How to Connect a Modem to a TV

Today, the Internet has closely entered the life of a person, because it allows you to work more efficiently, communicate and search for the necessary information. But in many areas there is still no cable Internet, so people buy USB modems. These devices are functional and mobile, which allows you to use them to access the network almost anywhere in our vast country.

Modems working in 3G / 4G networks of cellular communication operators allow you to access the Internet from any laptop. This is considered ideal if you cannot connect to the Internet using fiber optic cable or satellite. Over, these devices are very compact and easy to use.

If you do not know how to connect a USB modem to laptops, then below we will describe this procedure in detail. Also, thanks to this article, you can learn how to turn on the modem.

  1. Connection process
  2. Connection
  3. ON / OFF Button
  4. Software
  5. Network connection
  6. Removing a USB modem

Connection process

For instructions on the example of a device from MTS, see the following:

I will describe each step in a separate section to make it as easy as possible to find the necessary information.


We turn on the laptop in normal mode and expect the system to start. We remove the cap from the equipment, which protects it from damage and dust. Next, you need to connect the modem to any free USB port of the laptop.

If the modem does not enter the port, then you need to rotate it 180 ° around the axis. Do not press hard on the device so as not to damage its plug and connector on the laptop.

Experienced users are advised to connect the modem to the laptop using a USB extension cable, because this will protect it from damage during careless work.

ON / OFF Button

On some 3G / 4G modems, an ON / OFF button is provided. If it is, then switch it to the first position (ON).


After connecting the equipment to the laptop, the “Autostart” dialog box should appear on the display. Now you can install the device software.

In the process of installing the program, you will need to select the language and installation location. You can find out about the successful installation of the driver and software by the appearance in the control panel of the icon corresponding to the USB device. At the end of the procedure, the user will be notified that the device is ready for use.

If the installation procedure failed, then a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark will be visible opposite this icon. Therefore, you will need to remove the installed program, restart the system and try reinstalling the hardware software.

Network connection

To connect a laptop to the Internet, you need to left-click on the program’s shortcut, for example, “Megaphone Internet”. Some modems connect to the Internet using the web interface, which is available in browsers at, or (the address depends on the brand and model of the device). Basically, the web interface uses Beeline.

It is advisable to make certain settings. If you do not know how to configure the modem and increase the data transfer speed, then for this you will need to set the necessary mode in the network settings: only 3G (UMTS), only 4G (LTE) or 3G (UMTS). 4G (LTE). This allows you to test each of these modes and find the best one for a high-quality Internet connection.

In the picture, the connection settings are only for 3G network:

And here is the connection settings for only 4G network:

Then in the program window you need to click “Connect

The equipment indicator will light green or blue depending on the model of the device and the type of network. Next, you can open any browser and search for the desired web page.

Removing a USB modem

The equipment is removed, like other USB devices. They click on the triangle in the lower right corner of the taskbar. In the menu that opens, select the device icon. In the list, look for the name of the modem, click on it. A message appears stating that the device can be removed safely.

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Connecting a modem is a simple procedure that does not require special knowledge in PCs and network equipment. In most cases, the device works after installing the software without any problems.

If you need help connecting and configuring any modem, write in the comments!

A few years ago, the TV acted only as a means for viewing television programs, could receive about a dozen channels and had large dimensions. With the development of technology, not only the appearance of the television receiver has changed, but its functional characteristics have also significantly increased. Now users can watch their favorite TV shows in excellent quality, and be able to receive a wider range of services.

Many devices of a new type allow the consumer not only to watch on-air television programs, but also to activate the Internet and watch those films or programs that are of interest to the consumer online. In this article we will tell you how to connect the TV to the Internet through a modem.

Can I connect a modem to the TV

The question of how to connect a TV to the Internet is today more than popular among people of different ages. The standard television programs that air offers to consumers have long ceased to be recognized among young people. There are several reasons for this. The low rating of programs broadcast by television, the shortage of new films on television screens, the saturation of channels with out-of-date series and a huge amount of advertising. Connecting the TV to the Internet will allow the consumer to watch the whole range of programs that is interesting to him.

Most people who use the Internet on phones, tablets, laptops or PCs use home Internet or modems for these purposes. Modems have an affordable price category, are convenient to use and can currently provide access to the network thanks to the latest advanced developments. For Internet on TV, you can connect a USB modem to the TV, as there are USB outputs.

Direct connection of the modem via the USB port of the TV is not directly provided by the manufacturer. USB TV-connector is designed to connect external drives with the purpose of viewing, audio files and photos.

But you can implement your plan through a router or cable. Next, we talk about methods that allow you to implement the connection in practice.

Internet connection options for your TV

There are two ways to connect the network to the TV. Wireless via Wi-Fi and wired connection. Both methods require the user to have a good quality USB modem, preferably supporting 4G technology, as well as a router using which the connection will be made. As mentioned earlier, connecting the modem directly to the TV will not give the desired results. When purchasing a router, it is important to pay attention to its functional indicators, it is necessary that it can be paired with the modification of the modem that will be used when connecting the network.

Connecting a modem via a Wi-Fi router

Before proceeding directly to the implementation of the connection, you need to find the instructions for the television receiver, and see its functional characteristics. The latest smart TV viewing devices are equipped with integrated wireless modules, however, some devices do not have an indoor unit. In the absence of a module, you will also need to purchase a Wi-Fi adapter for TV, which will allow you to connect the Internet through the device. In this case, the TV must have the option of supporting wireless networks. Otherwise, nothing will work.

After that, the router connects to a free USB port on the TV, which will guarantee the possibility of connecting the Internet to the TV. In order for the TV to detect a new device, it must be rebooted by turning it off and on again.

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To connect to the wireless Internet, an internet access point must also be provided in advance. For this, a router and a modem for the TV can be used, distributing traffic at a speed of at least four megabits per second for full viewing of files.

After preliminary preparation of all the required devices, you can begin to connect the network. To do this, go to the “Network” menu on TV, then go to “Network Settings” and select “Wireless Connection”.

In the list of available wireless networks, click on the name of your Wi-Fi router. If the network has a password, then you will need to enter the password for Wi-Fi in the parameters. On this setting can be considered complete. It remains only to exit the menu and check the functioning of the Internet.

Cable internet connection

Connecting the Internet to the TV via cable is considered more reliable and functional, since it provides for the supply of a more stable signal. The only drawback of such a connection is the presence of wiring in an apartment or at home, which does not always reflect well in the interior. Most often, an Ethernet cable with an adapted LAN output to the television equipment is used to connect the router and the TV.

To connect to the network, it is important to connect the cable to the router and the connector on the TV in series. The settings of the TV practically do not differ from the previous version, the only difference will be the choice of a cable connection instead of wireless communication. Most often, after this, the television receiver automatically connects to the network. If the settings have not been updated, then it will be necessary to manually enter the IP addresses, subnet mask and data transfer gateway using the remote control.

After confirming the entered data, it remains only to double-check the functioning of the worldwide network. To do this, you can try to watch a on YouTube for testing or try to launch a movie online for testing.

To summarize

In order to get good quality Internet on TV, you should choose a modem tariff plan with a good data transfer speed and purchase a high-power router.

To watch content from the network on a large screen of the TV receiver, the device must be connected to the Internet. If there is no wired Internet in the apartment or house, the user may have an idea to use a USB modem for this purpose. At the same time, many try to connect the modem directly to the TV and configure its operation. This procedure is incorrect.

How to Connect a Modem to a TV

Is it possible to connect a USB modem to a TV directly

Modem. Information transceiver, working through a mobile network. To do this, a SIM card of a mobile operator is inserted into the device. Such devices are used to access the network wherever there is coverage of the selected cellular network. Most often they are used for laptops, netbooks, tablets, i.E. Mobile technology.

Modern TVs from Samsung, LG or BBK with Smart TV feature a USB connector in the chassis. But the software of the TV receiver allows you to use this input only for interfacing with a flash drive. Receive Signal 3G and 4G mobile networks from an external modem to USB TV connector is not provided.

Some specialists change the TV firmware and extend the functionality of the universal serial bus. But most use other features to connect TV to the network.

What you need to connect a TV to a modem

You can connect the modem to the TV using wires. The connection will turn out reliable, high-speed with minimal interference and interference. The disadvantage is excess wires in the apartment or house.

For this you need:

  • Ethernet cable with LAN output;
  • Router of any brand. Tenda, Zyxel, Asus, D-Link, TP-Link;
  • USB modem;
  • Computer to configure the router.
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In order not to increase the number of cables in the room, to get rid of the need to hide or close them, smart tv connect to the router through Wi-Fi.

Equipment that is capable of working with each other should be selected. Modems and routers from different manufacturers are not always designed for joint operation. Therefore, before buying devices, it is necessary to check with the seller the possibilities of interaction.

Connection speed must ensure uninterrupted transmission of information by equipment. You should choose the bandwidth of the equipment, mobile data operator and the appropriate tariff.

Wired connection

The data transfer speed through the Wi-Fi radio channel is lower than with a cable connection. To connect a USB modem to a TV, you need to:

  • Connect the router to the TV receiver using an Ethernet cable;
  • Insert the modem into the router;
  • Make equipment settings.

The output channels of the router are most often colored yellow. Blue indicates the wired input from the provider (if available). WAN port. Some TV receivers only support wireless connection. If there is no free LAN port in the router You can purchase a hub.

To set the parameters of the TV with the Android OS, you need to perform the following steps.

  1. Log in using the HOME button.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Open the Network and its parameters.
  4. Go to the Simple tab.
  5. Click Wired LAN. Wired LAN.

Wi-Fi connection

The USB modem should be inserted into the router connector. If you need to configure the router, then you need a computer. Internet connection parameters are opened in the WEB interface through a browser.

Configuring a router with a USB modem

Most often, the address of the router is Different manufacturers use different IPs (,, etc.). If it is not possible to enter the router interface, you must return to its factory settings using the reset button.

Setting procedure using TP as an example Link given below.

  1. In the parameters of the router, they set 3G: 4G.
  2. On the Network tab. 3G / 4G modem should be defined. Identified is written opposite 3G / 4G USB Modem.
  3. Choose a region and provider.
  4. Click Enable.
  5. In Advanced Settings enter the password, username, phone number. You can change the name of the wireless connection. All changes should be saved by clicking Save.
  6. In the Wireless Security section, you need to create a password to protect your network.

After the completion of the process router overload: Reboot button in System Tools. Reboot. After a reboot, the device will automatically distribute the Internet “over the air” and connect to a USB modem.

TV setup

Having achieved the presence of a network in the computer, they configure Wi-Fi in the TV. To connect a TV receiver to the Internet you need:

  • Go to settings;
  • In the Network section, select Wireless connection;
  • Indicate the name of the home network in the list;
  • Enter password by pressing PIN;
  • The device will connect to the network.

Problems and Solutions

If the router does not connect to the Internet, you should check the signal strength. You may need to move the device, purchase a finished one, or make an antenna yourself. In some cases, you can take advantage USB extension cord, to position the modem in a suitable place. Sometimes it turns out to reconnect by rebooting the device.

With a low signal level, the influence of various kinds of interference is amplified. Image may hang. Radio signal power in 3G / 4G networks load dependent. During peak hours, the level may fall due to the increasing number of users. Therefore, the final setup of the TV is best done at a problematic time to ensure good picture and sound quality.