How To Connect A Conventional Antenna To A Tv

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It seemed like a very simple situation, but experience shows that many ordinary users, for the most part, are far from such subtleties.

Razsmortrim first the most common options connect the satellite receiver to the TV.

How to connect a satellite tuner to a TV

It is worth looking at the back panel of the receiver and we will immediately see all the possible connectors for connection.

It is important to find the same on your TV.

The most common connectors are Scart and RSA composite, the so-called. tulips. To connect, you need the appropriate cable.

There are adapters with Scart on the RSA and vice versa, but it is best to use a straight line. with the same plugs at the ends.

Such a two-way switch is also possible.

So we connect the receiver to the TV, plug them into the network and there is no picture. The reason is simple. you need to switch the TV to mode with the corresponding button AV / TV, Some older TVs have a mechanical switch near the connector. I note that from the scart, the receiver downloads automatically, and from the composite connection you need to press the button AV.

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For better pictures, some satellite receivers provide other connection options.


Different satellite receivers almost always have such a connector.

It is quite versatile and it’s possible to connect to a TV using this or similar adapter

HDMI connector. connect with the appropriate cable.

It is used in modern plasma and LCD TVs for better picture quality.

I think its connection will not be difficult for you, approximately as described in the first post. It will be enough to connect the desired cable to the appropriate connector.

Vga connector

It can be found in some more advanced receivers.

Used to connect to a computer monitor, plasma or LCD TV with the desired cable.

In older televisions, where there are no such outputs, it is possible to connect using an antenna of 75 ohm cable, like a conventional broadcast antenna. We configure as one of the channels. The quality is certainly not very good, but when there is no choice. as an option.

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In the comments we still write all kinds of connections.

How to Connect a Conventional Antenna to a TV