How to connect a Hikvision IP camera to the Internet

Testing IP-cameras, video recorder and software Hikvision (Part 1)

Hikvision is one of the recognized leaders in the field of video surveillance systems. The product line includes a wide range of IP video cameras in various form factors, video recorders, surveillance servers. Dynamic growth and the highest quality products have allowed Hikvision to become the profile equipment manufacturer in the world two years in a row.

In this review, we will test the camera, 4-channel video recorder and a standard software Hikvision.

Poe switch to router

We understand the scheme of this connection, then there is only to connect the device in the integration Hikvision. Open the “Camera” section, look through the list of devices and choose the necessary ones, and then click the plus icon to add the equipment.

If the camera password does not match the recorder, you will need to enter the security combination. In a situation, when both gadgets have the same password, they automatically connect without any additional confirmation. In the same interface you can immediately check the picture quality and the stability of its transmission through the recorder.

In case of PoE-switch you can complement IP cameras with other devices. For example, to add the Hikvision smart door station or monitor for tracking information.

Changing the IP address in the camera Hikvision

You need a program from Hikvision called SADP. You can download from the official Hikvision website, here’s the link. After starting the program will find the network available IP cameras Hikvision. In my case, found DS-2CD2432F-IW.

All you have to do now is in the right column to specify the IP address and Gateway you want and enter the password. 12345, before clicking Save. You can then change the password in the web interface IP-camera.

Now after entering the new IP address you can see the image from an IP camera.

That’s how IP cameras are connected to the computer. An overview of Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW, see one of the following articles. It is even easier to connect IP camera to DVR.

The tools I use when connecting a camera. Crimp, cutter, wire cutter, tester, screwdriver (see the following tips). Article. Video Surveillance with your own hands).

How To Setup Any Hikvision IP camera: #1 Easy Way Via Hikvision Software [IVMS]

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Hello readers, now I want to draw your attention to the IP camera in the “bullet” version. Hikvision.

Hikvision IP camera cable crimping scheme is on the manufacturer’s website in the FAQ section, but through a text search go to.

If you did everything according to the instructions in the last article, and you can’t access the camera from the Internet.

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Account Registration

To get started, you need to register a cloud account. You can also do it via https://i.Hik-connectru.Com (you must use Internet Explorer) and via smartphone app. The account is linked to either an email address or a phone number. Both of these methods are not always stable, but problems with registration are rare.

In the early days of the technology, it was easy. I adjusted the network settings of the device, ticked the right spot, and the device was in the “cloud”. It remained only to add it to your account by serial number. Usually there were no problems, unlike some other manufacturers. Then the problems began. And they began after the emergence of the law on personal data and, consequently, the need to transfer the “cloud” servers in the If I’m not mistaken, the problem was solved for about six months. Then it stabilized, but periodically some strange access failures still happen. There is only one way out. Wait a bit and try again.

Problem with the cloud

As of August 2020, the EZVIZ P2P service and Hik-Connect are no longer compatible. As a consequence, if you previously used the service EZVIZ to work with the devices НiWatch/Hikvision, and there are problems, it is suggested to do the following:

Go to a personal cabinet and unlink (delete) the equipment from your account. Before that, save or write down the serial numbers of your devices and make sure that you know their confirmation (verification) codes. Otherwise you will not be able to add devices to the new personal cabinet.2. Go to the Russian website of the Hik-Connect personal account ( https://i.Hik-connectru.) and create an account.3. Check your hardware settings following this instruction4. Add devices to personal cabinet by serial number of device (or via mobile application).

The problem with password

The next source of problems was the increased security requirements for passwords. The default password used to be “12345” and you only needed the serial number of the device to connect to the cloud. Now there is no default password, and the device is in the so-called “inactive” state. In order to start interacting with the device in any way, you need to activate it by assigning an administrator password that satisfies the security policy. At the time of writing, the password must be 8 to 16 characters long and contain numbers and Latin letters, preferably in different cases. So far, the requirement for different case, as well as the presence of specs in the password. Characters is not mandatory, but I think this will not last long.

The problem with the confirmation code

Another cause of connection error is the confirmation (verification) code. It is a code that must be entered in order to connect the device to the cloud, and which is also used to encrypt the video stream. It is also the administrator password for some devices. There are also requirements for the confirmation code: from 6 to 12 letters and/or numbers. For now, the requirement of having both letters and numbers is not mandatory, but letters should not follow the alphabetical order and be the same.

In some cases, the confirmation code field is not available in the web interface. It used to be enough to enter the default code ABCDEF when you added it to your account and everything worked. Now the situation is different. The server says that the confirmation code is too simple and it is necessary to specify a more complicated one. But how, if there is no field? You can do this through SADP.

Problem with cloud server

Next, the cloud server. The field for entering the server name was always there, but everything worked without specifying it. The server was automatically selected. Now it too can be selected automatically, but, more often than not, incorrectly. We get two possible problems. Either the device can not connect to the cloud. In the connection status: “Offline”, or can and does connect. In the connection status: “Online”, but then you can not add it to your Russian account. For the device to connect to the server and be added to the Russian account, you must specify the name of the Russian same server:

  • For Hikvision devices: dev.Hik-connectru.Com, or litedev.Hik-connectru.Com
  • For HiWatch devices: dev.Guardingvisionru.Com, or litedev.Guardingvisionru.Com

If the server address before editing starts with dev, then you should specify russian address, starting with dev. If it is litedev, then you should use russian litedev address.

In fact, even if you specify the server hik-connectru.Com instead of guardingvisionru.Com, then everything works, too.

Problem with DNS server

Sometimes it happens that everything is configured correctly, but there is no connection to the cloud. DNS servers are to blame. Manufacturer recommends to force “google” DNS-servers: и

The problem with the firmware

Last important point. The firmware must be up to date. Practice shows that it is not always necessary. Devices installed a few years ago work fine, but still, the first thing to do when problems occur is to update the firmware.

Port forwarding

To access the router settings menu, you need to enter the IP address into your browser’s address bar. The IP address of the data logger is displayed in the network settings of the PC (or video logger) in the “Gateway” section. If the connection is successful, the authorization window will appear. Login: admin and password: admin by default in most routers. Further settings are very different in different models, and it is not reasonable to give an example on any one device. The desired section of the settings is often called “NAT”. Local address translation, or “Port Forwarding. Port forwarding. In TP-Link routers which are widespread now, it’s called Virtual Server Forwarding. The essence of this function is that when addressing from the Internet to an external IP address on a certain port, the router will redirect this address to a specified IP address within the local network. Important point: the default port of the video recorder Hikvision. 80th, this is the port on which all sites on the Internet are visited, and it is often busy. For correct work set up forwarding from other, not used external port, for example from 8080th and remember that external requests to the recorder should be made through it. Example: instead of “http://внешний_IP_адрес/” you need to enter “http://внешний_IP_адрес:8080/”. Also you need to forward through 8000 and 8200 port in order for the application to work.

Setting up Wi-Fi on the IP camera

Last time I configured Wi-Fi on Zenith E1 IP camera. Hikvision has the same simple approach.

It is enough to go to the web interface, in the menu. Advanced configuration, then find the tab Wi-Fi (clickable).

It will display a list of all available wireless devices. Now you need to find your own, enter the TKIP key and save the settings. The network connector can now be disconnected.

connect, hikvision, camera, internet

The camera will be assigned a new IP address. To determine it we use the program SADP. You can download here, should also go with the camera, on the disc attached.

The camera is connected via Wi-Fi, now you can easily connect it to any network socket in a convenient location.

In my opinion, using Wi-Fi is optimal when the camera is often moved, for example, there is a need to use the IP camera as a baby monitor.

The camera is placed wherever the child is at a particular time.

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The last article about Hikvision DS-2CD2232-I5 for 99 instead of 300 caused a message that there are much cheaper. Even.

Today the story about the experience of using the Internet service, which allows conveniently and beautifully organize online.

Hello again, what will be in this article? Let me explain why we have video cameras cost at least twice as much.

connect, hikvision, camera, internet

I have been organizing and designing low voltage systems for over 15 years, hobby is running at full throttle.

connect, hikvision, camera, internet

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Подключение ip камеры Hikvision к интернету через Hik-Connect

Ivms-4500 download

You can use one of the following links to download the iVMS-4500 surveillance app, depending on the type of mobile device you are using:

Play.Google.Com/store/apps/details?ID=com.Mcu.Ivmshl=en. Version for Android. Itunes.Apple.Com/ru/app/ivms-4500-lite/id441697527?Mt=8. Apple version. Www.Microsoft.Com/uk-ua/store/apps/ivms-4500/9wzdncrcx2z4. Windows mobile version. Appworld.Blackberry.Com/webstore/content/137367/?Lang=en. Blackberry version.

Recording options

Recording. An important setting of the camera Hikvision. Set the appropriate modes by motion detector. To start configuring it, visit the “Events” tab in the “Events” subsection. Enable motion detection, by marking the appropriate functions with birds. The motion area is set by highlighting the corresponding area in the video image of the camera presented in the menu. Click on “Finish”.

The sensitivity of the detector must also be set. The optimal value for this parameter is 60-80. Motion detection operates on a special schedule, which can be changed in a special section.

In addition, it is very important to set the correct settings in the “Communication Method” tab. Activate the “Download to memory card”, as well as “Record by search event”. The first option is necessary for the successful saving of video on the built-in memory card of the device. The second one is for connecting the recording to the SD card immediately after triggering the motion detector.