How to connect a dualchok to a computer via Bluetooth. How to connect Dualshock 4 to Windows 10?

How to connect DualShock 4 to PC to Windows?

Many PlayStation 4 owners once wondered: is it possible to attach the DualShock 4 controller to a personal computer, or for playing PC will have to purchase a separate gamepad?

Short answer: you can. The dual. without much difficulty connects to the PC using the Windows operating system. True, depending on the installed version of the software, the connection process will look different, and enable additional steps.

In this material, we will talk about different methods of connecting the PlayStation 4 controller to PC, and tell you about the intricacies of this process.

The easiest way to connect DualShock 4 to Windows

The easiest way to connect the Dual Controller 4 to PC is Sony’s wireless USB adapter for DualShock 4. These are official Sony products, a guarantor of quality and ease of operation. You may not worry about the version of Windows or download additional dayevs. Just stick the device in a USB port, quickly set up a gamepad and play! Sony USB adapter can be purchased at our online store at an attractive price.

This is the most convenient solution to the problem. But if you are not looking for easy ways and you are interested in other options, then read on.

How to connect Dualshock 4 to PC to Windows via USB cable and Bluetooth

Sometimes it happens that the hunt (or the game to this has) on the PC, on the Windows operating system, play using the DualShock 4 gamepad from the PlayStation 4. Let’s try to figure out how to do it with or supporter of Windows PC functions.

DualShock 4. a very friendly gamepad (joystick or controller, as it is convenient) to other devices, in addition to PlayStation 4, and PC is no exception. He has excellent ergonomics, good triggers and a cross, he is reliable in the end, so he became a real favorite of gamers around the world, and also PlayStation 4 is one of the most common game systems in the CIS, so most players have it, in literally sense, at hand. Let’s finally move on to the essence of the question “How to connect Dualshock 4 to PC to Windows”?

Connection Dualshock 4 to PC on Windows using a cable with Micro-USB

The first way to connect your gamepad to PC is to connect it using a regular Micro-USB cable at the end. If earlier I had to install all kinds of applications, now, at the first, the connection of Dualshock 4 Windows should automatically download and install all the necessary drivers from Sony, which will not require any of your participation. And after successful synchronization from PC to Dualshock 4, a light indicator should light up, notifying the readiness of work. In most cases, the controller should immediately be efficient and games.

The second connection option is a Bluetooth connection with PC. To do this, you need to go to the Bluetooth device control menu on Windows, and on DualShock 4 you need to simultaneously squeeze two buttons for 3 seconds. Share and PS. After that, the light indicator will begin to blink quickly in white-this means that the joystick has switched to the discovery mode of the Bluetooth connection. After that, on the PC under the control of Windows, your wireless controller should appear in the Bluetooth device control menu. Choose it and click on the “tie” button to synchronize devices. The connection can last a few minutes, as the necessary drives will be installed for connecting. Then you can start the game and check the operability of Dualshock 4 connected to PC using Bluetooth.

Wireless laptop connection

If your player is a laptop, then the Bluetooth connection will be even easier. In all laptops, the Bluetooth adapter is built-in, and in the purchase there is absolutely no need for it. It is enough to do all the same actions as when connecting the Bluetooth gamepad to a stationary computer described in the previous section (of course, excluding the purchase of an adapter).

Wired connection to PC and laptop

Although a wireless connection by means of Bluetooth is considered the most progressive and technological solution, connecting a “owl”, using a USB cable also has its advantages. For example, the lack of need to constantly charge the battery of the gamepad, which, with an active game, is quite quickly discharged. Also, the connection through the wire gives a slight, but some kind of increase to the speed of the response of the gaming device. And finally, if you do not have a Bluetooth adapter, connection using a USB cable can save your money and time to buy an adapter and conjugation of a gamepad with a computer.

In order for the device to be connected, you just need to insert a cable into one of the USB ports. However, in order for Dualshok to fully work in absolutely all services and programs, special drivers will have to be installed.

Settings in Steam

Ok, we connected the dual. 4 to the computer, now let’s see how it can be used. I’ll show you on the example of the same Steam. Many games already have support for the joystick from PlayStation 4 and PS5. But before that it is better to check if this setting is included in Steam itself.

  • Be sure to include “support for the PlayStation 4 controller”, as well as universal user settings (if there is such a item). If the gamepad is connected, then below you should see it, then it is already ready for the game.

Installation of additional drivers for games and emulators

If you want to play games that are not installed through Steam, GOG or Epic Games Store, then to work DualShock 4 to PC C Windows (7, 8, 10 or 11), it is necessary that additional drivers are installed in the system. The most famous two packs: DS4Windows and Inputmapper. Let’s look at two options.

NOTE! After installing the driver, already directly in the game settings we choose our gamepad.


  • If you do not like English, go to Settings and in the line “Use Language Pack” install “Russian”. After that, restart the application. But not all sections will be Russified.


This program similarly allows you to connect almost any well.known controller to a regular stationary computer or laptop. Some users consider it more complicated, but in my opinion it has more flexible settings.

Подключение DUALSHOCK 4 по Bluetooth к Windows 10.

  • You can download the program on the official website. Here you need to install it.
  • After starting software, if your gamepad is already connected, then you will see such a window, click “Begin Configuration”.

NOTE! Here you can choose your keyboard, and tuning the buttons to use it as a kind of emulator dual

In the “Devices” section, the connected device will be displayed. Here you can see the discharge of the battery and the connected profile. You can change the key settings in the “profile”. Everything is done by analogy with DS4windows, so we will not analyze this in detail. You can then play with the settings yourself.

Advanced method:

If you are not ready to be content with small, you can go further, and make vibration and touch panel work. To do this, we need a special DS4Windows driver. The touch panel will be used instead of the mouse, which is very convenient.

We go to the official website: http: // ds4windows.COM/ there are clicking the greenline button. Then on the next page we find the latest version of the driver and download DS4windows.Zip

After downloading, unpack the contents of the archive in a folder convenient for you and start DS4Windows.EXE. Such a window appears:

When pressing the left button, the program settings will be stored in the DS4Windows file folder with a file.exe, when pressed on the right, the program will store its settings in the folders of the operating system. For better compatibility, it is recommended to use the right button.

For Windows 10, only the first. this will install a special driver in the system, and the setting of the gamepad is completed on this. Click “Finish”.

For Windows 7. first the first, and after the driver is installed, we click the second. After installing the second driver, click “Finish”.

If this window does not open for some reason, in the program window we go to the settings tab and click the blue Controller/Driver Setup link

If you did everything right, in the program window on the Controllers tab you will see this line:

Next, you can set the program itself a little more for greater convenience, for example, add it to a bus load, and also make you start in a folded state. To do this, activate the following flags on the settings tab:

The first is responsible for the automatic loading of the program at the start of the computer, and the second will run the program folded.

However, this is not necessary to do this, just do not forget then to run ds4windows every time before the game.exe and not to close it while using a gamepad.

We analyzed three ways to connect the gamepad from the PlayStation 4 to PC, from simple to advanced. Which one you will use, only you decide. Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев whether you have to connect a dual to a computer or not. Pleasant games to you and big victories

PlayStation 4 controller

DualShock 4 can also be easily connected to a computer without unnecessary efforts, but not all games will support the whole range of its capabilities. But, nevertheless, let’s start with simple ways.

USB cable. We connect it to the computer using a USB cable and turn it on, holding a round button with a PS logo on the front panel. Now it remains to check if the Windows controller recognized:

If everything works out, you will see among the connected devices “Wireless Controller”.

Bluetooth. If there is Bluetooth support on a computer or laptop, try connecting a gamepad without using a cable. To do this, do the following:

  • Put the controller into a pair mode while holding the Share and PS buttons.
  • Do not let go of the buttons until the gamepad backlight begins to blink with double flashes about every second.
  • On the computer go to the “Parameters”.
  • Click on “Add Bluetooth or another device”.
  • Click on Bluetooth.
  • Wait until Wireless Controller appears on the list and click on it.

After all the actions are completed, the gamepad will be completely ready to work, for example, with Steam. The store client recognizes the controller and will give you the opportunity to fully use the Big Picture mode, which is activated by pressing the PS button. software. If desired, you can make vibration and touch panel work on the gamepad. To do this, we will have to use software. There are many programs that will help to correctly connect the gamepad from PlayStation 4 to a computer. Among them you can highlight: DS4windows, DS4Tool, InputMappper and XPadder. All of them work in a plus minus the same way, so consider the installation process using the example of DS4Windows:

  • Go to the official website DS4windows.
  • Click download now.
  • In the page opened, find the latest version of the program and download it ZIP archive.
  • Unpack the archive in any place convenient for you on a computer.
  • Open the DS4Windows file.EXE.
  • If you want the program to keep your tuning somewhere in a prominent place, click on the Program Folder in the window opened, after that the data will “lie” in the same folder with the DS4Windows file.EXE. If you are not fundamentally, click on Appdata, now everything will be stored in the OS files.
  • If you are a Windows 10 user, in the next window, click only on the first button. If you use the “seven”, you will need to take a second step by clicking on the next button.

Having completed all of the above, in the program window on the Controllers tab you will see a line with a connected gamepad, but instead of the name there will be a series of single.legged characters. Now your Dualshock 4 is completely ready to use PC. Just don’t forget to turn on DS4Windows before starting games.

And what do you prefer to play? Love gamepads or a keyboard with a mouse are indispensable? Write your answer in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

How to connect the DualShock 4 joystick to a computer

PlayStation 4 gamepad is a very convenient and universal controller. He is friends not only with the prefix from Sony, but also with personal computers and smartphones. And there is nothing complicated to connect the DualShok 4 joystick to the computer, laptop or phone.

There are two ways to connect a gamepad to other devices using a USB cable or a gap.wire mode according to Bluetooth.

This instruction is also useful in these articles:

USB connection

Let’s start with the simplest way with a cable. Connect the joystick to the USB port of the computer and click the central “PS” button, after which Windows should automatically install the drivers or immediately grab the device. If everything went successfully, then the light strip will light up.

Connection of the PlayStation 4 gamepad via Bluetooth

First of all, you need to make sure that Bluetooth is activated on the computer. On the laptop, you can activate it in the settings, but for a stationary PC you will have to buy an adapter.

At the gamepad, click the PS and Share button for 3 seconds at the same time. The light strip should blink quickly, this means that the joystick is ready to connect.

The new device “Wireless Controller” should appear in the “Device Management” menu. You need to click the “tie” button to connect. It may be required to confirm the “0000” confirmation.

Ready. Dualshock 4 connected via a wireless channel. Performance can be checked in any game.

Installation of DualShock 4 drivers

If the joystick has not earned, then this problem will help to correct the special DS4Windows program.

Как подключить dualshock 4 к ПК по bluetooth? Полный гайд!

Run the program, go to the Settings tab and select Controller/Driversetup on the right in the column.

Press the STEP1: Install The DS4 Driver button. Press the second button, only if the Joystick from the Xbox 360 has already been connected to the system and compatibility problems arise. To complete the installation of drivers for the gamepad, click the Finish button.

Go to the Controllers tab and press the Start button to the bottom right. A wireless controller must appear. You can play.

In some games such as Dark Souls 3, the gamepad does not work correctly. In this case, the inclusion of the Hide DS4 Controller option helps, after which it is necessary to reconnect the controller. If when this option is turned on, the program gives an error, delete the devices in the dispatcher and connect it again, or use Exclusivemodetool, it does the same.

Connection of the DualShock 4 gamepad to the phone

The joystick is connected to the smartphone just like PC, no additional actions are required, connected and everything works. Only an OTG-adapter will need and, accordingly, support for OTG function with a smartphone.

In order to connect the PlayStation 4 gamepad to the Bluetooth smartphone, click on the joystick at the same time “PS” “Share”, the indicator must flash quickly. Go to “Smartphone Settings”. “Bluetooth” and in affordable devices select “Wirless Controller”.

On the smartphone, the game The Witness is launched from a laptop. How to play computer games on a smartphone is written in the article “MoonLight. screaming games from PC on Android and iOS”. Thus, you can play your favorite toy with a wireless gamepad on your phone and all this without wires!

DualShock 4 is the latest model of the Sony Gampad family created for the PlayStation 4 game console. However, unlike the first gamepads of this line, DualShock 4 simply connects to PC. We will tell you how to connect it to a computer and use all the functionality.

Dualshock 4 connection options for PC

There are two main methods of connecting Dualshock 4 to the computer. wireless (via Bluetooth) and wired (through USB cable). It is important to note that the main wireless connection is considered to be the main. So, consider each of the available options.

Dualshock 4 USB Wireless Adapter

Sony has greatly simplified the task of connecting its gamepad to the computer, releasing a special accessory. He looks like this

Thanks to this adapter, you can connect to your PC or MAC gamepad Dual. For this you will need:

This method is preferable, because thanks to it you can use all the functions of DualShock 4. a vibromotor, a touch panel, a gyroscope, a headset and a wireless operating mode of operation. In the appendage to this is the opportunity to use the gamepad for the PlayStation Now (cloud service that allows you to play on the computer games with PS3 and PlayStation 4).

Connection via Steam

This method is a little more complicated, but allows you to do without buying an expensive adapter. To use it, do the following:

  • Then connect your dualshock 4 in any way (through a cable or via Bluetooth). As soon as you do this, Steam will automatically open a personalization window in which you can configure, for example, the action and sensitivity of the gyroscope, as well as reassign the gamepad keys.

As in the case of DualShock 4 USB Wireless Adapter, you also have all the functionality of your controller. The disadvantages of this method are the need to preliminary set up most games that you have in the Steam library, as well as the inability to use dualchok 4 in the PlayStation Now.

Drivers DS4Windows

This method is more complicated than both previous ones, and is more designed for an advanced user. It consists in installing special drivers that will allow games to recognize Dualshock 4. For this you will need:

  • Download ds4windows. Before that, make sure that you have the latest versions of Microsoft are installed.Net Framework and DirectX, and there are also administrator rights.
  • Be careful. the item “Install DS4 Drivers” needs to be pressed only if you have Windows 8 and above! If you have Windows 7, press the second point.
  • Wait until the drivers are installed and reboot the computer.
  • Run the DS4Windows again and connect your DualShock 4 in any convenient way.
  • Then you have to set up the control profile. We will not dwell on it in detail, this is material for a separate article. Just look at the screenshot:

Repeat. this method is designed for an advanced user. If this method is too complicated for you, you can use the methods 1 and 2.

Simple connection

The easiest and at the same time is the most incorrect way to connect dualshok 4 to a computer. To do this, you need:

Most likely, Windows recognizes a new game device and it will be efficient. However, this method of connection imposes a number of restrictions:

  • DualShock 4 is recognized as DirectinPut device. DirectinPut is an outdated interaction method that will only work in old games.
  • Additional functionality DualShock 4 (for example, vibration and touch panel) will not be available.

However, if you plan to play classics in time.tested time, this method is quite your choice.

We showed you the most popular and convenient ways to connect the gamepad 4 to PC. Each of them has different functionality and its own characteristics. Try each of the proposed methods. you are sure you will find a suitable for yourself. We hope that we helped you!

Additional Information

When connecting a controller for PlayStation 4 to PC, you need to keep in mind a couple more points. Firstly, headphones for DualShock 4 controllers on PC are not supported. Therefore, to use headphones or headsets, you need to connect them directly to the computer.

Secondly, note that neither Steam nor DS4Windows by default warn you about the low level of battery charge. And if you can configure the DS4Windows so that the controller blinked when the battery is sitting, there is no such function in Steam, so the wired connection will be somewhat more reliable.

How to connect PS5 controller to PC

All of the above is relevant for Dualsense. a gamepad for the PlayStation 5 console. The connection algorithm is exactly the same, and after the Connect of the controller with the computer, you can easily play PC games.

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