How to connect a display registrar to a computer. How to connect to the Internet

Discharges (RV) of drugs

The procedure for obtaining the RV of drugs, applying for free use of RV.

Pharmacies implementing LP in the framework of programs: 7 nosologies, DLOs and medical organizations (free leave of the LP) of the Central Department Store will be provided, freely, registrars of the disposal of the LP. The registrars must be provided by the CRPT operator within 30 days from the date of receipt of applications. The applicants conclude an agreement with the operator, “containing, including the conditions for the provision of such equipment and its regulatory maintenance at free”.

Each participant in the turnover of the LP needs to fill out the application, in the personal account, to provide the registrar of disposal (RV) for each place of activity. Currently, the Central Department Store has completed the provision of participants engaged in the implementation of the program 7 VNS and have begun to ensure all other participants engaged in free vacation of the LP to the population.

The procedure for obtaining a registrar of the disposal of the LP: registration is necessary in the system of monitoring the movement of medicines at https: // fill out in the IC LC MDLP and send an application for attachment to contracts to the operator.Sign a contract for the free use of movable property (RV) for your part.Fill out and direct the questionnaire for receiving the registrar of disposal to the operator.Accept the receipt of the disposal registrar and sign the acceptance certificate (act on receipt of the disposal registrar).

Registration of an application for gratuitous use of RV 1. In the user’s personal account we go to the “Profile and Agreements” section. 2. Choosing the section “Filling out applications”. 3. Choose the bookmark “Make a statement”.

In the “Application” window opened in the window, select the type of application “Application for attachment to the contract of free use of movable property (registration of disposal)”.

How is the conclusion of the LP from the turnover

In all these cases, it is necessary to obtain a recorder of the disposal of drugs from the turnover. a technical means of information exchange, which contains encryption cryptographic data. In the near future, the subjects of the pharmaceutical market will receive specialized devices for the design of the disposal of pharmaceuticals at a free basis.

What is and how to get the recoil registrars?

In accordance with the latest changes, all market entities are required to enter the relevant data to the Unified Information Service. Information must be entered when entering and withdrawal from the turnover of LP, as well as in the case of the destruction of pharmaceutical products. This ensures transparency of the movement of drugs, and also helps the supervisory authorities to carry out proper control over the production and sale of pharmaceutical products.

The receptionist of the disposal is a specialized device that is designed to transmit relevant information to a single system. In fact, they are a modern analogue of the cash desk that do not break through the check, but help to record data in the system. Are electronic devices with a keyboard, a scanner and several connectors. All of them can differ in their appearance and functionality. Modern models can easily be connected to a computer and a computing network of a pharmaceutical company or organization.

To date, the disposal registrars can be obtained at the end of the pharmaceutical participants who participate in the pilot project. A specialized device is necessary for manufacturers, medical organizations and pharmacies. All of them can use the RV to send data to a single information service. Since the beginning of 2020, participants in the pharmaceutical market when performing certain actions will be necessary to send data on the withdrawal from the turnover of the LP without fail.

The disposal registrars cannot be used to perform logistics operations. RV can be used to verify data on PACS PACES. The relevant registrars are designed to automate work on a single information portal.

How to connect a display registrar to a computer

This article will help to check the performance of the disposal registrar, set it up and create a document for the disposal of drugs.

The disposal registrar is activated and fully ready to work:

Our engineers have already made a test display to verify the performance of equipment and a full cycle of work with the Central Bank.

display; 2. keyboard; 3. Micro USB connector; four. Ethernet connector; 5. scanner; 6. lower cover; 7. shallow.

connect, display, registrar, computer

To start working with the disposal registrar, turn on the device. After turning on, make sure that the battery level of at least 50%. It is recommended to start work with a fully charged battery (the battery charge icon is displayed in the upper right corner of the display).

Connect the USB power supply to the power supply;

Connect the response part of the cable with the MISRUSB connector to the appropriate connector in the disposal registrar;

Connect the power supply to the AC 220V network;

A battery icon will appear in the states line;

Wait until the disposal registrar is fully charged.

Checking the availability of update by: check the availability of software updates can be connected by connecting the Internet display to the Internet in one of three ways:

Important! When connecting via Ethernet cable, the check begins immediately, and when connecting to the wireless Wi-Fi network, the check is launched once per hour.

Synchronization with GLONASS satellites: before starting work, it is also necessary to synchronize with GLONASS satellites:

Test display: to check the serviceability of the disposal registrar, you can perform test disperses.

Loading the nomenclature and the database of residues: for the correct display of drugs when scanning the marking codes on the display of the disposal registrar, it is necessary to load the nomenclature and residues before direct disposal.

The disposal of drugs: after connecting the registrar of disposal to the Internet, synchronization with GLONASS satellites, updating the residue base can begin the removal of drugs.

Three types of connection of the display registrar: computer, local network and autonomous mode

RV is connected to PC

Works through the same Internet as the computer.

A built-in barcodes or scanner connected to PC can be used.

RV is connected to a local network

It is possible to connect from any PC included in the local network. At the same time, workplaces should be equipped with a scanner of barcodes, since the use of built-in will be impossible.

It is necessary to install at workplaces in the workplace managing the work of the registrar of the disposal.

Solve wifi connection problem in Laptop & Computer | How to enable network connection in Windows 7

Autonomous work

Sending information about the disposal of LP can occur through any Internet connection with the Internet.

Additional information is administered manually.

connect, display, registrar, computer

Synchronization with GLONASS

The correct time should be installed on the registration of the disposal. Otherwise, the withdrawal of drugs from circulation is impossible due to blocking the sending of documents.

If the registration of the disposal of drugs is not planned, then synchronization with GLONASS satellites is not required.

How to setup

After turning on the device, you should log in as an administrator.

Find the item “Satellites”. At this stage, satellites are searching (at least five should be found) and the synchronization of the watch.

If the synchronization was successful, then the “Blocking: NO” status will appear on the menu instead of “Blocking: Yes”.

There is also a item “Information”, it indicates the time before the lock of the RV.


Direction recorder. a device that reflects the fact of the removal of the drug from the circulation outside the retail schemes. Most often. with a free vacation of the drug by prescription or with the actual use of the drug to provide medical care in honey.institution. The disposal registrar is issued by the CRPT on the application for free, but it can be bought by the forces of the farm or honey.institutions.

What are the requirements of the consumer corner and in which place to be placed.

If an individual paid for the goods or service to the billing company, is it necessary to draw up a cashier’s check in this case in this case.

How to check the goods on the barcode online, in which case it is possible to determine its authenticity with almost 100% probability

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We advise you to see a selection of useful online services and. which will be useful to many entrepreneurs.


I implemented interaction with API RV even before the MDLP library began support for the RV in its composition, therefore, at the moment, those self.written methods that have been implemented earlier are used in the code.

The document is responsible for the work with the RV. Before sending the document, several checks are performed in order to avoid errors of processing the document of the RV.

The first check is sgtin packed. If you send an unnecessary sgtin, you will get an error as a result. For example, this check can be performed by API MDLP on request information about sgtin (https: // honest sign./upload/iblock/200/IS._markirovka_.-MDLP.-Protokol.obmena.interfeysnogo-urovnya-v3.eleven.PDF) with 8.3.3. Searching method for the public Kiz registry according to the list of values ​​Endpoint: Post // Reestr/Sgtin/Public/Sgtins-by-List.

In this case, before sending, it will be necessary to comply with an extra request to MDLP, which I recommend avoiding if possible. An alternative may be the maintenance of the accumulation register in which all the movements of the necessary documents are written (storage in it). Either you can use the typical register of information of packaging depths, however, due to the specificity of this register and some errors of recording in it in a standard library, I try to avoid building solutions with its use.

The second check is the filling of BASE64 in the PM packaging. Since SGTIN is sent to the RV packaged with a cryptocurrency, the sending of a document where there are incomplete values ​​will lead to an error.

The third check is the presence and length of the cryptochest. 92 Part SGTIN should be present and have a length of strictly 44 characters (at the moment there is a small percentage of the LP on which manufacturers have inflicted the wrong cryptochest).

The fourth check is the presence of this SGTIN at this place of activity (hereinafter MD). Allows you to avoid errors if, for example, the organization has 2 or more MD or the issuance has already been made by another document. Similarly to paragraph 1 either with a request, or store in the base of the packaging, or through packaging depthlp.

The fifth check refers to primary packaging. MDLP allows you to issue sgtin partially. In API, the Sold_Part key is a fraction, for example 1/2, where 2 of the number of blisters in the package, as in the figure. Issued from them in document 1 blister.

Control is not exceeding this number of several documents (the remains in the register are collected in parts of the packages). Since MDLP does not control these fractional parts control remains on the side of 1C. Also, it is impossible to transmit fractions of type 1/1, 5/5 in RV and similar, an error will be returned.

A curious fact. one SGTIN can be given out 5/10, 5/15, 14/15 consistently different documents and this will not return the error. The packaging will be written off as a result, if the last shipment blocks the balance into MDLP for more or equal.

These checks will already avoid multiple errors when sending to the RV. They are implemented at the stage, perform a check in the document. An example of a check code below. You can adapt it to your databases. I can’t bring the quantity and primary packages, They work only if there is an accumulation register that is absent in the MDLP library.

Also, before sending to the RV, it is required to check whether the RV is blocked (this check was currently implemented in the MDLP library). It is carried out by the methods “RequestStatusrv” and “Getinformationrv) (Getinformationrv) (documentation https: // honest./upload/Iblock/92b/TC-RV-V25_07.06.2019_publichnaya-oversiya.PDF). Here we are interested in the key “Timeblock” in which time is stored before blocking. If you send the document to the blocked RV, and then unlock it, then with a high degree of probability the document will remain to hang in the queue.

After performing checks, the document is packaged in JSON and sent by the method “write the task in the queue” (Queueup).

The recommendation is to store these sequence identifiers, the situation arose many times when one of the documents hung the line in the RV and all the other documents hung in anticipation. Corrected either by reloading of the RV, or what is more reliable by cleaning the queue by the method of “cancel the task” (Delete). To clean the queue (as well as cleaning the assignment after a successful status request) and it is necessary to store all previously transferred identifiers.

In the case of a successful response, a request for the status of the task is sent by the “Requeststatus” method, where rvrequestid is the request identifier, which is assigned to 1C (GUID). With a successful status request, the value of the MDLPREQUESSTID key will be obtained by which this document can be found in the LC in the future and get a receipt (and).

An important remark. for one issue of issuance in 1C through the RV, several documents can be created in the LC. Documents can be divided by error types, if any in receipts, either at the moment, breakdown 50 sgtin, or by various GTIN.

After receiving MDLPREQUESSTIDD, it is recommended to clear the queue of this document in the RV by the “DLETE” method.

The next method is not obligatory and variable for each type of RV. We are talking about the method of “getting reports” (Getreports) which is supported by the RV bar and at the time of writing the article is not supported by the RV Atol. This method allows you to get a response from the RV for each task and for each SGTIN whether the check of these SGTIN in the RV will be sent to MDLP (unfortunately this is not always the case, the situation is possible. For lp released up to 01.07.2020 will be written that the issuance is confirmed, but in fact they will not go to MDLP).

To get started, method 5 is used.eighteen. Examination of documents on a report from SUS to the filter of which is transmitted by mdlp_request_id. This method will return the Document_ID list that needs to be downloaded by 5.fourteen. Obtaining a document by identifier. After receiving the list is required by 5.16. Obtaining a receipt by the issue of the outgoing document to get a LINK on which the receipt is downloaded.

An important point. since one document in 1C can be divided into several in MDLP, each of these documents will have its own receipt, then the processing may already undergo processing, but there is no part. Accordingly, at some point in time, the document will be in the status of a partial receipt of the receipt. But a situation may arise when the RV did not send some sgtins and will not send it to MDLP. In this case, it is necessary to analyze documents in the LC and the editing of the document in 1C. For packages that were not required, either re.sending a new document through the RV, or bypassing the RV (531 scheme). In this case, the document will go directly and a receipt for it will be visible after processing.

Erroneous situations

When working with the RV, erroneous situations are possible, both due to errors in 1C and because of checks in the RV or MDLP.

Part of the checks was implemented by the MDLP library, the analysis of erroneous answers from the RV should also understand correctly. At the same time, as I designated above, there may be problematic situations not the most obvious.

The most common error at the moment is the fallacy of KM when creating it by the supplier. Often this applies to km released up to 01.07.2020, but occasionally there are km released later, but having the same problems.

What is happening in this situation? A document with such km is sent to the RV, he returns a successful response to the queue, after the request of the status, he will also be returned successful. For the RV, you can request the statuses of disposal and there they will also be as “dispersed”. But in the LC these km will not come.

The first to wait from 1 hour to 24 until the document appears in the LC (delayed queue processing are possible).

The second check the KM in the LC at the date of their release on the product tab and if there are previously released 01.07.2020, which did not appear in the LC after sending to the RV, it is necessary to consider the possibility of creating a new issue of issuance with sending under scheme 531, bypassing the RV.

The next error applies exclusively to the RV atol. Sending the document causes an error-the validity of the PIN code has expired, it is required to be entered again. Everything is simple here, as in the situation with blocked RV. A new PIN code with rebooting is simply introduced or the connection with the satellites is restored.

There is also a frequent error, one of the most incomprehensible for the user at the moment, the return of the error from the MDLP “Unacceptable transition to the commodity chain”. This mistake may be understood as a whole subset of errors:

Here we must stop in more detail with a specific example. Suppose there is a situation when acceptance is recorded at 12.00, but the supplier did not take into account the recommendations at the direction of the time zone and sent it without 03.00 in the date. RV ignores the transmitted time in JSON and sets its time actual. Thus, any extradition up to 15.00 will lead to an error. The situation is quite rare, but possible.

In such a situation, I recommend that I pay the acceptance document indicated in the XML for the time, namely, whether the supplier was transmitted by the hour.long belt in the date.

Perhaps you run into other errors when using the RV that I forgot or have not met. Please write about them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and maybe I can include decisions on them in an article to help other users.

If you are interested in any certain topics, please write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Perhaps I will include them in subsequent articles. Healthy criticism of the article is also welcome, which will help to make it better.

P.S. Quite often, I run into accusations that the marking worsens the work, an honest sign works poorly, etc.D. Here I will express exclusively my own opinion on this situation. The idea of ​​labeling of the LP proceeds from a decrease in counterfeitable LP and traceability of each stage of the LP life cycle, which in general will lead to an improvement in medicine. They require money for marking. when you start working for free we can return to this issue. RV organizations are issued for free. Unstable work of an honest sign. I have been engaged in the labeling of LP for the 3rd year and well saw development from the point of view of the developer. The support service has always reacted to my applications adequately, some wishes were really taken into account in new releases. Documentation for developers is very convenient and detailed. I took it as a sample when writing my own API for example. Unstable work and errors. yes, but as a developer, I perfectly understand what amount of work needs to be done so that the system works stably throughout our very rather big country.

Of course, there are negative points that constantly pop up in discussions. For my part, I ask users to treat this system, which is still better and will be more stable over time. And with the developers I am ready to share their experience in this direction to make quality products for users.

P.P.S. I want to thank my design team, thanks to which we are successfully developing. Thanks. This article and your merit.

Connection to the disposal registrar through the Testrv application

Launch the “TestRV” test recorder application (Testrv). After starting in the browser window, the following should be displayed:

Connect the display recorder to the local network using the Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi wireless network;

Introduce the IP address of the IP address of the disposal registrar in the “Address” testing window (you can see the IP address by selecting the “Information” item in the main menu of the disposal registrar), in the Port field “Port” 8080, in the “User” field “Select” Administrator “and in the” Password “field enter the value” 654321 “:

In the left panel of the window, select “Get information about the device”;

In the central panel, the “Get information about the device” should appear. Click on it:

In the right panel in the “Request” field there will be a request sent to the IP address of the device: get https: // [IP address]: [port]/v1/deviceinfo, where [IP address]. IP addresses of the disposal registrar, and [port]-port of the registrar of disposal.

If the first line in the “answer” field will be “Status 200 OK” and information about the device appeared in the central part of the window, then communication with the registrar of disposal successfully successfully:

If in the right panel in the “Answer:” field the first line will be “Error undefined Failed to Fetch”, open a new page in the browser and follow the link: https: // [ipads]: [port], where [IP-address]. IP addresses of the disposal registrar, and [port]-port of the disposal registrar (example of links: https: // 10.58.ten.253: 8080);

As a result, the following window will appear:

Press the “Additionally” button. Additional information will be displayed:

Press the link “Go to the site (unsafe)”;

In the “Entrance” field in the “User” field, enter the “Administrator” value, enter the value “654321” in the “password” field:

In the browser window, the response of the registrar of the disposition of the species will be displayed ::

Go to the “Test Receptionist of Direction”, click on “Get information about the device”. If the first line in the “answer” field will be “Status 200 OK” and information about the device appeared in the central part of the window, then communication with the registrar of disposal successfully successfully:

connect, display, registrar, computer

Direction recorder for pharmacies and medical organizations

Brief instruction. How to get a registrar of the disposal of marked drugs and connect an honest sign to the MDLP system?

Direction recorder. This is a technical tool for scanning Datamatrix codes, with which the transfer of drugs is fixed to assist the patient. Through the registrar, data on the disposal of drugs are transmitted from a medical institution or pharmacy to GIS MDLP.

Outwardly, the disposal registrar is similar to the data collection terminal, its intense and appearance include:

  • Datamatrix scanner
  • T9 screen and keyboard for managing the disposal registrar
  • Wi-Fi, Enthernet for connecting to the internal network of the organization
  • The ability to connect a GSM modem (in case the organization is not connected to the Internet)
  • conduct a reference to the nomenclature of drugs;
  • Safety module (SKSI). To check the crypto code of the marking code
  • GLONASS module. To control the conformity of the place of the disposal of the LP actual
  • Battery
  • Does not require finalization of a participant in turnover
  • Inconvenience of double input of information and the lack of automatic verification of the compliance of the scanned codes with a foundation document (recipe/invoice)
  • Loading to the registrar of the list of the required LP and unloading the list of scanned LP
  • Convenient for use in rooms without communication and exchange of information with the accounting system without its improvement (through copying data)
  • The work of the RV is controlled by the information system of the participant in the turnover, its refinement is required
  • The most complete automation of the process and the convenience of using the registrar of the disposal are achieved

1) Medical organizations, as well as all organizations with a medical license. in accordance with the number of places of implementation of activities to provide medical care. Except:

  • medical organizations subordinate to the Ministry of Defense
  • medical assistance rooms (medical rooms), which are structural units of the medical organization and located in preschool educational organizations, educational organizations, other organizations;
  • separate structural divisions of medical organizations receiving drugs for medical care from the head medical organization.

2) pharmacies issuing drugs under the high.cost nosologies program (according to the list of places of activity involved in this program agreed by Roszdravnadzor)

3) pharmacies that leave drugs on the benefit or by partial benefit except:

How to get a disposal registrar

The disposal registrar is issued for free and is served by the marking operator. the Center for Development of Promising Technologies (Central Department Store). The registrar is installed for each place of implementation.

To receive a disposal registrar, you need to fill out an application on the website of the Marking system “Honest Sign”.

Fill out an application for attachment to the contract of free use of driven property (registration of disposal). One for each yul (IP)

Sign UPEP Typical Treaty for receiving the EDS for the registrar of the disposal. The contract will be available in the MDLP LC

After signing the contract, the operator’s service engineer will contact you and coordinates the installation time of the disposal registrar (the installation site is indicated in the questionnaire)

In the agreed time, provide the service engineer with the ability to install, set up and demonstrate the performance of the RV

How to connect a registrar

Before connecting the disposal registrar, it is necessary to provide:

  • storage place of a device with a 220V outlet for recharging;
  • GLONASS stable signal;
  • access to the Internet (wired or Wi-Fi);
  • GSM Modem for Knitting Communications Channel
  • Make the organization’s accounting system to work in network mode.
  • to the personal computer of an employee who records the withdrawal of drugs from circulation,
  • to the local computing network of the company and the Internet.

When connecting the device to the PC, the registrar uses the Internet connection installed on the computer. If the computer is installed on the computer that controls the RV, you can read the barcodes both using the scanner built into the device and an additional 2D scanner connected to the same computer.

If the disposal registrar is connected to the local network, you can connect to it from any computer in the organization. But in this case, you cannot use the built-in scanner of barcodes, only individual 2D scanners are suitable.


It is also possible to use the registrar of the disposal in autonomous mode: the details of the foundation document are introduced using the device keyboard.

Obtaining a disposal registrar

To receive the registrar of the disposal of drugs, you need to submit an application to the operator of the system (CRPT) in your personal account on the website of the “Honest Sign”. Equipment and its maintenance are provided to participants in the monitoring system for free.

All institutions licensed for medical activities were supposed to send an application for a device until February 15. But not all medical organizations managed to do this.

What to do if you have not submitted an application for the issuance of a disposal registrar on time?

Free consultation: how to get a disposal registrar after February 15? Call: (812) 244-11-15 (St. Petersburg), (495) 662-30-90 (Title = “Sources:”]https: //
https: //
https: //
https: // kodyoshibok0.RU/Kod-Sobki-5090-registrator-Vybytiya/
https: // online-kassy.RU/Markirovka/Registrator-Vybytiya.lekarstv.HTML
https: //
https: //
https: // www.1cbit.RU/Services/Registrator-Vibitiya/
https: // [/spoiler]