How to Connect a Phone to a Supra TV

How to Connect a Phone to a Supra TV

How to set up a Supra TV

Our company sets up the Supra TV with checking the home antenna network, searching and sorting the channels of the received television broadcasts of analog and digital television, with connecting additional equipment to the TV: DVD players, Blu.Ray players, home theaters and soundbars. We know how to set up a TV. For your convenience, a Consultation on setting up TVs is organized.

TV Instruction Manual

The instruction and user manual indicates for connection and control the following connectors and buttons located on the side and back panels of the TV case.

1) USB1, USB2
– USB mass storage connectors: flash drives and hard drives
– connectors for connecting high-speed audio and equipment. Designed for high-quality playback from Blu-Ray devices or from digital receivers.
3) PC IN
– connecting from a computer to the Supra TV using a VGA cable. In this case, the TV is used as a computer monitor. Sound is connected to the PC AUDIO IN jack.

TV remote control Supra

The Supra infrared remote control contains the following control buttons:

1) Power Button. on and off
2) AUTO Button. automatic image adjustment in PC connection mode
3) ZOOM Button. screen format selection
4) PP button. Picture Mode, TV picture mode selection
5) SM button. Sound Mode, select a sound mode
6) Buttons 0-9. digital buttons for entering the channel number
7) RETURN Button. switch between previous and current channels

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8) FREEZE Button. freeze
9)MUTE Button. sound blocking.
10)PR button. switching to the next or previous channel
eleven)V / V- Button. volume up and down
12)NICAM Button. NICAM sound mode selection
thirteen)MENU Button. call or close the on-screen menu
14)SLEEP Button. setting the sleep timer

fifteen)OK button. confirmation when working with the menu
16)Navigation buttons. navigation through menu items
17)SOURCE Button. signal source selection
18)INFO Button– display current information on the screen
19)USB button. USB source selection
20)Back button. fast rewind in USB mode
21)Forward button. fast rewind in USB mode

22)Backward button. select previous file
23)Forward button. next track selection
24)Start / Pause Button. start playback or pause in USB mode
25)Stop button. stop playback
26)TEXT Button. Transition to the teletext mode of the TV.
27)CANCEL Button. background image of the channel image in teletext mode

28)SUB-PAGE Button. transition to teletext subpages
29)SUBTITLE Button. captioning
thirty)INDEX Button. go to the main teletext page 100
31)MIX Button. switch to mixed image display mode
32)REVAL Button. display of hidden information
33)SIZE Button. change teletext display mode
34)Color buttons
On our site you can download the TV remote
location and designation of the remote control buttons, as well as instructions and user manual

Setting up your SUPRA TV. TV menus

TV settings are made using the on-screen menu to activate various functions. The on-screen menu is displayed after pressing the MENU button. Use the navigation buttons to select the desired menu page:

PICTURE. image settings menu
SOUND. sound settings menu
INSTALLATION. TV settings menu
SETUP. system settings menu
ADVANCED. advanced settings menu
3D 3D 3D image settings menu
PC. computer settings menu

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Image setting

To set up your Supra TV to view the best picture, select PICTURE from the menu.
Picture Mode. picture mode. A choice is made from: Personal. personalized, bright. Bright, Normal. normal, soft. soft.
Also in the image settings menu, you can adjust brightness, contrast, color saturation, Tint color tone (for NTSC mode), sharpness and color temperature.
Color Temperature. color temperature can be selected from the following modes:
Cool. cold, with a predominance of blue tones
Warm. Warm, with a predominance of red tones
Personal personal, with the ability to independently adjust the red, green and blue tones.

Tune your Supra TV to sound

Implemented the ability to tune to the optimal sound.
To do this, press the MENU button on the cabinet or remote control and go to the SOUND sound settings menu. The following options are available here:
SOUND MODE. sound mode. The selection comes from the list: PERSONAL. personal, standart. standard, MUSIC. music, film. Movies, News. news
The sound tone is adjusted using the BASS options. bass adjustment, TREBLE. high level adjustment.
The BALANCE option adjusts the stereo sound by changing the volume level of the left and right speakers.
Option ABL enables automatic volume control when switching from channel to channel.
The SURROUND option activates the surround function.

Answers to questions on Supra TV. Supra STV-LC32T410WL there is sound, but the screen is dark

The TV does not show the image, the screen is black. Programs turn on, there is sound, but the screen does not light up. What is the reason? 11/12/2018, Chiri-Yurt.

The reason is a malfunction of the backlight unit of the LCD panel. Possible failure of the backlight or control board. For repair, contact a service center.

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How to turn on a Supra TV without a remote control

How to turn on the TV STV-LC16740 WL without remote control? I did not find the power button. 09/30/2018, Moscow

According to the instruction manual of the Supra STV-LC16740 WL TV, on the front panel there is a power button for the TV.

Lost channels on Supra STV-LC32T700WL

The TV channels went astray for a year. I decided to automatically reconfigure. Now TV channels show as if there is no antenna (indoor). And the DTV channels are constantly no signal. And in a place on the TV program is not displayed. or Auto tuning. And it loads only three channels. 08/27/2018, Orenburg.

TV just like that “go astray” can not. This is either a problem with the antenna, or with the TV itself. The easiest way to determine this is by connecting in the same place to the same antenna another, obviously working TV.

After switching to a digital antenna, I stopped catching at all

TV supra STV-LC24T850WL. There was an announcement that the TV was completely switching to digital and after that many had no connection, that is, the antenna did not catch at all. Until the switch to digital TV in the city, everything was fine. I contacted the service department, there they answered to reconfigure the frequency, and this also did not help. 06/04/2018, Kemerovo

Check the reliability of the connection of the antenna and the TV, the power connection, the place of its installation. Re-enable Digital Terrestrial Channel Reconfiguration (DVB-T) automatically. Perhaps if the transmitter began to broadcast on a different frequency, it is not caught in your apartment. Then it makes sense to try an external antenna, orienting it in the best way.