How To Connect A Phone As A Usb Drive

How To Connect A Phone As A Usb Drive

Connecting a smartphone or a regular phone to a computer or laptop allows the gadget owner to transfer files from one device to another, to flash the latter in case of a malfunction. However, there are times when Windows 10 does not see the Android OS via USB and any prospect is reduced to zero. Therefore, before solving the problem with connecting the device, it is worth checking the cable (with which the connection is made), the driver and the smartphone itself for operability. Then make adjustments to the configuration of Windows 10 itself.

Reasons why the PC does not see the phone

A Windows 10 computer may not see your smartphone or phone for several reasons:

  • The user did not give permission to connect the gadget to the PC;
  • USB cable is damaged;
  • There are no drivers for working with the phone;
  • Problems with the smartphone itself or any other gadget;
  • The defeat of the system by viruses;
  • Outdated, incompatible version of the operating system.

Having established the exact cause of the problem, you can establish the correct connection of the gadget to the computer.

Ways to solve the problem

When you connect the gadget to a PC via a USB cable, a message appears on the screen of the first that the smartphone can be connected to the PC. We put a mark, choosing what type of connection you need. There is a connection of the actual phone, memory card, media player, charging, camera.

There may be such an option.

Only after confirming the selected action, the smartphone synchronizes with the computer and becomes visible.

If the computer does not see the gadget at all and does not respond to connecting the device via USB, it is worth checking the cable itself for operability. There are several ways to do this:

  • Connect the cable to another PC or smartphone;
  • Use a different cable (if any).

If nothing happens, the wire is most likely damaged. After checking it again for another connection option and making sure that it is not working, the cable should be replaced.

Also, the problem may lie in the nest. Try reconnecting the USB cable to another computer jack and look at the result. Perhaps you are using a USB 3.1 port that is not suitable for this type of connection.

A common reason for the lack of connection between a computer and a smartphone is the incorrect operation of the drivers or their complete absence. This often happens if a new phone is connected to the computer. And, if automatic connection and updating of drivers did not occur, you must configure the connection manually. To do this, do the following:

  • We connect the phone to the PC.
  • Go to the “Device Manager”. We find an unknown device (it will be displayed with a yellow triangle).
  • Right-click on it and select “Update Driver.”
  • After searching and updating the drivers, you need to restart the PC (by disconnecting the phone).

IMPORTANT! If a driver disk is included with the gadget, we recommend using it when updating drivers.

If even after updating the drivers the computer does not see the phone or does not want to connect it, you will have to find a special program on the network that is designed to work with the gadget. Search for the program is on the official website of the smartphone manufacturer.

Also, the laptop may not see the phone due to a virus infection in the system. A malicious program could make changes to the system registry or modify an important file and affect the way Windows interacts with your gadget. Therefore, we recommend checking the system for viruses.

The last recommendation is to restart the phone or turn it on completely (with pulling out the battery for 5 minutes or more). After rebooting the device, it is worth reconnecting it to the system. If you connect an old phone of 2000, or even earlier or you have installed Windows XP or 2008, the problem may lie in an outdated OS. The only option is to connect the phone to the latest build of Windows 10.