How To Connect A Mouse To iPad iOS 13

With the release of iOS 13, iPad can get native mouse support. This innovation will take Apple branded tablets to a qualitatively new level, allowing them to compete on equal terms with the MacBook not only in terms of computing power, but also in the convenience of interaction at a professional level. Designer Guillerme Martins Chasipen decided to imagine what the iPad interface could be if he really learned how to work with external manipulators.

How To Connect A Mouse To iPad iOS 13

The designer decided that since the iPad now supports a mouse, it would be foolish to let applications open only in full screen. Much more convenient, in his opinion, would be to make windows customizable with the ability to reduce or enlarge them, drag them to the side, and overlap them with others. This is how it is implemented on macOS, which, apparently, will have to compete with the tablet version of iOS 13.

Gestures in iOS 13

In addition, Chasipen made a logical conclusion that thanks to the mouse and trackpad support on the iPad, new gestures can be implemented. With the help of some, users can drag and drop documents and files. Others can be used to switch between running applications.

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In the concept, the Control Center has also undergone changes, or rather, the control elements that received contact areas for convenient adjustment of volume, brightness and other parameters.

Another interesting find of the designer is a feature called “smart corners”. It allows you to drag an application or file into a corner of the screen, which launches all open windows in an Expose-like format. Thus, you can quickly and comfortably drag documents from one application to another.

How to connect a mouse to iPad

Connecting the mouse to the iPad, according to the designer, should be done according to the AirPods principle: it’s worth bringing the accessory to the head unit, and an animation should appear on the screen, indicating a successful pairing.

It looks, of course, cool and very Apple-style, but for this, most likely, the company will have to introduce a new generation of Magic Mouse with an H1 processor or at least W1.

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