How to Connect a Gamepad to a Computer

How to Connect a Gamepad to a Computer

How to connect a gamepad from PS4 to PC?

When Sony first announced that the DualShock 4 joystick will be compatible with Windows, gamers around the Internet welcomed the news. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to simply connect it to a computer and start playing. Although the PS4 controller is recognized by Windows, existing games may glitch or may not work with it automatically.

Windows supports the use of a PS4 gamepad for PC, but since Microsoft has its own console, they officially only support their controllers, and dualshockers will have to dance a little with a tambourine.

What do you need to connect?

  1. Actually the controller itself.
  2. Standard USB cable.

After connecting the gamepad. It will be recognized by the system and you may even be able to use it in some applications and games (such as Steam and some toys).

If you simply connect the device to the computer, then some of the joystick functions will not work, such as:

  1. Touch panel (but works like a button),
  2. Gyroscope,
  3. Vibration,
  4. Built-in microphone and speaker,
  5. Headset jack.

How to make the gamepad work correctly?

Here you have only one option. Use special software, namely:

  1. Drivers
  2. Joystick emulator (Xpadder).

It is worthwhile to understand that when connecting the PS4 joystick for PC, you need only one of two options, which one. You decide. Let’s get everything in order.

1) Dualshock 4 drivers for computer

In most cases, using a modern operating system, such as Windows 10, drivers will not be required and the joystick will be recognized automatically.

However, this can not always be so smooth, and for such cases when the gamepad is not recognized or will be recognized with errors, there are at least two drivers:

Over, the second grew from the first, when he was still at the testing stage. You can download drivers from the links above, or by visiting the official support branches: one, two.

In addition to the drivers themselves, you need to check whether the following components are installed on your system and, if necessary, install (or update) them:

  1. Microsoft.NET 4.0
  2. Visual C 2010/2012;
  3. Latest version of DirectX;
  4. The latest official version of the Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller Driver;
  5. Administrator rights.

Before installing all components, you should close all applications and games that can use the controller. Also, if you previously installed the driver for Dualshock 3. It should be removed. If you want to use the gamepad via Bluetooth, you must install the appropriate drivers for it too.

DS4Tool installation procedure:

  1. The archive contains the Virtual Bus Driver folder, it contains the ScpDriver.Exe file. Install (this is the driver itself).
  2. After installing the driver, run the file ScpServer.Exe (lies in the root of the archive).

After the installation is completed, connect the DualShock 4 to the computer via USB or Bluetooth. Keep in mind that USB is a much more reliable choice, as some Bluetooth chipsets are not supported by this software. The controller is recognized in the application (ScpServer), and in most cases it functions identically to the device from the Xbox 360. However, some games have compatibility problems, so you may need to check the box “Hide DS4 Controller”.

By clicking on the “Settings” button, you can open a window with several sliders. Here you can change the color and intensity of the DS4 lightbar, switch it to the battery indicator, adjust the vibration and turn on the touchpad to control the mouse pointer.

You can watch this to make it clearer:

Earlier versions of drivers were available at the time of creating the, so there is such a discrepancy in size. The author talks about

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700kb, when the current version is already more than one megabyte. Remember that work on the application continues. Currently, you need to manually launch the program every time you want to start the game. In future updates, this will probably be fixed.

2) Using the joystick using the Xpadder program

To begin, let’s figure out what kind of software. Xpadder This is a joystick emulator program for a computer. At the moment, it supports several hundred controllers from different manufacturers, which makes it absolutely universal in terms of use. And of course, for our dualshock from PS4 is suitable.

This method has two undeniable advantages:

  1. No drivers needed
  2. You can customize each joystick button for yourself.

But there are also disadvantages:

  1. It will take a long time to understand the essence of the application and configure everything as it should;
  2. The program is officially paid (but you can very easily find the free version).

Configuring Xpadder for Dualshock 4

In the below, there is a setting for the Xbox joystick, but since the program is universal, the described steps are also suitable for your DS4.

I also advise you to read this article, which also provides a very detailed description of the Xpadder program settings for working with Dualshock 4.

The PlayStation3 gamepad is a type of device using DirectInput technology, while all modern games that go to the PC only support XInput. In order for the dualshock to display correctly in all applications, it must be correctly configured.

Connecting DualShock from a PS3 to a computer

Dualshock supports working with Windows out of the box. For this, a special USB cable is supplied with the device. After connecting to the computer, the drivers will be automatically installed and after that the joystick can be used in games.

Method 1: MotioninJoy

If the game does not support DInput, then for normal operation it is necessary to download and install a special emulator on the PC. For a dual shock, it is best to use MotioninJoy.

  1. Run the MotioninJoy distribution on your computer. If necessary, change the path for unpacking files, enable or disable the creation of shortcuts for quick access.
  • Run the program and use the USB cable to connect the controller to the computer.
  • Go to tab “Driver Manager”, so that Windows downloads all the drivers necessary for the correct operation of the device.
  • A new joystick will appear in the list of devices. Open again “Driver manager” and click on the button “Install all”, to complete the driver installation. Confirm actions and wait for the inscription “Install completed”.
  • Go to tab “Profiles” and in paragraph “Select one mode” select the desired operating mode for the controller. To run old games (with DInput support), leave “Custom-Default”, for modern publications. “XInput-Default” (emulation of the Xbox 360 controller). After that, click on the button “Enable”.

    To check the operation of the gamepad, click Vibration Testing. To disable the gamepad, on the tab “Profiles” press the button Disconnect.

    With the MotioninJoy program, you can use the dualshock to launch modern games, as after connecting it to a computer, the system will recognize it as a device from Xbox.

    Method 2: SCP Toolkit

    SCP Toolkit is a program for emulating a joystick from a PS3 on a PC. Available for free download from GitHub, along with source code. Allows you to use the dualshock as a gamepad from the Xbox 360 and is capable of working via USB and Bluetooth.

      Download the program distribution kit from GitHub. He will have a name. “ScpToolkit_Setup.Exe”.

    Run the file and specify the location where all files will be unpacked.

    Wait until the unpacking is completed and click on the inscription “Run Driver Installer”, To additionally install the original drivers for the Xbox 360, or download them from the official Microsoft website.

    Connect the DualShock from the PS3 to the computer and wait until the controller appears in the list of available devices. After that click “Next”.

    Confirm all necessary actions and wait until the installation is completed.

    After that, the system will see the dualshock as an Xbox controller. However, using it as a DInput device will fail. If you plan to launch not only modern, but also old games with gamepad support, then it is better to use MotionJoy.

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    The PS3 gamepad can be connected to the computer via USB or Bluetooth, but only to run older games (which support DirectInput). To use the dualshock in more modern editions, you need to download and install special software to emulate the Xbox 360 gamepad.

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    Your circuits do not work.

    You are right, Dmitry.

    Very informative comments. These are work programs, what exactly are you having difficulties with?

    In that 1 method does not issue on Windows 10 what is on the screenshots

    At first, it didn’t work for me either, when I just clicked, there’s still need to click on the left part of the virtual gamepad installation

    Everything is super. The program works

    Do not believe it, at home I was able to put SCP on 10 Windows and play 10 microns, both options do not work on 7 Windows

    I had the same window as you did when I launched the MotioninJoy program on a laptop with Windows 7. I could not use this program.

    Did not help when connecting these methods. Plus SCP disconnected logitech M90 from the PC, it just stopped transmitting signals. The gamepad blinked with all 4 beacons, and remained blinking. Windows 10 system

    If you have a mouse via Bluetooth, then it will not work.

    P.S. It was necessary to read.

    Look on the Internet logitech m90, the most unkillable pebble, wired

    Thank you very much Anastasia!
    I tried a week ago and failed.
    He killed a lot of time.
    As it worked now. I can’t imagine the mind.
    The second way is working. Windows 7 64. Joy from Sonya 3.
    I just started the program, connected the controller through my native cable and everything works.
    . I’m in shock # 128578;

    SCP Toolkit An ugly program that did something with firewood on a mouse and keyboard.
    Aliens to demolish Windows. You are the coaches.
    Dogs: the first program is not working at all.
    I would have met in real life the one who wrote this guide, would have filled my face with all my heart.

    The funny thing is that SCP ToolKit is working properly and does not touch the drivers of other devices, while MotioninJoy is garbage.
    Maybe the author of the article is not to blame for the fact that something happened to you?)

    The funny thing is that you are clever, but in the end it is wrong.) 10 times during installation it is written.)) In red letters.))) Do not forget to extend your disability in the next month, wise guy.))))

    Dermal hands from the ass, it doesn’t matter what color they are!

    Having launched the MotioninJoy program, I never saw the green window, which is presented in the screenshots of this program. Spat. And deleted this program. Means no luck. Having launched another program, namely “SCP Toolkit”, I saw a different result with everything. This program works great.

    Since I have Windows 7, I first installed the “Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller driver” (from the official Microsoft website). And then everything else, following the steps of the program installer.

    Fortunately for me, now on my laptop I can play “Pro Evolution Soccer 6” using the DualShock 3 joystick.

    Thank you, Anastasia Viktorovna, for a great article!

    After installing the “SCP Toolkit” in the “Device Manager” a new device appears called “Bluetooth Host (ScpToolkit)”. This device replaces the main (system) bluetooth device (in my system the main bluetooth device is called “BT-270”), installing its driver.

    Having installed a new device, which I wrote above, my PlayStation 3 joystick from Bluetooth worked very well for me. However, the system stopped seeing those devices that I had previously seen. None of the devices except the joystick from the PlayStation 3, the system does not see.

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    Fortunately, there is one healing remedy called “Device Manager.” If I need bluetooth, I go to the “Device Manager”, then to “Bluetooth Host (ScpToolkit)”, and roll back the new driver to the main (system) driver, namely to “BT-270”. And the bluetooth starts working as it did before, before installing the “Bluetooth Host (ScpToolkit)” device.

    Most likely, those citizens with bluetooth keyboards and mice will not be able to use their devices after installing the SCP Toolkit application. They will have to roll back the new driver to the previous one.

    I have a laptop. It has a 64-bit version of Windows 7. I use a touchpad on my laptop. Now I need bluetooth for the joystick from the PlayStation 3 and for the old Nokia phone. If I want to use the bluetooth on my Nokia phone, I roll back the Bluetooth Host (ScpToolkit) device driver to the previous one.

    MotioninJoy is the one that the link no longer works for a long time, even on wines 7, you need an offline driver that’s who needs it. MotioninJoy only works on Windows 7! At 10ke I had to use the SCP Toolkit, everything works fine, for which I thank the author.

    The programs that are mentioned in this article are outdated and do not work.

    What’s for the brain. All this is nonsense.

    Good day to all! I have Windows 7 Home Extended (64-bit). I installed the joystick (it is called “DualShock 3”). It works great!

    I used the SCP Toolkit program to install the joystick. To install it, first I had to install three versions of Microsoft Visual Studio (2010, 2013 and 2015). Then, from the official Microsoft website, I downloaded and installed the “Xbox 360 controller driver” (on the Microsoft website it is called “Xbox 360 Accessories Software 1.2.” Required for Windows 7). And only then did I launch the SCP Toolkit program, which began the installation process. By the way, only the version of the file “ScpToolkit v1.7.277.16103-BETA” I installed perfectly. I tried the version of “ScpToolkit v1.6.238.16010”. The joystick from PS 3 does not work with this version. WORKING VERSION ONLY “SCPTOOLKIT V1.7.277.16103-BETA”. Although the beta version, however, it is working.

    Joystick works great! True, there is only one caveat. In order for me to use another device under Bluetooth (I have an old Nokia phone), I have to roll back the driver to an earlier one through the “Device Manager”. Apparently, the driver is strictly tied to the joystick.

    To be honest, it took me more than an hour to get everything working as it should. If someone helped my comment, I will be glad. Good luck everyone!

    ScpToolkit is a free driver for Windows and XInput Wrapper for Sony DualShock 3/4 controllers. Installation is quite simple and straightforward, but requires a few things: Microsoft Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 x86 or amd64, Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5, Microsoft Visual C 2010 redistributable package, Microsoft Visual C 2013 runtime environment, DirectX runtime environment, An Xbox 360 controller driver (already built into Windows 8.X or higher), at least one of the supported Sony DualShock 3/4 controllers, and administrator rights during driver installation (machine translation from the SourceForge.Net site that talks about this program.Link to the program page: “https://sourceforge.Net/projects/scptoolkit.Mirror/”).

    How scp should work on Windows 10 64-bit, explain please, it took me a couple of days, but it turned out

    I’m interested in connecting a PS3 wireless joystick.

    I’ve been picking it for more than one hour and nothing comes out. Through the cable the joey sees but does not work, but through the bluetooth it does not react at all. 4 indicators blink and that’s it! What the hell to do?

    There is one more nuance. Not with all adapters this works. I have three of them, only one of them works with dualshock 3. I use ScpToolkit, in principle I play normally. Sometimes it doesn’t connect, I reinstall the driver and in the front. The truth has recently ceased to connect via cable. In monitoring it shows both standby connection and silence.