “Access point” section and make edits. Subject to fulfill the requirements of the system. The name can be given only by English symbols, and the password consist of at least 8 signs.

From this moment on, Samsung plays the role of a router, distributes gigabytes of traffic. In the process of spending, it is better to leave the phone connected to food. Such a procedure consumes a charge of a smartphone battery strongly.

Internet distribution from the phone is already a fairly trivial task. This is done very easily, and you can connect both other smartphones and TVs. The task is not complicated even for iPhone owners. Rather the opposite.

Firstly, the Internet itself: it is impossible to share what is not. Secondly, the phone should have such a function-it has almost all modern mobile devices. Finally, the device that you plan to connect should be able to connect to Wi-Fi (if you use this method) or to Bluetooth (respectively).

Any Smart TV with Wi-Fi module. If the TV is not Smart, it can be a SMART set connected to a regular TV, and the absence of its own module is compensated by an external adapter (which for the console, for TV).

Turn on the mobile access point in the settings, set the network name and password. On the second phone, find the desired network and connect to it.

You need to enable Bluetooth, activate the Bluetooth modem and connect to it from another device.

With Wi-Fi. Turn on the access point, in the settings of the TV network, select the desired network and enter the password. The method through Bluetooth for TVs does not work.